Remothered Tormented Fathers Review for Switch (Horror Game)

Released in 2017, it seems that the attraction of Remothered Tormented Fathers game has not diminished over time. And with the release of a dedicated version of Switch Console, who knows whats new and unique things are waiting for the players ahead? Read more on this Remothered Tormented Fathers review right here.

Recently, Darril Arts partnered with Stormind Games to launch the first trailers for the sequel to Remothered Tormented Fathers game titled Remothered Broken Porcelain has made fans of this series excited.

But well, I won’t discuss this much because it’s simply a matter of the future. And welcome to my Remothered Tormented Fathers review – my dedication to one of my favourite Nintendo Switch horror games.

Up to the time of the release of the game, the story and gameplay in Remothered series have been conceived by Chris Darril for no less than 10 years. That’s enough to see this man has put a lot of his passion into this game.

Exploiting the element of horror, focusing heavily on the dark areas in the human mind, it may not be an overstatement to say this game makes us have to look at ourselves and the surrounding relationships. Where is the truth? Where is fake? Sometimes you cannot know it.

Although there have been a lot of articles about this game, my Remothered Tormented Fathers review focused on the version for Switch Console. But I also need to remind you, I don’t promise anything. Hope you enjoy it!

A strange story

Many players say that the era of the game that follows the story has ended. I agree. But also not completely agree.

Let’s judge it fairly: everyone likes a game full of surprises with bends that make you scream out of joy, but a good story will be an important element to creating a masterpiece.

There is no game, online or offline, action, fiction or horror, without the plot. And with Remothered Tormented Fathers, that is made clear.

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When the thrill begins

10 years of “pregnancy” by Chris Darril turned Remothered Tormented Fathers plot into a chronicle of family love full of horror and horror. The story of this game opens with a flash scene of mysterious Madame Svenska – an old lady – and a young journalist named Manni. When night falls, it’s time for strange things to begin…

remothered tormented fathers switch game
Rosemary Reed – a brave heart

About ten years ago, in the 1970s, Rosemary Reed came to the mansion of a retired notary public, Dr Felton, who was infected with a mysterious disease. And according to many experts, there was no cure to his illness.

But the conversation suddenly changed direction when the matter about Celeste, the adopted daughter of the notary, was mentioned. The doctor insists the disappearance of the girl is related to his deceased business partner, Adrian Elias Wyman.

But our correspondent doesn’t believe that. The argument broke out and the sad outcome was that Reed was kicked out of the mansion.

The turning point of Remothered Tormented Fathers was created when Reed, for some reason I really couldn’t understand, returned to Dr Felton’s mansion to find the truth.

And the continual fear

If not because this was a Remothered Tormented Fathers review and I finally found the answer to the riddle, I would scream: “Reed, you’re a crazy reporter.”

The mystery is gradually unravelled when our reckless roommate gets inside the mansion. Reed scoured the area and upon reaching Wyman’s room, she found a decomposing corpse.

remothered tormented fathers story
sometimes, you will encounter some strangers

What is going on here? Another fact that surprises the player is that Celeste is still alive and seems to have tried to escape from this place. Where did she go? Is she safe? And finally the greatest secret of Felton’s life. He was a girl before and had been a victim in an inhumane experiment of his colleague.

However, to be able to reach those milestones, you will have to escape the stalking of the doctor of body and mind. He escapes lurking like a ghost throughout the corridors and ready to attack you at any time. Besides, you also have to watch out for the catches of Gloria, the maid in the red dress of the family.

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Gameplay fully exploits the characteristics of the psychological thriller game

The Switch-specific version does not have any changes compared to the version released for the previous systems. Exploiting the basic characteristics of secret stealth gameplay. Players will have to avoid, hiding behind walls to avoid the eyes of Mr Felton.

By playing the role of Rosemary Reed, the player has no choice but to run and hide. That sounds pretty sad, right? But you have to accept reality. The feeling of being chased by freaks in a tight environment is really scary – games like Outlast or Resident Evil 7 are the clearest evidence for this. And Remothered Tormented Fathers is doing a really good job of that.

However, not players do not have their weapons.

remothered tormented fathers gameplay
Hide or resist?

This is one of the few games where the player must have reasonable calculations at the right time. The game’s tactics are also enhanced when through puzzles, players will collect materials to form traps or distracting tools. Please use it reasonably.

Mr Felton or Gloria’s butler is also built by the publisher with some characteristic features for players to capture. Repeated footsteps or wheezing breath on the other end of the corridor. With a little attention, you can find a way out.

Remothered Tormented Fathers also provides players with some items to make weapons such as wooden sticks or close sticks. But for a passionate girl like Reed, consider that as a last resort. Remember Felton is a crazy guy and you have to watch him after every corner of the wall.

Audio and video system – not meeting expectations.

Switching between systems for a game is a gamble for any game publisher. And for Remothered Tormented Fathers Switch Console, it seems Storming Games are in a losing position this time.

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From an objective point of view, I consider this to be one of the Nintendo Switch horror games that do not meet the expectations of technical factors.

scene in game
Do you dare?

Remothered Tormented Fathers bring the gloomy atmosphere of Italian horror movies, typically Giallo.

The bright and dark patches of the corridor, the impressive appearance of the crazy Felton or the “fiery” Gloria can not fill the image clusters into chaotic pixel blocks in the tiny screen of the Nintendo games playing devices.

The sharp drop in a resolution made everything seem to blend into one and lose the inherent coherence of the game. This reduces the inherent horror because you will have to strain your eyes to see if the distance is an enemy or just a decoration in the mansion.

Cgmagonline in a review of Remothered Tormented Fathers did not hesitate to call it a visual nightmare.

The Switch version stole many of the original. And the sound is one of them. Everything that doesn’t reach the balance it should have been. Too faint to be far away. Too noisy when near the audio source. This will prevent you from making progress or want to make quick gameplay in the game. You will not know whether Dr Felton is staying in this mansion.

main character in game
alone in forest to find out the secret

Release information

Remothered Tormented Fathers release date is set for September 6, 2019. And with the second instalment of the game coming out this year, the price of the game has been reduced to just $ 10.99. Is it worth it? Try the experience and let me know.


Although there is still a bit of “grainy” Remothered Tormented Fathers is still affirming the position of the pioneer for horror games – new generation psychology. Hope my Remothered Tormented Fathers review will be a great reference channel for you.