Shadow Corridor Review for Switch (Horror Game)

If you are looking for entertainment that can bring you extreme fear, nothing is better than a horror game. And if you’re still wondering what to play, the Shadow Corridor will be the answer for you. The dedicated version for Switch Console has officially launched and let’s see what is waiting for you!

Let me start with Japan – a country with lots of interesting things. People still see this as “the land of the rising sun” and indeed the light of Japanese culture everywhere can stimulate the imagination of people.

Japan is famous for its beautiful scenery, famous tourist destinations, friendly people, hospitality, and cultural features such as samurai, tea ceremony … But it would be flawed if not mention beauty. of horror elements that have been ingrained in the minds of generations of people in this country.

From the atmosphere imbued with Japanese spirit…

Strange elements, souls, ghosts, and demons are everywhere but in Japan, they have become an indispensable part. People talk about them, tell them right in this everyday life.

And my friend, Japanese horror movies are number one about horror. These materials have been used by game makers to create masterpieces that can make you scream after a few minutes of playing.

Have you ever heard of “Noh Mask”? If not, let me explore this article through Shadow Corridor, a scary game pioneering the new generation of Japanese horror games.

the familiar wooden houses of japan
the familiar wooden houses of japan

Right from the first moments, Shadow Corridor has made players immersed in the space of modern Japanese cities.

The game leads the player into small nooks and puffs of breath at the Alleyway section when you will have to walk, crawl, run through the rows of buildings built high on the wall.

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Once you have integrated into the rhythm of the game, other scenes will turn out from the temples in the middle of the mountain to the zigzag underground maze system that can make players lost at any time.

shadow corridor in game
Kimonos come with the familiar dance of Japanese people – but don’t let them fool you!

But the most noticeable point is also the characteristic of Japan that KazukiShiroma has successfully exploited, which are wooden houses.

Houses with seemingly endless corridors will lead people to the end of the darkness. This is my favourite point in this game because it has not appeared in any other scary games yet. And only with Nintendo Switch horror games, you can experience that.

Items such as Kakashi masks, round mirrors, bamboo mats, wooden cupboards or bells hanging from the necks of cats were successfully built, bringing the spirit of a Japanese horror game.

… until a blockbuster of the scary game genre

Not following the direction of exploiting supernatural phenomena along with scaring players with rampant jumpscare scenes, the Shadow Corridor takes the player very deeply into human psychology with hidden fears.

The pace is slow, but that’s what pushes the player’s curiosity to the extreme. The ultimate twist when you are moving in the house with the corridors seemingly never stops.

Then suddenly a cat called, crows as if to steal someone’s soul. What is it if not typical of this country? That’s the Japanese essence from a Japanese horror game.

face shadow corridor
This thing promises to bring you tremendous fear

Do you think I’m going too far from the content of the Shadow Corridor? No!. That was what KazukiShiroma seemed to want to convey.

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Far away but full of everyday life. But it will not be one of the best Nintendo Switch horror games without the main character: “Noh Mask” and its dark power.

Created as a way to convey the message that those who have closed their eyes and still cannot leave the posterity and the “Noh Mask” in the Shadow Corridor.

But it has something dark. It was not until the final scene that the player witnessed the most bizarre, powerful version of this dark soul, but throughout the game, its terrifying darkness has permeated the denizens – the residents of Shadow Corridor.

If you're scared, don't step into that shadow corridor
If you’re scared, don’t step into that shadow corridor

Deception, wisdom … all that your intellect has, use it in this confrontation. Only then can you overcome the detectors to find Maganama – the key that leads you out of the world of this scary game.

The excellent sound comes from simple graphics

If the other scary games in the Nintendo Switch horror games series like Outlast, Layers of Fear, Anthology of Fear… bring you the graphics system that is super cool and ravishing on the Switch platform, the Shadow Corridor brings a rustic look. like the Japanese people themselves.

Gently as the wind blows behind the main character’s back to arouse the passion of adventure that leads the player to the death trip in this scary game. And it was from the backdrop that there was something “artificial”, this Japanese horror game that made the player scream out in the middle of cats calling and crows.

The sound is surprisingly realistic. From the breathing to the sound of the stream as you wade through, it’s all so real that if you put on headphones and play late at night, you might think you’re on this very journey.

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Points I do not like

It will be a very small suggestion from a genuine fam of KazukiShiroma (although there is a little spoil about the game). I don’t like the incarnation of “Noh Mask” in the final scenes. There is something breeze and it loses the profound beauty of this culture.

Slightly variation of "Noh Mask"
Slightly variation of “Noh Mask”

Release information

Shadow Corridor was officially released on March 8, 2019, at a very cheap price of only about 6$ to 7$ in each country.


If you want to find a game of Japanese horror games that can both help you satisfy the fear and can help you explore the beauty of another country, Shadow Corridor is the answer. more perfect. Experience it now. And remember: “Once you’ve stepped in, there’s no going back.”