Pacify game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Pacify game is the latest game by developer Shawn Hitchcock, who developed many famous games. True to the central theme of a horror game, this game builds scary contexts in the ghost house, where players must face a female devil and find dolls.

However, Pacify game has a new color compared to other survival horror games, instead of being alone in a ghost house, you can explore it with your friends. Especially on the PC version, you and your teammates can best support each other.

So, what does the PC version have? let’s find out through the Pacify review article below

Pacify story is not unique but still impressive

This game tells the story on a rainy night, a group of people go to the deserted house to investigate that house. After entering the house, players will start an unforgettable journey.

Although Pacify’s story is not new, this game is still added some new details, for example, the appearance of dolls or items. Also, the challenges posed for players will be more attractive and novel.

Gameplay improves the teamwork spirit

Pacify’s gameplay inherited advantages of previous games and added new enhancements, which meet the taste of gamers. Pacify game is evaluated as an action thriller game by critics, meaning you always have to sprint to get over enemies.

Your main task is to find dolls. You will not be limited in time; however, the female devil can see you at any time and harm you, so before finding dolls, you must ensure your safety.

To find enough dolls, you must find the key to open the door. The scary thing is that dolls will not sit in one place; they will run around and continuously laugh. You must overcome your fear to find and catch them.

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pacify gameplay
The task of the player is to catch the naughty dolls

In addition to dolls, there are essential items in the room that can help you save yourself when evading enemies. You can use these items to distract the female devil or create a barrier between you and her to escape.

You also can use fire and matches to create flames, which help you burn some things you want. Of course, the flame will be not last long, so you need to know how to take advantage of them.

Playtime is not too long, on average from 2 to 3 hours if you are a new player and you can play with friends. Pacify game is highly appreciated for teamwork, where everyone supports each other to overcome challenges.

Sometimes you will meet many guys who are troublemakers, but you also can meet good players, this is a common situation in multiplayer horror games. They will all give you different experiences, good players will provide you with a lot of lessons, and troublemakers will help you act and think more carefully and build an overview.

However, it is not easy for you to know what your teammates are doing because Pacify game does not allow players to communicate with each other. At first, you will find it a bit frustrating, but you will get gradually familiar with it and realize it is not too complicated.

Images and sounds of this game

The colors combination increase ghosts in-game

The image of Pacify game is quite familiar with two colors of black and white. These simple neutral colors accentuate the character in this game, especially the female ghost. The house is designed full of objects, and each apartment has a new image, a new perspective for the character.

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pacify graphics
graphics in Pacify game

The most important thing is that the room looks very dark, so to be able to see everything, players must use a flashlight, which increases the impression of lighting effects. Players will see a difference between two bright areas. So, the character has to use flashlight consistently to see clearly what exists in the darkness and detect dangers lurking.

Female devil shaping is also a great success of Pacify game, not only with long magic hair, producer created the highlight for the character by two bloodstains at her lips, and the way she moves her eyes scares the player. This is a unique image, has never appeared in other games.

According to this Pacify reviews, the creation of other characters has not been appreciated because the image design is not soft; the movement is not flexible. However, judge objectively, Pacify game is very successful with impressive graphics; the mix of spatial colors, along with the sharpness of graphics, all created a dark and scary context.

female ghost in pacify game
Each room brings a different perspective

The sound increases tension

Sound is one of the great strengths in this game. The sound combination creates a real horror melody. The opening and closing sound can be enough to make the player nervous. Occasionally, players will hear the sound of foot or wind blowing, that’s when the female demon is approaching them.

Anywhere in this house, players could hear her moaning in pain. When she hunts down the player, the sound will get faster and louder. Pacify game also doesn’t have music during the playing process, so maybe players will feel more alone. On this Pacify reviews, we commented that game sound brought more intense experiences, especially for first-time players.

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scene in pacify game

How to buy this game?

This game is being sold for $ 4.99, which is the lowest price I’ve ever seen in survival horror games. You can buy it easily, only need to create an account on the main website, and follow instructions. You know, Pacify release date is February 22, 2019, which means it has been on the market for over one year, and there are a lot of people who bought this game. So, If you have any difficulty when purchasing, you can view some sharing of those who used to play or contact customer service for advice.


There are many opposing Pacify reviews, whether good or bad, it’s undeniable that Pacify is receiving a lot of attention from experts and game lovers. Although the game plot is not new and there are no many outstanding features, but manufacturer knows how to integrate many factors to build a scary scene and especially enhance teamwork for players in PC version. Generally, Pacify game is still worthy of being a darling of developer Shawn Hitchcock.