Palmyra Orphanage Review for PC (Horror Game)

If you are looking for a survival horror game with constant jumpscare scenes that can make you scream out of fear, then Palmyra Orphanage PC is the perfect answer for you.

Horror games are one of the “easiest” game genres in the gaming industry today because it exploits one of the most basic human characteristics: Fear.

Just surfing Steam alone you can dig through dozens, even hundreds, thousands of horror games. But to complete a gem of both content and form is a difficult problem.

If you follow the evolution of the horror game genre, then you can see that psychological or survival issues are being strongly exploited. It has become the focus of many games. There are some representatives such as Infliction Game, Detention Game

And with Palmyra Orphanage, you will have a pretty good combination between scary horror scenes and content with depth to haunt. I will not say much more and here is our main character: Palmyra Orphanage. (Within this Palmyra Orphanage review, I will analyze the PC version)

The fateful separation

It can be said that before the launch, Palmyra Orphanage has made a great reputation because the publishers did very well in communicating the game to their fans around the world.

Its poster also piqued the player’s curiosity and I have to tell the truth that as soon as I knew about this game is going to be released, I put myself in “pre-registration” mode.

But that seems to be all our Palmyra Orphanage does. I know this is just a personal opinion, but hopefully, it will give you a diverse look at this once-awaited product.

Set in the 1990s, Palmyra Orphanage takes players to a remote part of Russia with stories happening at an orphanage.

Palmyra Orphanage story revolves around the journey to find the brother of the protagonist after a long time apart.

Only one letter and every clue of the last journey will lead you back to the place where you were brought up and for a long time attached: Palmyra Orphanage.

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palmyra orphanage gameplay
What happened at Palmyra Orphanage?

Choosing an orphanage where most of the game takes place doesn’t seem like a wise choice for Steppe Hare Studio.

If you are a person who regularly watches horror games or promotes logic even when entertaining, you will quickly guess the time circuit and the hidden things in this indie horror game.

The game circuit is familiarly played out in sequence:

  • Two characters are far apart
  • One of two people receives the letter containing information related to the other
  • The search begins and leads the player to the right place where the two grew up: the orphanage.

If you’re still trying to find something new, then Palmyra Orphanage still has room for you to do so.

The game must honestly reflect the Soviet context in this period with the disintegration of socialist regimes.

This combined with the Ebola epidemic that is raging and spreading death also contributes greatly to creating a tense and scary atmosphere for this game.

Along with that, the game is built on some actual child abuse cases in history.

monster in game
sometimes you will face some strangers

Gameplay has no creativity

In general, Palmyra Orphanage still converges common elements of a normal horror game.

When you will have an opportunity to search and collect clues, stealth and flee the evil spirits as well as play. Maximize your bravery and courage to solve many puzzles set out in the journey.

Palmyra Orphanage makes players quite disappointed when the game starts, you will be immediate to the orphanage – where the journey begins.

And without proper preparation, you will find it very difficult to understand. Your confusion is the first challenge you need to overcome if you want to explore dark corridors, crumbling rooms inside the orphanage.

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palmyra orphanage journey
The dark shadow is very suitable for stealth gameplay

Players will experience how to play from the first perspective to move around in the orphanage.

The gameplay style is similar to Lunacy: Saint Rhodes and Silver Chains when all you can do is flee and hide. You have almost no weapons, you cannot create any kind of trap to protect yourself. Too hard right?

But it hasn’t stopped there. The sound of footsteps seems to be heard during the playing time when you are no longer calm enough to search for clues related to your beloved brother and the history of this orphanage. You will have to pay attention to every step or your smallest action.

Combined with sneaky gameplay, players will have an opportunity to decide for themselves the fate of the protagonist through a system of options. This means you will write his future. Each room you choose will open an outcome.

The audio and video systems have not yet reached the required “maturity”

Mixed with the number of large grit particles that Palmyra Orphanage has, the image quality seems to be a rare plus. The dark, cold games were chosen to contribute to inculcating the heavy, creepy atmosphere of the game.

Before I started writing this Palmyra Orphanage review, I had to replay a lot to get over the haunting bug coming from the Principal’s room and the toilet. A tub full of blood was dripping from the faucet.

Hanging dolls along the corridor. And the dark corridors endless. Are you ready?

Besides, the way that Steppe Hare Studio used to provide suggestions to players is also extremely creative when installing them into newspapers, letters are sent randomly.

This causes extreme interest for the player. The interplay between the past and reality when the player enters the rooms thus also becomes much more reasonable.

haunting image in palmyra orphanage
The most haunting image in the game

But the point that I don’t like is the overuse of jumpscare. When used properly, this is a catalyst that helps develop the storyline. But in Palmyra Orphanage, many startling scenes are even more predictable.

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Besides, the effect of the faces to cause fear is not promoted when most of the faces are covered with a bit of gore to serve cheap scare.

My frustration was heightened when in the lobby of the second floor, under the dim candlelight you will see quite a lot of reactionary data related to the overthrow of the socialist regime in the Soviet Union.

The political aspect has somewhat made the image of this game ugly.

gameplay review
The tub was full of blood

In term of sound, Palmyra Orphanage has also performed quite well function psychological orientation of players through the creaking of stairs and doors.

The foot effect is also quite good when exploiting the echo effect that increases the sound level from far to near. This horror game uses very few pieces of music, which is quite a rare thing and probably this adds maximum authenticity to the atmosphere and concentration for gamers.

Release information

Palmyra Orphanage release date is September 24, 2019. You can completely buy and experience this game through Steam (the link will be at the end of this article). The price of this game is $ 4.99 and if you want to learn more about haunted orphanages, this price is too cheap.


Overall, Palmyra Orphanage has done quite the task of a survival horror game with honesty exuded from elements used to be intimidated. But I think that it is not appreciated as well as meet the expectation of players.

A bit reactionary and too many jumpscare scenes turned it into a low-level copy of some horror movies. I hope this Palmyra Orphanage review somehow gives you a hang of the game before jumping to purchase it.