Paper Dolls 2 Review for PC (Horror Game)

I’ve been waiting for Master Yin pushing Yang Ming from the second floor of the mansion to continue my “exciting” journey in Paper Dolls 2.

Following the success of Paper Dolls Original, Beijing Litchi Culture Media Co., Ltd. has released the second part in response to the world gaming community’s wishes.

Exploiting the factors that are the strengths of their predecessors, such as the traditions in Chinese culture or the perfect setting and haunting jumpscare scenes, for me, Paper Dolls 2 did something. A controversy erupted between the experiences themselves. There are both compliments and criticism of this product.

This has motivated me to bring Paper Dolls 2 to make my comments. A brave move comes from Beijing Litchi Culture Media Co., Ltd. when game makers dare to bring about changes. Let’s explore! And this is my point of view.

Warning: My Paper Dolls 2 review directly exploits the love in the game, so it will to some extent reveal information from the product and make grumpy players uncomfortable. Be careful before reading!

Are you ready to solve the mystery?

Paper Dolls Original ends and leaves a lot of huge question marks for players. And this is a fertile ground for Litchi to find the inspiration for the next game.

I like the way Paper Dolls 2 continues the story of the destiny of protagonist Yang Ming Yuan. A gentle move to keep the plot intact has been elaborated. Let me just remind you of what happened in part 1!

It is a hard start

The story opens with the main character Yang Ming Yuan – a father suffering from depression. After divorcing his wife, Yuan’s illness became more serious with words repeatedly reminding him to kill himself.

Molly – his daughter becomes the only rope holding him back to his life as well as his wife. But one day, he forgot to take his medicine, and on the journey to bring his daughter home, an accident struck. And here, Paper Dolls Original has exploited the right factors to create a typical twist in terms of content in horror games.

Yang Ming Yuan fainted and woke up in the mansion of a Qing Dynasty official – General Yin. Something mysterious happened and took the lives of everyone in the mansion. And our protagonist is continuously encountering their spirits. It was General Yin, the mistress, and the servants.

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paper dolls 2 gameplay
The scene of the game focuses on the maze on the second floor of the mansion

When he explored the first floor and gathered many clues, Yuan stepped onto the second floor. Master Yin’s ghost appeared and pushed him down. All fell into darkness with many unanswered things.

There are a lot to meet

It can be said; Paper Dolls 2 will be the answer to all the player’s questions. Players will be deeply engaged in the complex relationships in the game.

Those are Mistress Yin and the artist, Yang Ming Yuan, and the Yin family, the decisive details like the existence of the singing troupe on the 2nd floor, where the dark magic ritual was going on. And above all, the player will meet and know who was behind this horrible crime.

The game’s plot is slowly and meticulously deployed, showing that Paper Dolls 2 is elaborated on too much content. I will not reveal anything. And believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

paper dolls 2 character
Is this the one responsible for all the tragedies in Yin mansion?

The changes are enough to create excitement for the player

I am an ambitious player. That’s why I felt quite skeptical when the next game came out. Will the changes be enough to step through the predecessor’s shadow?

It begins with fear

With Paper Dolls 2, I think Litchi had a stern answer. Let’s not mention conflicting opinions. Because when you experience, you will see clearly what is quintessential in the first part is still guaranteed.

Paper Dolls 2 gameplay still revolves around placing players in a terrible space in the rooms on the 2nd floor to force them to survive. Horror is more exploited with the appearance and constant sweep of resentful souls, or rather, you will be confronted with the most powerful villains in the game.

Challenges will be harder to predict, and deaths will appear more if you do not have enough agility when choosing Normal, Hard, or Nightmare mode.

Not only clashing with the soul of Master or Mistress Yin, but a dark mysterious creature will also appear to stop you. A little revelation for you: this is the result of a series of dark spells that have been cast in the mansion, and it is extremely bloodthirsty.

paper dolls 2 game items
Clues will be scattered all over the place and please collect fully if you want to overcome those super difficult sentences of Paper Dolls 2 (pictures cut from the playing process)

And continue with thrill

The more placement of jumpscare scenes makes players have to exploit more of the mechanics of escape, hiding, and especially fighting.

I am very impressed that the game maker has arranged a lot of details that require fast and decisive handling by the player to increase the drama of the game.

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More than just running and hiding, you will fight. You will be given an extra shotgun to increase combat power besides the Phurba collected in part 1. The souls have also been strengthened so that the fight will be quite persistent and demanding.

Ask the player’s concentration in both attack and defense. This reminds me of Devil May Cry or Resident 7 because the combat mechanism is quite flexible. In particular, the QTE style is used quite skillfully to attract the player’s attention and show off the invested image.

paper dolls 2 game mechanism
Combat mechanics is also one of the most significant changes in gameplay

But there are ways out

However, the deep exploitation of this factor also reveals many limitations. The first is the move. This seems to have been a weakness that it is still there in some “miraculous” way.

Yuan moved quite slowly and heavily. Even when I activated the accelerating steps, it only took about 4 to 7 steps for him to gasp again. Besides, the cooldown to continue running is quite long.

This is annoying, and it leads to the second limitation that our protagonist is relatively weak in most hand-to-hand fights (especially when you try it out at the mode with high difficulty).

The rooms’ system is designed so that you put players in a maze and slow down the escape process. The only way you have is to fight but be careful of the disappearance of that dark creature or the fierce blows of Master Yin.

game sound
Solving resentment among souls is also an interesting part of the game

It requires clever play

Along with that, these sentences are also a real highlight of Paper Dolls 2. I am talking about both the difficulty as well as the complexity of the ways to solve them. Even the smallest things like approaching the main part of the 2nd floor or mixing the potion for Mistress Yin were fully utilized to make the player think.

Don’t be complacent because you will be surprised by how difficult they are. Besides, materials bearing Chinese cultural identity are also exploited. This helps players expand their understanding and motivate players to learn if they want to pass the puzzle smoothly.

The Five Elements, Four Spirits, and many sacred elements in the Chinese people’s conception will appear to turn Paper Dolls 2 into a cultural encyclopedia. Scraps of paper or bland shelving can become the key to getting you out of this nightmare. Observation will also be essential, especially for players like me in a hurry. You also need to reach the item at close range.

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This is the developer’s intentional design to force the player to move a lot at a very slow speed, taking advantage of the creepy feeling based on the real-style visual material of Paper Dolls 2.

scene in game
Safe room

And finally, amidst the difficulties that are piled up, you will still have a peaceful place to go. A Safe Room has been built in so you can preserve your Paper Dolls 2 gameplay. Besides, this is also the place for you to recover your stamina when attacked. Overall, this is a commendable episode built to ensure a balanced element in the game.

Excellence in graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Paper Dolls 2 is made quite well with the support of Unreal Engine 4, the characters are quite detailed. In particular, Master Yin looks too defenseless with a sword in his hand, a quick slash of slashes, and a hideous rotting face of Mistress Yin with the beautiful beauty that Yuan finds.

The real dead muscle also depicts the desolation of the mansion where the player is “visiting.” Along with that are the psychic images such as spells, seals, … or extremely reasonable light arrangements. This created a gloomy atmosphere throughout the work.

Although the developer builds game items to look quite detailed and real but covering it with a fog layer, everything is always in a fuzzy state. The sound has to be said to be extremely good as it assists in a huge scare effect. Each small sound is refined to bring the most authentic feeling possible.

paper dolls 2 game graphic
Game graphics quality can be compared to a cinematic work

Release information

Paper Dolls 2’s official release date is July 3, 2020, and its price tag is surprisingly comfortable as you only need $19.99 to bring it back to your play device.


Compared to Fight the Horror, Locked Up, or other horror games of its time, Paper Dolls 2 gives a different feeling. With ghost scare and the story is guided skillfully through the frightening details, the game will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Thanks for reading my Paper Dolls 2 Review.