Mist Survival Review for PC (Horror Game)

Focusing on familiar concept, but many new features on gameplay and special care from publisher, Mist Survival has gradually asserted its charm.

In Mist Survival, the desire to live is always one of the greatest desires of every person. You can see it gives us the power to do the impossible. Exploiting this factor combined with a very blend of horror is gradually being identified as the right direction for game makers if there is an ambition to make a good survival game.

As a fan of both horror and survival games, I see very different publishers’ perspectives on this matter. We have Youngho in The Coma Recut, a schoolboy who has to fight murderers in the form of his teacher and classmates to survive, or with Tattletail, is a fight with toys themselves.

There could be a peaceful Christmas and Lurk in the Dark when our main character is a father who is haunted by past mistakes. But for me, no matter the circumstances, the perfect setting for survival horror games is still a post-apocalyptic Earth “adorned” with monsters. And this popular “recipe” was utilized and modified by Dimension 32 Entertainment to create Mist Survival.

Will you be brave and sober enough to overcome that “bizarre” mist? Welcome to one of the most hardcore survival horror games of 2018! I guarantee you this will be a delightful experience. Please keep on reading this Mist Survival Review.

Familiar scenario of horror game series exploited in a new way

There is a “recipe” inherent in any game that incorporates a survival element: an event occurs, people die or become infected, the protagonist must search for food to sustain life and other materials to craft essential items to protect himself/herself and many other tasks.

And in my opinion, Dimension 32 Entertainment has exploited this idea extremely creatively. I was impressed that they used the mist image to represent the rapid spread of viruses, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the more metaphorical the comparison is very impressive.

The story unfolds according to the story of the survivors. Three years ago, a mysterious mist appeared and covered all over the place. Contact is inevitable. And there are 3 consequences: 2 bad, 1 good. Most of them got sick and died. Though not lying down, most of the rest were infected with a strange disease and became violent.

They are like zombies wandering around looking for creatures that live to attack and eat. Our protagonist is fortunate enough to be among the very few people who have developed immunity on their own to survive. Being isolated in a situation where food is running outputs the player on a journey searching for life.

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The familiar background of a survival horror game: Post-apocalyptic Earth

Unlike other survival games, Mist Survival game has a horror color that comes from the fact that you cannot have any allies. You and only you will face the mist and its bloodthirsty subordinates. However, you are not alone. Somewhere around you, there are still other people, good or bad, showing signs of life.

That is all I learn about the story that the publisher wants to convey. Pretty short and simple, right? Mist Survival gameplay is still in development with a lot of updates released steadily. And the story doesn’t stop there. Why is this mysterious mist appearing? Why can you survive while others can’t? I think this could be the next direction for game makers.

Is this the most challenging survival game in 2018? Yes for me!

Mist Survival gameplay converges all the most typical things of the survival genre that combines horror elements. I wanted to be challenged myself, and indeed, this game made me feel crazily happy.

The fact that Dimension 32 Entertainment does not develop a Co-op mode, in my opinion, is a breakthrough move. This simple strategy brings survival to playback to its true nature.

You simply have to do everything with your strength. And this makes you cautious in all situations because no one will be there to give you bandages when you are injured or bring you food and water when your stamina bar “hits the bottom”.

mist survival game monster
You will have to craft everything to ensure your life

As familiar, the characteristic of the survival game genre is made up of the fact that you will have to make everything yourself if you want to reach the journey’s destination.

It pushes you

During my playing process, the fact that Mist Survival game gave me a lot of pressure. It’s not easy if you want to make even the simplest of objects. From transferring the raw materials to the assembly to the final result, everyone has to follow extremely meticulous steps. Let me give you an example of making a fire.

With normal survival games, just one fire, and a few firewood sticks, you will have a warm fire to serve the essential needs of life. But that will never happen in Mist Survival.

Even making fire has certain odds of success. You have firewood, you have a fire, but all only stop at 30% of success if you do not have a little more fuel (gasoline, oil …) to soak in firewood or chicken fat, rabbit fat to increase ignition efficiency.

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As if you really had to make it alive

And of course, to make meat drying racks, water tanks, … sometimes cutting wood is not enough. I had to scour for 15 minutes just to find an empty glass bottle to create a light bulb.

Set in the post-apocalyptic Earth, I love the fact that the game makers used all available life elements to create a logic and intelligence circuit. You can even build an SUV to aid your ride. It’s cool, isn’t it? Do not forget to make yourself a substantial base. I have to confess that my base system is everywhere, giving me more inventory and more chances of surviving each enemy attack.

mist survival game graphics
Survivors make game more interesting

It can be said without exaggeration that Mist Survival is inspired by real-life with surprisingly real details. You will have 6 criteria to evaluate your health, from hunger, thirst, cold to health, stamina, and fatigue.

Ensuring these bars don’t go too low has been extremely difficult as it requires players to overview the character’s entire life cycle from eating, sleeping to moving.

Manage your supplies

But that doesn’t just stop there, to be able to survive in a world that has almost declined, you need to be in control of your food and drinking water.

This once again confirms how closely Dimension 32 Entertainment is in terms of gameplay. Not only stopping at collecting dropped items in fixed locations, but Mist Survival also forces players to move constantly, from hunting to cooking.

And rest

Mist Survival’s mechanics are also perfected so that it is most realistic. You need to sleep. This has appeared in many survival games in recent years. But it would help if you also rested when the body gets injured.

Excessive exercise will lead to blood oozing from the wound, and you will die in a very distracted manner from acute blood loss. If you are looking for something new, Mist Survival will not disappoint you. Head-to-head attacks on bandit camps or rescuing and recruiting new members.

Such characters like Rachel, Kate, or Scott with unique and trained qualities will make your journey extremely enjoyable. Bandit Camp is a real battlefield, but it is also a “gold mine” for brave players.

mist survival game mechanism
Creating a bucket to collect water

Guns, food, medicine, all those precious things will appear if you dare to challenge your own life. My protagonist’s blood spilled, and he also laid down several times before reaching the top of glory.

Be careful of what’s in the dark

Notice what my Mist Survival is missing? Oh, I think you get it. Something horror, isn’t it? This is caused by mist events and active creatures surrounding your base. A strange fog, and it allows the zombies to go out and forage. Nobody said before when the mist event would appear. But “tingling” noises coming from bloodthirsty creatures and a dull space will tell you just that.

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The mist brings a very unique touch that no survival horror game has. Here is my advice. When confronted with a zombie, come back and fight. You will not be able to beat their speed and ferocity. Mist Survival brings a system of villains with a full range of classes from bosses to subordinates. But their goal is nothing more than your hot blood.

game items
Diverse weapon system is also the advantage of Mist Survival

In general, Mist Survival brings a full range of hunting-gathering – crafting mechanisms to maintain the life required of a survival game that is harmoniously combined with a little bit of horror moderated just for you to startle.

Graphics and sound system brought to Mist Survival are excellent

Mist Survival has brought the spirit of an open-world game with a large space and a variety of scene systems. And even if you have a map, you will still face many challenges because of the road system and complex locations like a maze. In general, Mist Survival’s visual system has correctly conveyed the spirit of the post-apocalyptic Earth.



And challenging.

That’s what the publisher did. Besides that, I’m also really impressed by the details of the items players will have the opportunity to craft in the game. Their meticulousness represents a serious investment.

However, the images of the survivors and the villains did not impress me. With today’s graphics technologies, I think Mist Survival’s characters deserve a more “flashy” cover.

mist survival game sound
I don’t think an indie game like Mist Survival can create such beautiful scenery!

The sound in the game is handled quite harmoniously. This has helped the player’s mentality be directed effectively, from the wheezing of zombies to the sound of engines, footsteps on the wooden floor, or car starter sound, all very real.

Release information

Although Mist Survival release date is from August 14, 2018, with updates appearing continuously, this game still really brings in it the breath of time. With an affordable price (just about $ 6), I think this survival horror game has a chance to appear on your gaming device.


The simplicity in the story is entirely overcome by class gameplay. With Mist Survival, Dimension 32 Entertainment is ready to create a new standard for survival horror. Thank you again for reading this Mist Survival Review.