Phasmophobia Review for PC (Horror Game)

As members of a ghost hunting squad, the experiences Phasmophobia offers players is not only interesting but also different. Thanks to Kinetic Games for creating Phasmophobia to realize the open dream of so many people. Are you ready to make what is usually only seen on television a reality?

The notion of souls that exist around people has long been a mysterious part of modern life. Are they real? And can we communicate with them? For most people, these questions are simply questions. But some people spend their whole lives searching for answers to supernatural phenomena. Ghost hunting squads.

That is how they call their passion.

I can spend hours telling you about reality TV shows that exploit this subject.

It’s because I have a great deal of respect for who created Paranormal survivors, Paranormal State, A Haunting, or Paranormal Witness. And I also don’t think one day I will be able to play the role of people with such an interesting career.

Warning: My Phasmophobia review uses my gameplay, so it will partly reveal details in the game. Hope that doesn’t bother you!

I love unique concept of Phasmophobia

Perhaps this is the first time stories about people who quietly decipher spiritual stories daily are introduced to the world of gaming community. The Coma Recut, Lurk in the Dark, and Tattletail are all games that I’ve played and set up a very new direction. But Phasmophobia is a new definition of horror game genre.

The story in Phasmophobia is straightforward. It will be a journey on a van filled with state-of-the-art tools to haunted locations. Your job is to find evidence that supernatural phenomena occur here.

And once you’ve completed the Objectives and safely exit, you’ll be paid by the landlord who hired you. That’s all that’s going to happen in your Phasmophobia.

phasmophobia gameplay
The van becomes the safest place you can shelter

This game is built in the form of an experience. This is a breakthrough direction between products that are binding players in a traditional way of thinking. Places you will explore are spread across America, making you frequently change to adapt to the situation.

Although everything only takes place in one house (of course the locations will change according to the levels), but with the building of more than 10 ghosts, I guarantee you will have an experience like never before.

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Keep your eyes on the screen because you won’t want to miss any moment of Phasmophobia

After introductory, you will immediately be faced with the harsh reality. You and your team will quickly do the first quests. Phasmophobia gameplay is remarkable. The game is created with both Solo and Coop modes, but its quintessence is only really revealed when cooperating with your friends.

What to do in order to win

The idea of ​​a journey in search of evidence about the occurrence of supernatural phenomena has been conveyed by Kinetic Games well. Equipment from the beginning of the game, such as flashlights, UV lights, EMF readers, cameras, cameras … has created a clear sense of what they have to do in the game.

phasmophobia game graphics
Your journey will last through many famous haunted places in America

There will be many different “haunted” locations for you to explore. And although each game screen is only encapsulated in a house, so what happens in the game is boring.

Phasmophobia setting is well built when there are so many things to do, even if your whole team is in the same house. Every time you think you’ve explored all the rooms, a basement opens with ouija and strange rituals.

Or when you are on the fidgeting side of the toilet on the first floor, the rummaging noises make you wonder, “What the hell is going on upstairs?”

I like that the content of each stage is summarized in a white version in the vans. It helps me figure out what’s going on and what I’m going to need to do. Your tasks are quite simple. Capture an image of anomalous fingerprints in a room or capture a frequency with a fluctuation range beyond normal.

phasmophobia game monster
Friendly faces…

Almost on any level, you will need to overcome similar Objectives to answer the ultimate question: “What kind of ghost are we facing?”. Of course, the quests will vary from screen to stage and what you need to make sure when getting out of your vans is to bring the right equipment to perform the quests.

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For example, when you need to detect motion irregularities, don’t forget to take the motion sensors away. When it is necessary to take pictures with the appearance of “uninvited guests” indoors, the UV lamp is the perfect choice for detecting the evidence.

But there are also challenges

But not only that, the difficulty of Phasmophobia is increased in a very reasonable manner. The alignment to have pictures that accurately reflect souls’ appearance is tough on request.

Besides, you also have to coordinate to have the souls’ attention and maintain alertness for yourself. All need an exact calculation. I think this is the point that made Phasmophobia breakthrough because of the authenticity of each player’s work.

game mechanism
EMF reader – my favorite device

The appearance of the built souls is also fascinating. This is associated with the frequency change of the EMF reader or the crazy flashing of the flashlight.

That’s when your senses will have to stretch a hundred times. Each soul has its personality, and to capture the moment they appear, you will need more than courage.

For example, with Robert White, a shy ghost, you will have to go through the board to communicate with it. When it comes to “ghost communication”, I mean it will happen in Phasmophobia.

With Spirit Book and the mic system, you will truly be connected with souls. You can communicate, name them, and ask simple questions to get information from the ouija as they respond. This is a very smart move built by Kinetic Games in Phasmophobia game.

And fight for your life

Besides collecting clues, one more thing that makes this game a crazy journey is that these battles fire between the player and the spirits. Ghosts appear randomly and what they want is your life.

They will target those people with the lowest level of Sanity and kill you most devastatingly. Illusion in the dark is what makes these souls powerful. You will also be provided with a few primitive weapons, such as salt and crosses.

game sound
Modern equipment systems will be “weapons” to help you “catch ghosts”

But that doesn’t seem to be enough to stop sensational chases from happening. I can compare it to an adrenaline rush when your mind doesn’t think of anything.

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Overall, Phasmophobia is a horror game that harmoniously combines the essence of gathering clues and fighting against ghosts.

Everything Phasmophobia brings very real

The visual-audio system does an excellent job with really ingenious staging and interlocking sound elements. The game context is quite simple, but it is enough to highlight the unique Phasmophobia gameplay that players will experience.

The flashlights or other warning devices are not enough to prevent players from feeling scared. The dark rooms and the constant change in sound as you enter the pre-selected location make my mind overwhelmed. Clues have also been solved throughout the map, making the hunt even more impressive when it is not easy at all.

gameplay with first aspect
The setting is perfect for hunting ghosts in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia has created a parallel world so that the players who were accidentally killed by ghosts can move and observe everything. In other words, when you die, you become the next soul wandering in the house. I like the cleverly built-in ghost communication mechanics in the game.

It creates a connection with the game environment as you become a part of it, discovering and uncovering the mysteries surrounding souls with ease. Images of ghosts in Phasmophobia are also quite interestingly built as each soul exhibits a different personality tendency, a different past story. This has greatly stimulated the curiosity of the players.

In particular, Phasmophobia is supported by a VR graphics system that makes the experience much more creepy. And finally, the sounds in Phasmophobia game are handled well. Not redundant, not lacking. Footsteps, the TV suddenly turned on … All are waiting for you.

Release information

Phasmophobia’s official release date is September 19, 2020, which means that this game has only been around for less than a month, but the imprint it left is exceptional. With a price tag of just around $5, I think Phasmophobia deserves a chance in your play gear.


If you’re looking for something truly new, Phasmophobia is the perfect answer. You can even communicate directly with souls. Is there a better opportunity than that? Thanks for reading this Phasmophobia review.