ParanormalHK Review for PC (Horror Game)

If you are passionate about Chinese horror games, please do not ignore this article. I will introduce you to another mysterious horror game called ParanormalHK. It is a game imbued with Hong Kong culture, especially about legends of a spiritual urban.

So what are hidden things? Let find out together in the following article.

Secret and scary story

ParanormalHK release date is on January 6, 2020, and developed by Ghostpie Studio. This game tells about the scary journey of a group of young people on the full moon night in July. They come here to film Beyond the Invisible, which is specializing in supernatural issues.

In ParanormalHK, you will play as Ah Lok, who will be in charge of filming to help Kathy. In the first scenes of gameplay, Ah Lok supports Kathy to shoot an introduction for the show. However, their camcorder suddenly had problems and could not continue to record. Because Kathy was too annoyed so she went to find out the clues and left Ah Lok alone.

paranormalhk gameplay

Ah Lok started looking for his friends on the dark road. And then when he found a generator to open the door, Kathy suddenly arrived and said that she had found the key. But someone quickly appeared behind, grabbed Kathy’s leg, and pulled her away. Again Ah Lok began the journey to locate his friend. During that journey, he discovered many mysterious legends in Kowloon Walled city.

Journey to uncover mysterious legends

Joining ParanormalHK journey to find a girl named Kathy, Ah Lok sees a lot of bloody rooms and statues staring at him. Kathy abruptly appeared with scary looks from somewhere, like a witch in Paper Dolls Original. She tries to chase Ah Lok, and of course, he has to run away from his friend as fast as he can. During the escape, he saw Kathy’s card with a distorted face; this is quite confusing.

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Nevertheless, ParanormalHK’s surprise has not stopped here. An Lok receives a call from a strange woman, which is Ghost Face – a psychic. She said that if he wants to live, he has to locate an old lady’s house.

paranormalhk in game

Following the instruction, Ah Lok quickly finds the old lady, who gives him charms to rescue Kathy, and they left this horror place together after she was saved. In fact, these challenges which ParanormalHK’s manufacturer brings to players is not easy like I just told.

The secret of a camera

After escaping from this terrifying land, Ah Lok and Kathy began falling in love, but Kathy sometimes has weird actions, and she disappeared after three months.

While frantically searching for clues inside the office, Ah Lok received another phone call from Ghost Face. She said the camera which he used the day before, had a curse. And whoever is recorded by it, can be cursed.

Suddenly remembered something, Ah Lok opened the computer of Ah Hoi – his colleague. He saw a video, and it showed that Ah Hoi is hanged inside a room where the female ghost appeared. Continue going to Kathy’s office, again he saw another video when she travels to a haunted real estate, where Kathy is fleeing from a red-skirted ghost.

some horror moment

Ah Lok had to use both hands and drive his car directly into the woman before it was toppled. But it was hard; Ah Lok is not only faced with this witch but also threatened by laughter and crying of some children who always surround him.

Complete gameplay at the last door

ParanormalHK has an open ending, and it makes me have to brainstorm. Ah Lok runs to figure out Kathy in a white background. He enters the final room with Ghost Face, she tells Ah Lok about her plan, and ParanormalHK gameplay is over.

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How ParanormalHK gameplay will be

That is fleeing, attacking, and solving puzzles. Some ParanormalHK reviews said that this was not just an action game, but also a mental game, right to some survival game motif such as Little Nightmares 2 or Detention.

When playing the main character of ParanormalHK, you have to use your strength to escape, fight with any ghosts, and utilize your intellect to solve many puzzles.

game graphics
When Kathy was haunted

After solving puzzles, you can open the door to rescue Kathy and find out the mystery on the full moon day in July at the same time.

The legends on the full moon day in July

When talking about ParanormalHK’s story, I had three weird things below: a female singer in the theater, a picture of the card with a distorted face, and a witch in the red skirt. I will share more details about these legendary people later.

Ghost of a female singer

ParanormalHK tells about a female singer who falls in love with a puppet artist. But ironically, the theater owner loved her and wanted to make her a concubine. Then he did something terrible and made her suicide.

The artist finds out that his lover is dead, he determined to do anything to bring her back to life, but he is suspected as a murder at the end. Since then, the female singer suddenly appears in the theater.

The employee card is distorted

It was the dentist’s story; he extracted his wife’s teeth and fitted it to his customers. Increasingly, his wife’s face became more and more distorted.

One day, his wife could not continue to endure, and she goes to death. Later, the dentist also decided to choose death and left his daughter alone. This story explains why we see the character’s card is distorted.

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A female ghost wearing a red skirt

It was a single woman with two daughters. For some reason, she wants to suicide, and her youngest daughter also died soon. After their death, they still returned to the apartment and became a fear for everyone.

These are the ghosts that have appeared in ParanormalHK. Many people ask themselves whether these phenomena are related and how they associate with people in the present such as Ghost Face and older women.

paranormalhk female ghost with red skirt

I did not have the correct answer, but I agree with other ParanormalHK reviews; they shared that the old lady in the story is the dentist’s daughter, and Ghost Face is the first daughter of the red dress ghost. They are coming together to revive their loved people, and that revival technique originated from the puppeteer, the female singer’s lover.

Of course, this is our hypothesis. As I said, ParanormalHK has an open ending and in fact, only experienced people will understand it the most obvious.


I don’t have any negative comments about ParanormalHK, except that it made me brainstorm a lot to figure out the relation among stories.

For me, game graphics and sound also are excellent. It describes skillfully a dark background with many horror rooms. Several sounds that come out like a girl’s singing, a child’s laughter, or other sound effects mixed together and make a frightening context for ParanormalHK gameplay.

If you like to play Chinese horror games, like brainstorming to find out the truth, so ParanormalHK will be an excellent choice for you. Currently, this game was sold around $12.99, the best price to have an enjoyable experience.