remothered broken porcelain thumbnail

Remothered Broken Porcelain Review for PC (Horror Game)

Remothered Broken Porcelain just got released newly this month, and I've heard all the hype and gossip about this latest title in the line of survival horror games everywhere. Some people...
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Razer Orbweaver, worth the while or overrated?

Razer Orbweaver is among the list of 100 best gaming keyboards on the market right now. The device is designed especially for gamers. It is supposed to make any gaming experience...
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Don’t Knock Twice game Review for PC (Horror Game)

If you need an insight before stepping into the mystery world of Don't Knock Twice game, click now to read my reviews. Games based on movies are no stranger to us, but...
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Paper Dolls 2 Review for PC (Horror Game)

I've been waiting for Master Yin pushing Yang Ming from the second floor of the mansion to continue my "exciting" journey in Paper Dolls 2. Following the success of Paper Dolls Original,...
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The Dark Pictures Anthology reveals a sequel name House of Ashes

Although Little Hope launched recently, developers revealed a sequel called House of Ashes. Developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco, The Dark Pictures Anthology is one of survival horror games,...
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Green Hell Review for PC (Adventure Game)

If you are a fan of survival games, definitely you will be keen on feeling of getting lost in the middle of impenetrable rainforest. Hence, take no hesitation to play...
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Song of Horror Review for PC (Horror Game)

Are you a big fan of all-time classics, horror-survival games like the Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, or Resident Evil? Do you want to try something new but still preserve that old...
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How to walk through Stranded Deep map like a pro

To make it out alive of a survival game, one must know how to walk through the map like a pro. The same goes for Stranded Deep. Knowing Stranded Deep map...
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A guide to Vampyr weapons, which deal the most damage?

Vampires are bloodthirsty creatures that hide their dreadfulness under the beautiful skin. With the help of Vampyr weapons, players have the chance to experience the vampiresĀ“ war and know how they...
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Among Us Review for PC (Casual Game)

Perhaps in the past two months there hasn't been a name mentioned by the world gaming community as much as Among Us. Partly out of curiosity, partially because I was dragged,...