Paper Dolls Original Review for Switch (Horror Game)

Although it has received mixed reviews from the public and game lovers, it is undeniable that Paper Dolls Original has been very successful as a remarkable horror game in the market. Therefore, for the fastidious critics with knowledge of the game, they highly appreciate this game.

The manufacturer has tried to combine the gameplay to create consecutive horror storms and bring players constant emotional changes. The most impressive thing could be a spooky environment with a combination of horror images and sounds; It makes the player even more distracted and scared.

If there are only one or two sentences, we all can’t talk about what Paper Dolls game has done, so you and I will learn about the unique things that the game has brought through the following article.

The story is familiar but full of surprises

The story has a doll; this image may be so accustomed to many people, we can already see many horror movies with this image. However, the producer has built a more dramatic story with the struggle between good and evil, but the evil here is the ghosts surrounding.

Paper Dolls plot begins with the image of the main character waking up in an old house after a car accident. But after waking up, he did not see his daughter and had to go through the dark corridors to find a girl. Here, the main character is continuously confronted with ghosts. Besides, the image of the doll rushing in always makes him obsessed and scared.

In the dark, he kept hearing his daughter calling to him. Characters will have to overcome the challenges of the game to quickly save girls.

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monter in paper dolls
Sometimes you will face an executioner

Familiar escape game

This game focuses on hidden gameplay, which is a usual style play of Nintendo Switch scary games. In the process of finding a daughter, the character will always come across dolls; they want to kill him. There will be no weapons or support resources; the person will have to find a way to hide so that the doll cannot find him.

In the spooky room, there is some furniture that can help players hide and leave enemies unable to find. In addition to this furniture, players can also enter a safe room, where enemies cannot find him.

paper dolls original switch review
Players can hide in the safe room

If you play on the Paper Dolls Original Switch version, you will be very easy to hide and ensure your safety. Remember, speed is always essential in the game. Enemies can move very light, but they can quickly find you, so make sure you will run at the fastest speed.

However, the Paper Dolls Original limits the player to 10 steps, which means you can only go up to 10 feet in one move. Many people think that this limit is quite silly, but I find that this factor awakens the intelligence of players, forcing them to choose the most accurate movement. This is also quite an interesting point in Paper Dolls Original game.

Mission in the game

The main task in Paper Dolls Original game is to find the missing girl. However, to be able to accomplish this primary task, the player needs to complete other tasks.

The player must collect the secrets left in the mysterious house, then find and discover the hidden evil, find out the cause of the fear in this horrible house.

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Besides, players must avoid the traps laid out and find the key to open the door. The key can be very easy to find, you can see it on the table, but in other cases, you have to solve the puzzle before you can find the key.

Of course, the essential task of the game is to survive, only when surviving can complete the other mission and find the missing daughter.

paper dolls original gameplay
The most important task is to survive and find the daughter.

Images and sounds

The graphics of this game on Nintendo Switch are highly appreciated. In this version, the image is obvious, even when you are near. The colour of the game can be a bit dark and difficult to see, but it matches the atmosphere that the manufacturer has created for the game and adds to the fear feeling.

If you want, you can increase the brightness so that you can see things better, but your fear will be reduced. This is the difference of the game compared to other Nintendo Switch scary games.

scene in paper dolls original
Players can increase the brightness to see everything clearly.

The sound of the Paper Dolls Original is also very suitable for the environment. All the details increase the fear of the game, including the sound of the window closing. One aspect that received a lot of mixed opinions from the audience was the footsteps of the enemy; it resembled the steps of the character, it created many difficulties for the player to judge the direction of the enemy.

How much is Paper Dolls Original Game?

Currently, the game is selling for $ 9, which is a very reasonable price compared to other Nintendo Switch scary games. Players only need to invest a small budget in starting the experience. You only need to have an account on the game’s official site to be able to purchase Paper Dolls Original game for your Switch immediately.

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Although it has received a lot of mixed opinions from game lovers, since its launch in March 2019, the game has still attracted a lot of players. Paper Doll Original is a combination of horror elements to create a scary experience, and the dramatic plot increases the game’s attraction. However, it can not be denied that some errors in the sound of the game partly obscure the good points that the manufacturer has brought to the game.

Paper Dolls game is available in many different countries thanks to its multilingual support: Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Korean, and English. Besides, the game installation is also very simple and fast, Paper Dolls Original game has a size of 1.1G, so it does not make much impact on your device.