Remothered Broken Porcelain Review for PC (Horror Game)

Remothered Broken Porcelain just got released newly this month, and I’ve heard all the hype and gossip about this latest title in the line of survival horror games everywhere.

Some people said this is both a sequel and prequel of Remothered Tormented Fathers, a game I enjoyed a long time ago. So, I decided to try in order to see if there is any new blizzarding mystery to be solved again.

There were contradictory reviews and feeling for Tormented Farther; hence I don’t have much hope that Remothered Broken Porcelain would be a masterpiece. The game turns out to be better than I expected, especially at storytelling and graphics.

If purely for entertainment, the scary and dark atmosphere in this game is enough for me to give it a pass, though I struggle with its gameplay mechanism a bit.

If you would love to know how the second part of the series Remothered is like, you should continue to go through my Remothered Broken Porcelain review. However, I must warn you beforehand that this review contains spoilers of the details of Remothered Broken Porcelain as well as its previous part.

The Inn that you typically see in a horror game

The game background of Remothered Broken Porcelain is at a small hostel called Ashmann Inn. I am not really surprised at the setting at first because it is what you can expect from this series: a haunted, fishy, and somewhat evil resident, with all the looming walking furious zombies hunting for you, not exactly the dead type but still personally they look the same category.

Even though I am too familiar with the setting and even played the first part, it still gives me chills all over my spin when diving in Remothered Broken Porcelain. I must praise Stormind Games and Modus Game to make such an excellent gloomy atmosphere so players can naturally sink in the game.

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I can smell the horror just from the surrounding

Remothered Broken Porcelain storyline

The storyline of this game is so far the star of the show; it is so intriguing that I can forgive all of the other flaws of the game. It has a unique way of telling the story, allowing me to go forth and back in the timeline, which is interesting and provokes my curiosity at most.

Jennifer, the mysterious piece from the last ending

Congratulation, you will become Jennifer, a name that you will be accustomed to if you played Tormented Father. However, you will have no direct link with the characters in the first part; Jennifer now is a girl invited to work as a maid in Ashmann Inn for her rehabilitation.

The storyline is chopped into segments of past and present with cutscenes in-between, but I feel like I just catch a glimpse of the story – you have to make a lot of guess and deduction to understand it all.

characters in game
Lindsay and Jennifer are having the greatest time of their life

The days of Jennifer go ordinarily at first, but one day, when a wicked tune rings, the resident goes totally insane. Every single person in that inn was evilly changed and craving for Jennifer’s death. To the defense, I have to either choose to run, hide, or to fight back.

Snipping cutscenes is my cup of tea

The shift between beautiful and bright past segments and the dark haunted present one is a good choice for me. You won’t be over-stressed and tensed when playing cat-and-mouse chase for too long; the cutscenes give you a break and also, myself personally, a mental turmoil to solve. The story’s details are revealed little by little in these flashbacks and talking lines, which are more on the suggestive side than simply telling the whole story.

Because you have to rack your brain to sew all these things together, and at the same time follow the gameplay, so I fall deeply into the world of Remothered Broken Porcelain. Although the ending is quite a throw-off, I guess it means that I can expect for the next part.

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game storyline
The characters from the past Remothered Tormented Farther will appear too

Remothered Broken Porcelain gameplay

I expected the gameplay of this second part would be the same as Tormented Farther, consisting of solving intertwining puzzles, but I was wrong. This game has more actions and somehow reminds me of Clock Tower, Haunting Ground, or Dead By Daylight.

Unlike other mainstream survivor horror games, this one has a third-person viewpoint so that you can have a better vision of the surrounding.

Stealth is your only way out

Onto the mechanism of Remothered Broken Porcelain, even though it bears resemblance with the first part, but there are significant differences too. Being Rosemary Reed means that you will have to solve endless puzzles to find out the truth, why Jennifer struggles for her life.

This part’s mechanism includes stealth – mostly creeping up and attacking behind the back of your enemies, a bit of puzzle and desperate unbalanced, hand-to-hand combat.

game mechanism
I suggest that you keep quiet, or we are so done for

Unintentional bugs and an intentional bug

On the release date, I have seen many players complaining about all the malfunction, bugs, and broken mechanism. Therefore, I waited until there are patches for the PC version to start playing this game. All the rough edges aside, I would give the Remothered Broken Porcelain gameplay a pass.

The highlight of this game is definitely the unique ability of Jennifer. Being Jennifer, I can transport my mind out into a moth to do the tasks that are physically out of reach for Jennifer. Although this ability seems to be a minor thing, I got really interested in this little secret.

Frustration at some points

I would state three things that I don’t like about the gameplay of Remothered Broken Porcelain. First of all, the speed and attacking method of Jennifer. Jennifer moves relatively slow in comparison with the maddening chasers, so sometimes I got catch annoyingly. Secondly, Jennifer must die to progress.

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Yes, if you want to see the ending, you have to be like me: stop trying and let myself die in the game at a certain point, putting myself into a passive way of playing. Lastly, you can upgrade Jennifer’s ability with a box, but there is nothing in the game description about that, so I had to find out myself, feeling like I’m blindfolded for real.

remothered broken porcelain game graphics
Run, Jennifer, run faster!

Graphics and audio of Remothered Broken Porcelain

Enough with the criticism, here are my praise for the best part of this game. On the full settings for PC, this game’s audio and graphics did not let me down. The audio makes my heart thumping loudly, both for the chase and the heartfelt past moments.

The wispily haunted household, the wicked and insane once-your-friend creature hunting for you, and the feel of panicking to survive in that realistic worldbuilding rush all my Adrenaline straight to my head.

remothered broken porcelain main character
Hello, we meet again!

Release information

This second part of the Remothered series was on sale on 13th October 2020, so it is relatively new. Remothered Broken Porcelain price is $29.99; with that sum you will be transported into a world of conspiracy and horror. Even though the game suffered from bugs and malfunctions at the release date, I appreciate the effort to fix all the developers’ problem.


To round up, I give Remothered Broken Porcelain a thumb-up. I have never played the best survival horror games, but this game is definitely a new breeze to me. This game’s strength lies in the storytelling, minor touch in gameplay, and the technical sides. If you can forgive all the rough edges of this title, I’m sure that you will find this as entertaining as myself. So, what’s your opinion on Remothered Broken Porcelain?