Sign of Silence Review for PC (Horror Game)

Sign of Silence is a horror game that turns the biggest fear of camping into reality. The game´s ambiance sets in the outskirts of Danwille, a supposedly peaceful town that hides dark secrets under its many layers of leaves. A trip to the mountain on the weekend between friends goes horribly wrong when the car falls down from a worn-out bridge.

Even though everyone survives after the crash, there is a faith worse than death that is waiting for them to make the wrong move. Check out Sign of Silence´s gameplay and find out how to cheat the death in this cooperative horror game.

Gameplay strikes fear in the most unexpected way

Sign of Silence has received many feedbacks about its gameplay. The game’s plot stays true to the horror genre, unlike many other games (We are talking you about Hide or Die). How to survive an encounter with these creatures and how to make it out of the alive forest? Here is what you need to know about Sign of Silence gameplay.

It all started with a “trip”

At beginning of game, players can see how friends drive to Danwille with upbeat background music. But soon, the situation gets complicated when they go through a broken bridge without knowing it.

The car falls down into the darkness of the valley, and this is where the trouble begins. The car was completely broken, and it leads to the fact that the passengers can´t escape the forest with it. Later, players will find out the challenges they have to go through to outrun the darkness of Danwille.

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sign of silence game sound
Gurgling man who teleports in front of players to attack them

Various monsters will hunt you

Unlike many horror games which only introduce one monster, Sign of Silence gives players a chance to fight against various ones with creepy design. These creatures can be found anywhere in the game and they have different tactics to attack players. Some stay outside in open space and can´t enter houses, some attack only inside the house. The two most common monsters in Sign of Silence are the gurgling man and the witch.

Gurgling man is the most common monster that players will frequently encounter at the beginning of Sign of Silence. It follows the sounds that players make in the game and teleports right in front of them to attack. When it hasn´t noticed the spot of players, this creature appears to be slow.

game monster
The witch that jumps on unaware players

But it is completely opposite when players are in their sight. It is hard to escape from this creature, but it is possible. However, you will suffer from some quality jump scares. Gurgling man has a very similar design to the monsters in Stay Close.

The witch is the scariest monster, according to Sign of Silence review. It is bigger than other monsters and it is very quick. Before ending its poor victims’ lives, it makes crackle and unsettling sounds that give chills down the spine. The witch’s design is not too innovative, but it is definitely more creative than the traditional long-hair-white-dress ghost in Pacify.

Silence is the safest sound

In Sign of Silence, players have to pay a lot of attention to the surrounding sounds since this is the key to survive the game. Players are provided with flashlights to navigate the area and searching for the way out. However, just by flicking the switch, players will attract the forest´s monsters’ attention if they are standing near one of them.

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One extra movement can be lethal. However, players can´t keep the light on forever because it draws the monsters’ attention as well. When hearing the sound of a bird chirping or a twig breaking, turn off the light because something is near.

sign of silence game graphics
Flashlights provide a lot of light in Sign of Silence

Alongside the sound of switching the flashlight, players also make noise when they step on a twig or when they fall into a trap. These sounds will cost the players their life in Sign of Silence.

Play with friends, it won´t be less scary but it is fun

Players can form a team of four and enjoy Sign of Silence game with friends. This feature allows for a more dynamic experience. Needless to say, it is always better walking into a dark forest filled with monsters with a group of friends.

In-game sounds and graphics: the good and the ugly

Sign of Silence features amazing in-game sounds that keep players on edge. From the eerie background music to the sound of a twig breaking, every little detail builds up the fear of the unknown.

On the contrary, game graphics need a lot of improvement. Real players have left negative reviews about the glitch and bugging that make it impossible to continue the game. Also, from the first-person view, it is hard to ignore the hand movement lack of smoothness. Renderise has noticed the problems, and they are working on fixing the bug. Hopefully, players will have access to better graphics soon.

Players complain about in-game glitches

About release date and price

Sign of Silence release date was on October 1st. Players can enjoy the game on PC. The game is now available to download on Steam at 15$. Due to the fact that the game was launched recently, it still needs some extra adjustments to improve game graphics. But its gameplay no doubt is engaging, and it is worth playing.

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Sign of Silence is a new horror game that has earned a lot of attention, even though it is a reasonably young game. The gameplay is good, and the sound is awesome. It has great potential, and it fills in the gap in the horror game industry with the multiplayer feature. Get ready to enjoy this nerve-wracking journey, and remember, don’t make a sound.