mist survival thumbnail

Mist Survival Review for PC (Horror Game)

Focusing on familiar concept, but many new features on gameplay and special care from publisher, Mist Survival has gradually asserted its charm. In Mist Survival, the desire to live is always one...
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Townscaper Review for PC (Simulation Game)

The simulation games with construction style are not new, but its comfortable space and lovely graphics have convinced many demanding players. And just like Oskar Stalberg, game developer said: "This is...
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Silver Chains game Review for PC (Horror Game)

I am a big fan of horror game genre, especially this Silver Chains game. I like the feeling of being startled in the middle of the night or imagining all kinds...
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Agrou Review for PC (Strategy Game)

Osmose Studio created a new look to the legendary Werewolves board game in Agrou. What is helping this strategy? Werewolves have been around for quite some time, but this board game...
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Phasmophobia Review for PC (Horror Game)

As members of a ghost hunting squad, the experiences Phasmophobia offers players is not only interesting but also different. Thanks to Kinetic Games for creating Phasmophobia to realize the open dream...
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DreadOut 2 Review for PC (Horror Game)

I couldn't hold back my excitement when Digital Happiness officially released DreadOut 2. Are the improvements meet the expectations of big fans?. "With DreadOut, Digital Happiness marked Indonesia on the world...
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Devotion game Review for PC (Horror Game)

What do you think if one day, the family is not as peaceful as before? How will you protect your loved ones? Devotion game from Red Candle Games will give you...
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Wash your eyes with Mashu cosplay in Fate / Grand Order

Mashu Kyrielight is not only an impressive character in the Fate / Grand Order game but also extremely hot with coser Moegan's expression. For gamers, Fate / Grand Order is one of...
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Tips and tricks on how to survive Stranded Deep multiplayer

Stranded Deep multiplayer is one of the recent adventure games that provoke the fear of airplanes. The game started with a plane crash scene, and players will end up on a...
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Boogeyman 2 Review for VR (Horror Game)

This year 2020 is the time for horror games, and when Halloween comes closer, we all need a bit of old terrifying taste. Back to the story of Boogeyman that we...