Razer Orbweaver, worth the while or overrated?

Razer Orbweaver is among the list of 100 best gaming keyboards on the market right now. The device is designed especially for gamers. It is supposed to make any gaming experience more dynamic than ever. But is it worth hype? Find out in this article.

Razer Orbweaver is one of the best gaming keyboards these days. The keyboard is considered the best product ever released by Razer Inc. in 2019, and there are reasons why it is so hyped. The keyboard offers a unique experience, quick access to the buttons, and total control over their functions.

There is no doubt that a gaming keyboard allows players to have better gaming sessions. But, is it worth investing in Razer Orbweaver? Why is this product famous among gamers? Let’s find out.

razer orbweaver game gear
20 programmable keys for a versatile experience

What makes Razer Orbweaver desirable?

Even though Razer Orbweaver was released in 2015, it is still receiving positive feedback. So there is no doubt that this product works for many gamers. Let’s get to know the useful features of Razer Orbweaver. And don’t miss what consumers have said about this gaming keyboard.

20 programmable keys that make gaming easier

Razer Orbweaver includes 20 keys that are 100% programmable. This feature allows players to design a keyboard that really fits with their specific needs. They can adjust the keys’ function so that they cooperate smoothly with the game.

Also, having only 20 keys reduces the movement of the wrist. Every button is within reach of the fingers. So, better keyboards guarantee better gameplay.

Since the two products are very similar, gamers wonder which will win in the battle of Razer Orbweaver vs Tartarus. The answer lies in the keys. Razer Orbweaver chroma makes great use of mechanical keys. Tartarus uses mecha-membrane keys.

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Razer Orbweaver’s keys sound satisfying when players put them to work. Tartarus’s keys offer a silent gaming experience. So the ultimate winner is the one that fits best to each player’s taste.

razer tartarus game gear
Razer Tartarus with a very similar design

Programmable 8-way thumb pad for a versatile use

Players can decide how the thumb pad works. It can either be a directional button or a modifier key. Either way, the thumb pad gives a better gaming experience. It offers a better chance to win more battles.

As a directional button, the thumb pad controls the movement of the character. As a modifier key, players can perform additional skills to deal more damage or carry out any extra task.

Adjustable palm rest for a more comfortable gaming experience

Palm rest is an important part of Razer Orbweaver’s design. Many hours of gaming can damage the wrist of any player. So a palm rest is essential to prevent any unwanted disorder.

Razer Inc. came up with the palm rest The palm rest of this gaming keyboard is totally adjustable. Players can bring them forward or backward, depending on the comfort that the position of the palm rest gives.

Cool keyboard’s light that players can program

Light also is one of the features that gamers pay attention to when choosing a gaming keyboard. Razer Orbweaver has a cool keyboard’s light that is adjustable. Any modification can be done through Razer Orbweaver software.

It is possible to adjust every button so that players can find them easier while playing. There are 16.8 million colors for players to choose from. Players can enjoy preset light or change it to any color that they feel comfortable with.

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The keyboard’s light of a Razer Orbweaver

Are there any cons to this product?

Many of Razer Orbweaver review has pointed out some of the keyboard’s best features. The best aspect of this keyboard is that it has a cool design and comes in a compact size. This multitasking device offers quick and easy access.

Even though it is a gaming keyboard, it can serve other purposes as well. Some buyers have said that this is a good choice for digital artists. The keyboard is compact and has programmable keys. So digital artists can ditch traditional keyboards.

razer tartarus game artist
A digital artist using gaming keyboard

The thing that players have a problem with is getting used to the position of the keys. For many players, traditional keyboards have been the ultimate starters. So they have got used to them. But with some practice, players can definitely work with renovated keyboards like those of Razer Inc.

Also, consumers have to download the software so that the device can run. Some find this inconvenient. But it is obvious that this is the best way to program the keyboard. So it is one extra step that players have to take to use this amazing keyboard.

Does it make any difference playing with Razer Orbweaver vs with a normal keyboard?

Obviously, a gaming keyboard offers a better gaming experience. Thanks to its many modern functions, Razer Orbweaver appears to be a useful product for many users. But is it worth spending about 150$ on a keyboard? Here are the reasons why it maybe is a good investment.

Fewer buttons, more efficiency

Since this keyboard has fewer buttons, it is more efficient than traditional ones. Players have direct access to the commands and macros instead of having to find the right key. This feature allows a quicker response to any in-game situation. Which guarantees a solid win.

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The compact design of Razer Orbweaver

For players who enjoy role-playing games, efficiency is very important. Especially when it comes to horror games. To get out of danger quickly, having access to every needed key is essential.

With an efficient gaming keyboard, players have the chance to escape many monsters in horror games. Like deadly ghosts of Phasmophobia, the deformed witch in Sign of Silence, and Quiet Ones in Maid of Sker.

Better performance when players cooperate with mouse

Most video games require players to cooperate with both keyboard and mouse. And it can be very inconvenient having to find the right button for fighting back an in-game enemy. With a keyboard designed especially for gamers, players cooperate better with the mouse. The keyboard increases flexibility before a hostile attack. Therefore, the chance for players to win the round is higher.

Final thoughts

Razer Orbweaver is a wonderful gaming keyboard that gamers can count on. It is efficient, versatile, and cool-looking. The keyboard is currently on sale on many websites. The price can range from 50$ to 200$ depending on the web and the condition of the device.

It definitely is worth the investment. Thousands of users have left great reviews about this product on Amazon. So if you want to share the same gaming experience, don’t hesitate and buy the product now!