Never Again game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Someone said: “Loneliness is the price you pay for maturity.” This thing may be right, maybe wrong, and I do not judge. But this seems to be the greatest fear that every human being must experience. And with Never Again game for the PC version, are you ready for the most lonely and terrible trip of your life?

Scare people, that’s the nature of the horror game genre. But that alone is not enough to make a great product.

Let’s be frank with each other right from the first lines of this article: if you’re looking for a product with crazy monster screams or jumpscare sequences that are enough for you to plump your pants, then Never Again game just wastes your time only.

Perhaps it has been a long time since I’ve been interested in such an indie horror game. Never Again game ready to take you back to childhood with the most secret fears.

Once abandoned by parents. Once lost in the vast space without a shadow of people. In your closet, something appears every night … This game is ready to drive you crazy. Join me in exploring this review post. In this article, I will talk about my feelings and comments about the PC version of Never Again game. Please note!

Simple stories that create high emotions …

The game world is changing day by day to suit the taste of the player. Nowadays, people don’t look to horror games merely to challenge their courage. Psychological obsession with some adventure is what I think most of us are seeking.

Not long ago, fans of the horror game genre were overwhelmed by intricacies of Outlast or Resident Evil. But such mainstream games or AAA games are not easy to own, and not everyone is patient enough to overcome.

That’s when indie horror games like the Never Again game speak. The rebellion, dare to take risks, is what I like in these games. Never Again story converges with all simple and unusual elements to make you unable to leave the screen.

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never again game main character
You can’t imagine horrible things our innocent Sasha is going to face

Primary Games pushed players into the role of a 13-year-old girl, Sasha Anders. You can easily see this type of character without resistance and quite challenging to control in horror games.

But with Never Again game, you will see her possesses the ability to rise above her age. Intelligence, agility, and courage are the aura emanating from Sasha.

The story begins

On a nice day, Sasha wakes up in her beloved bed. But that was the moment when her life was no longer the same. The house is quiet. Her parents and younger brother Stephen disappeared into nothingness. Liberating yourself and finding your family is your task in this situation.

So, where is the horror shown? If you have not yet realized it, sometimes being alone in solitude is the greatest fear in human life. But luckily, Sasha’s loneliness ended when she realized something was waiting for her in the darkness … Hidden in rooms with the wide mouth, what would that creature be? Is it related to the incident that a 13-year-old girl was suffering?

Never Again game story is a mix between past and present, between nothingness and reality, between longing and secret feelings of the main character. Do not be afraid because fear does not solve the problem!

Excellent gameplay, but …

The delicate mix of many factors makes the Never Again game special. But it seems that makes it unworthy for the title of an indie horror game. Why is that? This is the reason.

The game makes players completely overwhelmed with letting them directly experience everything through Sasha’s perspective (first perspective). This helps everything achieve maximum honesty while creating unexpected plot twists.

Along with that, building for his character with chronic asthma is also a brilliant move from Primary Games. Throwing jars of cigarettes everywhere is the key to your survival.

Because without them, you will faint before facing any other fears. The cracked glass effect staged around the main screen gives you the feeling that someone is trying to suffocate the little girl’s life.

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never again graphics
The over-focus on solving puzzles and connecting memories makes it not a horror game

But that’s just like a catalyst to add more appeal to the game. Starting from tiny tasks such as cleaning the room, setting fire to the fireplace … you will realize that something is following your step.

Slowly but full of death. Never Again game brings players to very different dimensions, which I think is not just a coincidence.

Through the wardrobe in Sasha’s bedroom, you will be able to come to different worlds like a giant cave with a giant doll ready to play with her life or a lighthouse with the strange appearance of Emma – a close friend who disappeared in Sasha’s forest.

What is happening?

Throughout the Never Again game, you will see your mission is a balance between keeping the protagonist from fainting due to lack of oxygen and finding fragments of memory so she can know what is going on.

The logic of this game is pushed very high when the operation you perform must be aligned correctly. You can see clearly in the first few moments when many mirrors are arranged to obtain the amount of light needed for opening the door.

never again gameplay
But there are still quite horrible moments

The perfection in puzzle style makes players forget that they are experiencing a horror game. Indeed, except for the appearance of the dark entity, players would not have many startling moments of fear.

The extremely faint presence of this element only contributes to the thrill of the player’s subconscious adventure. You will most likely not have to fight against her.

The weapon provided for you is a flashlight.

I find it not very useful because there are many moments where you have to look with your naked eyes to see clues. And don’t forget chests.

The numbers used are codes that are only hidden somewhere around the house.

never again game items
Asthma inhalers – one of the most important items to look for

Overall, for those who are seeking the startle like me, the gameplay of Never Again does not meet expectations.

High-end audio-visual system

As compensation for players, Never Again game brings exceptionally positive effects on both listening and viewing channels.

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You will see a “thick” suburban house with extremely elaborate details. Playspace of the game, which has been vast through different dimensions, is now becoming immense when players have to search for clues on their own.

But traces like shoe prints, handprints left on the frame will make you scream excitedly. The mechanism of peeking through opening doors is also a highlight of this game because it will help you prepare for the spirit but surprise ahead.

The image of the dark entity in-game is also elaborately built in many different forms: sometimes, it is a ghost with a blanket covering on it, sometimes it is a lady with sharp jagged teeth…

And I have to commend Primary Games’ effort in creating a creepy atmosphere. I got goosebumps when I looked at the walls filled with doll heads at the game beginning. And there is more later.

never again game monster
It’s Him – Pretty cute, isn’t it?

The list of tasks to do, memories, and items you find, will be integrated into a diary that Sasha will always carry with her. This makes the game seamless.

Never Again’s sound has completed the task of guiding the player’s mind. Do not let the melodious piano music makes you forget where you are because immediately after that could be the moment you have to breathe quickly.

Sasha’s voice is the same thing we have to pay attention to. Behind the innocence is filled with integrity and grief, awaiting you to resolve.

Release information

Never Again release date is set to be May 10, 2019. If you are excited, do not miss an opportunity to experience this game right now. Because its price is being reduced up to 60% on Steam.


Many players have recommended playing Never Again game twice because of the profound meaning hidden behind Sasha’s adventure. This is just my Never Again review with my very personal views. I hope it will be a reference channel for you.