Neversong Game Review for PC (Adventure Game)

“It only takes a few hours to complete, but the messages it wants to convey will follow you for a lifetime.” Gamers have given many of the same comments for a game that has been gaining popularity recently like Neversong game.

In an era when the value of profits made by game makers became their new business goals, more and more “instant noodles” products were launched and appeared on the market. Noisy. Airy. But empty.

The lack of ideas and image stereotypes make them like a mess. I feel this very clearly because like you, I have a great love for this “special product”.

While the gaming community expects light to appear to dispel the darkness, Neversong game emerges as a gentle ballad that brings a new breeze to the player’s mind.

We do not see any advertisements or old PR tricks, Neversong game can conquer player’s heart by a depth of the story behind.

This is my Neversong game review – my honesty, personal thoughts. Are you searching a cure for your soul? Welcome!

I see my childhood in the story of Neversong game

Let’s start with some side information. It would be rude to take you to a new world without giving you some necessary guide information, right?

Neversong game is an adventure game that blends horror elements developed and published by Serenity Forge LLC.

But unlike other predecessors, we will not see here the dramatic chase or monsters will be ready to jump into your face and scenes of shooting, breaking, slashing, killing brutally.

All are gentle, peace flows into the player’s soul like a small stream as its former name: “Once Upon a Coma”. But we all know that “don’t judge a book by its cover”, you won’t know what horrors are waiting for you.

character in nerversong game
Our brave boy, Peet

That’s enough for the introduction. Neversong game takes players to Red Wind village as a boy, Peet. Background is not as normal as the fate of our protagonist.

The image of little Peet shows up poorly through the first moment of the game. Peet has lost his parents since childhood. He had nothing, and a house for him to go home every night seemed like a luxury.

With that, the estrangement of people around makes our Peet alone, not having a friend. But when he thought that life would be engulfed in darkness, Wren appeared like a shining star of his life.

Not only is the prettiest girl in the village; in Wren we also see perfection. She knows everything from climbing trees, picking fruits, or even play the piano.

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Besides, Wren’s friendliness made his heart sob. Both of them had happy moments together for a long time. Until one fateful night…

wren in nerversong

Because of playing, Peet and Wren got lost in an abandoned asylum. All of Peet’s memories became pale, and all he could remember before fainting was a white face appeared from the shadow and stretching out his long arms to grab Wren.

She was kidnapped by Dr. Smile (the biggest enemy you’ll meet on next game). Waking up, our protagonist embarks on the quest to find his friend. And that’s when the adventure in Neversong game begins.

However, there is something weird going on in Red Wind village, a change in any branches and grass that Peet once knew. Why are spider monsters everywhere? And where did people go? All are waiting for you to discover.

dr smile in game

Greatness comes from the simplicity

As an adventure game, but Neversong game offers players unique gameplay when there is a combination of puzzle elements and familiar find-kill gameplay.

What does this mean? Perhaps until you have experienced all, you still have not been surprised. It’s tough to separate into two, but I’ll try to give you the most comprehensive view.

The battles

Let’s start from the most interesting part in Neversong game is the battles. Do not let gentle appearance, elegance of this game fool you. There will be no peace at all.

You will be given a baseball bat, and this is the only weapon that will protect you during a long journey (if not counting skateboard and some other items you can find but do not carry high fighting properties).

boss in nerversong
One of many bosses that Peet must overcome on his journey

The equipment is rudimentary, but enemies that you will probably face are not so simple. Many spider monsters will only be “appetizers” before big boss appears.

You are weaker, so what will you be to preserve your life? That is what Neversong wants you to think about to find your tricks and tactics.

But this also needs to be done quickly because the little Peet’s life is limited to a few hearts placed in the upper left corner of your screen. Some wrong calculations will make those hearts fall and put your adventure in danger.

nerversong gameplay
The fighting mechanism is built quite dreamily

Another point that you need to keep in mind is that our enemies always appear unexpectedly, and Dr. Smile is probably the most cunning.

Serenity Forge LLC wanted to bring horror, and with Neversong game, they had a monster hidden behind a beautiful cover.

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If you do not prepare carefully, you will probably lose your heart after uninvited guests appear.

stakeboard in game
Skateboard – one of the tools provided for Peet

The puzzles

You can see that Neversong game plugged in many puzzles even if you just wanted to press some usual keys to activate the battle mode.

How to fight against enemies who excel in all aspects is the puzzle that will follow you throughout the journey in Neversong game.

But that’s not all because the puzzle engine has started since you pressed Start Game button.

Some riddles involve finding necessary items to move forward by overcoming obstacles or communicating with residents of the Red Wind village. Some are directly related to the way you have to learn how to play music on the piano.

puzzle in gameplay
What is hidden behind frets?

I will not disclose ways to solve those sentences. But what I like about Neversong gameplay is that it attracts all questions about a single relationship. You can find everything you need at Wren’s house, which is the only suggestion I can give you.

Music is the bridge that leads players to the secret room, which contains a lot of necessary items and fragments of memories about love, loss, and hatred…

The song that plays a role in driving emotions now has become an answer for you to find out. Notes exist throughout any tracks, and it’s essential to remember them if you want to go further.

The clues

Any game clues still exist in many words of residents you meet on the road. And of course, to get them, you will have to trade.

Those are tasks set by themselves. In the beginning, I was quite impressed with the mission of rescuing a boy named Simeon, who was trapped when turning himself into a giant ball.

And for him to escape, Peet needs to find a huge needle and poke him directly. Let freaky black eyes stick your days all over swings. Oh! You will never be amazed by extra characters that Neversong game brings.

nerversong game mechanism
You will have to choose the answer by yourself in conversations if you want to exploit the clue

But you also need to look a little deeper and what this means. You can see Peet being alienated, but he seems to be willing to help anyone. Is this contradictory? I will leave you to judge yourself.

Accompanying to players will be a talking bird. This is a pretty exciting detail and gives players a feeling of a fairy.

Thanks to it, your journey will be less lonely, and many hidden clues will be revealed. Please exploit this assistant in a brilliant way!

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The audio-visual system reaches the maximum score

This is an element associated with each individual’s point of view, but what I concluded after getting a lot of Neversong game reviews is that Serenity Forge LLC has excelled in its mission.

We can see Neversong game’s image built into layers that affect player’s vision. In a scene, many extra curtains are waiting for you to pull out. Behind it are more things that are worthy to explore.

nerversong gameplay 2
The puzzles in-game are extremely diverse

And even though it’s just a 2D game, you can see how Neversong game is that we are startled like traditional horror games.

Although not a lasting obsession based on the effect of gore, corpses, … The way Dr. Smile and his subordinates appear behind frosted glass doors or behind closed doors also makes those who are weak of heart must cry.

That is the surprise that the game has built.

As for audio elements, we can see elaboration from game publisher. I’m not sure how many people are involved in voicing characters in the game. But from Peet, Wren, Simeon, Comboyssa… and the magic bird, all they have a unique sound in the voice.

This shows that a serious investment comes from the publisher. Besides, small sounds like game-opening, the battle between Peet and monsters, sound of falling are also focused on excellent specification.

what is in nerversong
Monstrous entities sometimes are adults in Red Wind village

All of them are placed on a backdrop of piano music. What’s even better when you’re the artist performing them?

Music selected in Neversong game is rated by gamers as conveying the pain, the loss, the love, the nostalgia to player’s soul in a gentle and deep way.

If you’ve finished this game, don’t be afraid to listen to all this music again, you will experience all kinds of emotions.

Release information

As I said in the previous section, Neversong game does not offer a loud promotion strategy but uses the hidden meanings to attract players. And for $ 14.99, I strongly recommend that you should bring this game to your device now. Neversong release date is May 20, 2020, so many patches have been completed, and you can be assured. The release link will be at the end of the article.


A touching story is hidden behind great gameplay. Just like that, Neversong game gently penetrates the player’s mind. Experience it yourself to see if you discover the hidden message later!