Remothered Broken Porcelain is coming soon to Switch

Survival horror games are an interesting game genre where it not only gives people a sense of fear because of supernatural forces or creepy threats but also puts people in situations where they struggle. for your own life (integrated into the characters of the game).

But just playing games on computers or phones sometimes makes players feel bored. For that reason, the fact that game publishers created a version specifically for the Nintendo Switch platform seems to have brought a new breath to the fans around the world.

Not out of the trend and also to continue the first successful game, one of the upcoming horror games on Nintendo Switch, Remothered Broken Porcelain promises to create a global craze.

remothered broken porcelain packs
Remothered: Broken Porcelain – a very worthwhile wait for Nintendo Switch

A new place, ancient horrors

Remothered Broken Porcelain takes players to the secrets of the Ashmann Inn with horrifying mysteries. Starting with a very casual event, unlike most Nintendo Switch horror games, Remothered Broken Porcelain leads players away from the contradictions of an eminent girl, Jennifer “Jen”.

After being expelled from her daughter’s school, Jen was taken to Ashmann Inn by her parents to serve as a waiter for her education. With a new acquaintance, a pianist, Lindsay Linn, the death march began.

It was normal until strange phenomena began: strange guests, footsteps in the middle of the night, the dangerous hiding of someone inside the hall and outside the Ashmann Inn. … The things that made the success of a horror game survival are gradually being recreated.

In the trailer, the player can see the change in Jen’s attitude: from courage to recklessness to fear and anxiety for the life of her and her best friend. Is the history of this manor anything suspicious? Is there anything behind these closed room scenes waiting for the players?

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remothered broken porcelain main character
What awaits Jen behind those doors?

But it doesn’t stop there. If it were just like that, the fans would not have waited for this upcoming horror game like that.

Under the talented hands of Chris Darril, Dr Frantic Richard Felton was reproduced through the brightest star of Porcelain. No one knows him well. All are just rumours. Some uncertain figure hovered in the dark corridors. The typical whistling sound.

And the one who felt the most clearly was once again Jennifer “Jen.” But like the others, she could not see him confirm the rumours. The sound of the wind, the whispering … Will the senses deceive Jen’s fear?


The logical continuity

The depth of one of the most awaited Nintendo Switch horror games in 2020 is created from the logical continuation of the logical storyline from Remothered Tormented Fathers to Remothered Broken Porcelain.

The impressive return of Rosemary Reed’s “inconvenience” really impressed me personally. The complex complexity of Italy makes players go from surprise to surprise.

Reed reminds us of Celeste with the mysterious appearance/disappearance in Remothered Tormented Fathers. Her insanely passionate search for truth made Andrea Massino, the butler of Ashmann Inn extremely sensible.

Possessing an insane faith for god as well as deep loyalty for the inn’s owner but the face was deformed after the accident along with the belief that someone wanted to eliminate her made her Become an extremely scary character.

scary momment in game
Ashmann Inn – where you should not choose to spend the night

The substance of Remothered Broken Porcelain makes it clear that you have to choose between living in a world with terrifying mysteries to find out the truth or run away while you still have the opportunity. Gameplay will change as the player has a chance to perform more actions. Sneak, flee or fight appropriately will increase your chances of survival in this series of Nintendo Switch horror games.

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Impressive points are waiting for you in the version for Nintendo Switch

Not too much information has been revealed through the trailer of Remothered Broken Porcelain, but one of the things that can be seen in this upcoming horror game is that the image quality has been greatly increased.

Each door with the lines of time is taken care of by Stormind Games to achieve great authenticity. The image of the characters is another highlight to mention and especially Porcelain. Although appearing faint in space, the player will see cracks in his face clearly and they can seem to shatter at any time.

graphics in game
Graphics quality is excellent

Sound is also an advantage of the game Remothered. From Porcelain whistles, footsteps resounding in the middle of the night to additional sound systems for the appearance of characters or chases, it all goes beyond the small screen of the Nintendo Switch Red and Blue.

And finally, to close this review, it would be my shortcoming not to talk about the real-time gameplay of this survival horror game. The pieces to collect, the items needed to overcome the horrible darkness were all in the Ashmann Inn. But this game will push you to your limits. There will be very little time for you to open your way before being swallowed by darkness. Be alert!

Release information

Darril promises to bring Remothered Broken Porcelain to players in the summer of 2020 and the Nintendo Switch version will be available shortly after that. The price of this upcoming horror game was also revealed to be around $ 29.99. Too cheap for a blockbuster Nintendo Switch horror games, right?

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People once doubted the talent of Chris Darril when creating Remothered Tormented Fathers with unexpected success. But with Remothered Broken Porcelain, will that shadow be erased? I believe so. And with more innovation coming after dawn, we all have a right to expect something “unexpected” from the masterpiece of survival horror game of Chris.

And you, what do you think? Come with me to find answers in the summer of 2020. Leave comments and share this post. Thank you.