Remothered Tormented Fathers Story (Game Explanation)

Remothered Tormented Fathers story leads us into horrible and crazy aftermath of sick human thoughts, wishes, and specifically 2 fathers.

Remothered Tormented Fathers is an award-winning indie game product that tells a story with many unexpected twists and turns over the past two years. Start with a tangled block between virtual and real; gradually, all questions are answered.

What impressed me was not the Remothered Tormented Fathers gameplay, but the plot. At the end of the game, you will see a crazy and metamorphic picture drawn of sick ideas but realized by humans.

The story begins with a conversation with a mysterious person.

At the beginning of the Remothered Tormented Fathers story, old lady Svenska talks to a journalist called Mr. Manni. His appearance was not revealed at all; Mr. Manni asked about a disease that increased the person’s ability to recover from injury.

It has been described as helping its possessor have the ability to heal wounds and strengthen the body. Svenska confirmed that all were correct. Mr. Manni wants to know more about his story associated with this mysterious disease, such as Svenska’s origin.

The old lady slowly explained that Svenska was ultimately just a name people gave her because she had lived in Sweden for 30 years. She said that the name inherently does not reflect people because it is a label put on by someone else.

Humans only really find their very nature when they live their whole lives. The old lady forgot why she came back to Italy, but she said she would remember soon. She started playing her favorite music and told Manni her memories.

Back to 1970’s flashback

Remothered Tormented Fathers story tells a family 1970 in Italy, and the main character is a 35-year-old woman named Rosemary Reed.

Begin to explore the mysterious mansion

Reed parked her van in an empty lot. She pulled from her folder with the medical records of a man named Richard Felton and a photo of a little girl in the back with a name: Jennifer.

Reed got out of her car and took a cigarette. She began to grab a bag and head towards the Felton mansion. On the way, she saw a notice of Celeste’s disappearance, Dr. Richard Felton’s adopted daughter, posted on the column. This girl mysteriously disappeared and became the discussion topic for a long time.

When arriving at the mansion’s door, a female voice rang out on a speaker mounted near the door and asked for the visitor’s purpose. Reed introduced her as a Santa Margherita Institute’s member, which had long cured Richard Felton. However, the other side’s voice coldly said that Sir Richard had ceased to heal and was no longer a patient.


Although not welcome, Reed tried to push the door inside; she walked around the garden and knocked on the mansion’s main door. And the Remothered Tormented Fathers story begins here. A woman opened the door and repeated that Sir Richard was no longer treated at the research institute. Reed insisted that she came voluntarily, not in the hospital’s duties, because she believed that she had a cure for Sir Richard.

Reed mistook the woman as Sir Richard’s wife so that she had to correct; she was just the maid taking care of her boss. Reed apologized confusedly, and the woman generously overlooked it. She invited Reed into the house, introduced herself as Gloria, and said that she would arrange for Reed to meet the boss.

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On the way to Richard’s office, Gloria introduced some information about her boss. He has a wife, Mrs. Arianna, who is quite self-contained in the room and listens to only one song while at home. Gloria works from noon to 8 pm and spends the rest of the day, taking care of her husband. She also did not forget to tell Reed not to smoke in the mansion because the boss hated the smell of cigarettes and gave her a lecture about the harm of smoking.

Gloria left Reed in her office and went to invite her boss. This is Remothered Tormented Fathers story’s twist; Reed took this opportunity to rummage through the room and found the report about the pharmaceutical company’s incident.

scray story

This is due to the Felton family’s marriage with a man named Albert Elias Wyman, who is in the same business. A plague was spread across the area that infected residents, including a company farm and nearby monastery nuns. This put intense pressure on key members of the company, followed by suspicions from this company.

Remothered Tormented Fathers were more dramatic when Richard blamed Wyman for stealthily using the company money to run illegal drug experiments. Wyman denied all of the accusations and accused Richard of bringing money to fund him to develop the psychoactive drug Phenoxyl.

Taking action

Reed tries to stay at his mansion to find the truth, and the Remothered Tormented Fathers story begins here. Reed went to the mistress’s room but found only a dry body. She then found a film recording of Richard’s treatment with Phenoxyl and hypnosis therapy. In it, he confessed that he and his wife must protect Celeste from “those people”.

While watching the video, Reed was grabbed by Richard with a dog ring. Reed is hung up on the wall; the two begin to talk about the Celesters; Reed was trying to get rid of Richard.

remothered tormented fathers haunted story

However, as soon as she reaches the door, she meets a masked red nun surrounded by a group of moths. The nun, holding the bony sword in her hand, charged at both Richard and Reed and called her by the name “Sister” in a horrifying voice.

The mysterious deaths in Remothered Tormented Fathers

During the escape, Reed sees a girl in a white dress running up to the attic. Reed questioned whether she was Celeste or Jennifer. Soon after, she saw a photo of 12 nuns; she began to notice the words that the fire dance that killed the 12 nuns, the only survivor being the farm owner’s daughter. This is the accident that created a series of mysteries in the Remothered Tormented Fathers story.

This surviving girl decided to return to get revenge on the person who brought the nuns to experiment. She has hypnotized Richard, causing him to put the mother and daughter on a series of hypnosis. To end this, Arianna took drugs to blind her and kill the moths.

Back in this survival horror game’s reality, Reed is suddenly hit by a white dress girl. When she regains consciousness, the girl tells Reed about the mysterious story behind the house’s fireplace, which is also Celeste’s room, which holds the Remothered Tormented Fathers’ mystery. Celeste’s recording in this room says her father has incarcerated her and her mother.

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Remothered Tormented Fathers’ horrible secrets

After escaping from the sewer, Reed walks into a room with Jennifer’s photos on the wall. From the documents here, the terrible truth about Jennifer is revealed. The birth certificate of Jennifer full name is Jennifer Richardine Felton.

Richard was born a girl, and his father was veteran fighting in Ethiopia. After returning from the army, the father was haunted by the desire to have a son, forcing Jennifer to dress and live like Richard’s son. Richard was forced to become a man at all costs, including the male hormone testosterone injection, which caused him to fall into a hormone disorder as shown on the medical record.

remothered tormented fathers story in game

The secret about Gloria maid is exposed

While terrified, Reed met Gloria. She gives Reed a glass of medicine and says it will help the girl to panic. Reed drank the treatment and felt dizzy. She suddenly realized why Gloria could enter this house. Reed now knows that Gloria is the only red nun to survive the fire disaster and is the Phenoxyl experiment’s subject.

When she woke up, Reed immediately picked up the cortisone bottle from the ground and opened the medicine cabinet to get more syringes to put in his bag, intending to use it against Gloria, because she knew that Gloria was afraid of cortisone. However, as soon as she walked out of the room, Richart fainted and took away.

In a coma, Reed hears Richard ask about where she is from and her relationship with Celeste. Richard then told himself that he wanted to temporarily push his daughter away to wait for a day when he was awake enough to distinguish between Celeste and Jennifer, but more and more Jennifer’s figure overwhelmed his mind. This made him want to live like Jennifer again. He also shared about the suffering he had to go through.

Unbelievable twist

Reed regains consciousness to find himself tied in a chair while Richard is being tongue-tied by Gloria for talking too much. She cursed Gloria for being the mastermind of this tragedy. Gloria stepped over and slammed Reed’s head on the table and said she saw what was in Reed’s bag. Reed conspired to use cortisone to harm her and the fact that she burned down 12 nuns before.

remothered tormented fathers comlicated story

Reed also remembers that she was one of the nuns and set fire to kill the rest of the sisters, and she could only utter a faint apology. Gloria turns back to Richard and tells him that Reed is Jennifer; just kill her, and Richard will be free. But Reed succeeded in counter attacking and Richard was burned to death.

Remothered Tormented Fathers gameplay like an action game

Gloria has dragged Reed through the 3 floors of the building, but Reed was able to inject cortisone into her body to blind Gloria. While Reed fumbled on the rooftop, Gloria also caught up and started playing cat and mouse. Reed realizes that the cortisone drug is not enough to take down Gloria, so she flipped the shutter switch to let the sunlight flood into the roof. Gloria’s light-sensitive eyes caused both glare and pain.

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She blinded her eyes with the piece of glasses and used her hearing to track down Reed. Taking advantage of that, Reed went to a large window frame and deliberately opened the door latch, making a sound. Gloria rushed in the direction of the sound and fell from the roof to the ground.

All are victims of Phenoxyl

At the end of the Remothered Tormented Fathers, Reed goes to Gloria where she is dying, she lies down beside the enemy and realizes the truth. All were victims of Phenoxyl, a sedative for veterans with PTSD syndrome.

It is designed to make the soldier forget his battlefield obsessions, erase the terrible memories of war. Reed burned the monastery in hopes of obliterating this inhuman experiment, but she still cannot remember why she decided to kill her sisters.

And Richard turned out to be the one who was telling the truth from the beginning in Remothered Tormented Fathers story. He realizes that Celeste could be endangered by his mental turmoil and tries to get her to run away from home. It is also a way to protect her daughter.

character story

Gloria, in her last breath. She advises Reed to find the Celeste and gives Reed a hint: A piano key.

Reed goes back into the house, finds Celeste’s room, and goes over to the piano that has lost a key. She taps a few keys and notices that something is pressing on the internal wiring. Opening the piano, Reed found a suitcase with a name tag affixed to “Flemmington Academy Woman”. This is the clue for her to find Celeste.

Returning to the reality of this survival horror game, Mr. Manni asked that after all the disaster, Ms. Reed still did not give up the intention to find that girl? Old man Svenska answered softly but surely: “No, never.”


We can see Remothered Tormented Fathers story as the tragedy of two fathers from two direct generations. A person who haunts himself and wants to have a son dares to do a great inhuman thing that is forcing his daughter to live like a boy so that the child must suffer great emotional damage. It is true that when you are no longer bound by morality, a human becomes an animal that can be dared to do anything cruel. And Richard’s father is such a man.

The second person in Remothered Tormented Fathers is Richard, who both carries past pain and mental illness and is under pressure from Phenoxyl, but still tries to save his adopted daughter. He did everything at his fingertips to help Celeste escape the dangers that surrounded his family.

He took advantage of his conscious moments to help his daughter run away successfully. Although he had a tragic end, Celeste’s feelings touched Reed and determined to find the girl again.Ironically one father is cruel to his own child while another is devoted to his adopted child. These two opposing images make one think.

Remothered Tormented Fathers gameplay was not too impressive, but this story brings humanity values; this is fathers’ love and ambitions. This is why this game called Remothered Tormented Fathers.