Oxenfree Switch review (Handheld Console)

About game

In a time when instant noodle games were born, players had to follow the trend and then “get fed up” themselves at a bad time. But Oxenfree has changed the concept.

The horror game, ever since the first “foundations” were built, has never lost its power. People come to this genre sometimes to experience the feeling of fear, sometimes to try and try to escape from supernatural powers or sometimes with many people, it is a wonderful pleasure.

Nintendo is a big player in the gaming industry with extremely high-quality products. And with the Nintendo Switch, they opened their path of growth with an abundance of customers.

The gaming community in the world has been swept away by the rivalry of Mario Kart series races or the thrill of facing monsters in Bayonetta’s catacombs. But all will turn back to welcome the arrival of Oxenfree game. This will promise to be the pioneer of Nintendo switch horror games.

So, what is waiting for you ahead? Read this Oxenfree switch review and discover it for yourself.

Oxenfree – the game contains details ready to drive you crazy

The clear message that this Nintendo switch horror game brings is that listening is an art. Why? Life is becoming more and noisier and everyone is afraid of being left behind, forgotten, or “gone away”. Everyone tried to scream with the expectation of recognition.

At this point, the listener is an artist, they save the hearts of the lonely people in the revolution towards the most: fastest, most efficient, most accurate … When technology goes ahead, the story will be left behind. With Oxenfree games, you will learn how to pick up those stories.

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oxenfree in game
The scene blends the mysterious light – dark patches of Oxenfree game

Oxenfree game is the debut work of the studio Night School. Like many of the indie game’s first works, the game will be unique and strange in a way that few large studios dare to take the risk of experimenting. You will play Alex, a happy teenage girl. Alex and his group of friends to rest on a deserted island and to discover something strange here.

The plot

The game’s storyline is like a Hollywood B-grade thriller. Pretty boys and girls going to a deserted place and performing some weird death there? (Maybe pretty people think it’s different from ordinary people). The unique feature of Oxenfree is how to guide the story and a good ending, where all your choices (in dialogue, interaction …) will relate and directly affect the end. Oxenfree game shows you that obsession can come from very different ways.

Making Oxenfree become one of the outstanding works among not only Nintendo switch horror games but also contemporary horror games is that you will have to choose and listen to the dialogue a lot. It is not simply a matter of having fun, your choice will determine where you will go, whom to follow, and what to meet.

The game is designed with a horizontal screen style and has many time loops so you will have to pay attention to everything if you do not want to miss an important detail of the game. The small feeling that is typical when playing with horizontal screen style, mysterious music, and very voiced conversations will make you feel the horror that Night School sends here.

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characters in oxenfree switch review
Alex and Jonas – 2 main characters of Oxenfree game

There were so many details that the writer was dumbfounded, like, startling, “Why?” Why was the ball lying here, I had already kicked it? why did someone light a fire here, why did Ren? (another character’s name) said that … The nature of fear is that we are afraid of things we cannot name. A silent fear that Oxenfree portrays very successfully in an indie game. It’s been a long time since Playdead’s Limbo has a game that shows this well.

Key features

Within this Oxenfree switch review, it is impossible to go beyond the following to analyze all the outstanding features of Oxenfree.

This Nintendo switch horror game is a beautiful harmony between historical elements and the appearance of horror elements. Things happened one after another in a very rationally guided storyline on the island of Edward – which was once the battleground of World War II. Are you the one who decides whether Alex lives or dies, leaves alone or with friends?

radio in oxenfree switch review
The radio mechanism turned Oxenfree game into a unique one in the Nintendo switch horror games

The mechanism of using radio and recording tape will be the next highlight of the game. Catching the right frequency you will be able to connect to a supernatural world. What is playing with the fate of Alex, Jonas, and others?

And finally the Oxenfree game‘s graphics and sound system. The scenes that have to move a lot are not boring because the tempo of the music is changed fast – extremely complicated. The intricate remix of death. That’s what you’ll find in Oxenfree – one of the Nintendo switch horror games.

sense in oxenfree switch review
Stages that show off the beauty of Edward Island

Release information

Oxenfree game is designed to play again and again. And it will take you a lot of time to fully understand its profound meaning.

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I have been cherishing the idea for this Oxenfree switch review for a long time but the shortcomings in the experience made me nervous every time I was going to express my feelings about this Nintendo switch horror game.

Officially released on January 15, 2016, for only about $ 7 (you will have to pay a little more if you want to own full Soundtracks), Oxengame has not reduced its appeal. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Oxenfree game hope this Oxenfree switch review will be the bridge that brings you one of the best Nintendo switch horror games.

The link to download Oxenfree game is at the end of the article.


Oxenfree game is a scary adventure game with a very interesting way of building the story and the inner character. This is one of the rare puzzle adventure games with the content depth that you can find on the market today.

If you like exploring and digging into the story, then the game is an attractive option that you won’t want to miss. On the other hand, after completing the game, the Continue Timeline + game is influenced by the outcome from the previous game so it makes a high replay value.