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Top 10 Nintendo Switch game case should buy in 2020

Owning a Nintendo Switch is not easy because of its high price. Besides, buyers will also be quite confused with various accessories to ensure players have the best experience. This article...
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ParanormalHK Review for PC (Horror Game)

If you are passionate about Chinese horror games, please do not ignore this article. I will introduce you to another mysterious horror game called ParanormalHK. It is a game imbued with...
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Oxenfree – Full Playthrough

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. Play as Alex, a bright, rebellious teenager who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an...
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Creepy Tale Review for PC (Adventure Game)

Beyond any standards of an adventure game combining puzzles that we often see, Creepy Tale gives players a warm brotherhood story. Deqaf Studio has done an excellent job, and it's time...
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Never Again Full Gameplay – AWESOME LITTLE HORROR GAME

This video shows the full gameplay for Never Again which is an awesome little horror game that had very positive reviews on Steam. Also check out Never Again Game Review for PC...
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Blame Him – Full Gameplay Walkthrough

“Graphics looks nice... this game kinda looks serious” DashieGames “Reminded me a lot of Resident Evil and Outlast 2” Neurobew “This could be promising after seeing the trailer at the end” Caspersight Also check...
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Visit Tsushima island in real life – is it different from the game?

If you don't have an opportunity to visit the beautiful Tsushima island, please follow Japan Headlines Youtube channel to get the most accurate answer. Launched in mid-July this year, Ghost of Tsushima...
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Blame Him Review for PC (Horror Game)

Japanese horror games always contain something extraordinary. Not flashy, sensational with jumpscare, many products from game makers of "The Land of the Rising Sun" radiate dark energy that makes you scream...
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Suite 776 – Full Game – Gameplay (Horror Game)

A pure terror with a twisted backstory; jumping straight into the horrors surrounding Suite 776. Also checkout Suite 776 Review for PC (Horror Game) for more details
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Welcome to the Game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Welcome to the Game is a puzzle game where you have to overcome the challenges from five types of different enemies in order to move to the red room and find...