Silver Chains game Review for PC (Horror Game)

I am a big fan of horror game genre, especially this Silver Chains game. I like the feeling of being startled in the middle of the night or imagining all kinds of creaks in the attic of my lovely home. That allowed me to be exposed to a lot of horror games. And that is what makes me wary.

Why? Because when there are too many products with the same “appearance” and “soul”, an inevitable consequence will be rejected. To meet deadlines and keep players from forgetting their names, many game makers choose to stick to the rut, damaging their reputation.

Silver Chains game is falling into the same situation as Cracked Heads Games exploits an outdated theme. An abandoned (or made seemingly abandoned) location with a few ghosts or horrible creatures are lurking in the dark to release a few jumpscare scenes that will blow players’ hearts.

ParanormalHK, House on The Hill, Contemp, and many other titles have done this before, and they succeed because of their differences. I also have a lot of hope in Silver Chains game, but maybe this game is not for me.

(Warning: Silver Chains review has my personal feelings, no criticism. I hope this article will help you have an objective view before spending money and bringing it back to your playing device. ).

Story – The rare bright spot

I love the story that Silver Chains game brings. Although it is a bit disappointing when the publisher is placed in the context of not knowing “who am I?” “Where am I” but it can be generally assessed that its script has been built methodically.

You will play as Peter on a challenging journey when he does not master the steering wheel and crashes his car into a tree. He fainted, and then when he woke up, all he felt was pain coming from a weakening body. On reflex of the injured, Peter sought help around there.

Suddenly, at the end of the road, an old mansion appeared. And suddenly again, a light flashed in the middle of the night, someone appeared in the window and waved to him. Peter was approaching the entrance when the pain made him pass out again, and miraculously when he woke up, he was inside the house.

game sound
Is there anything hidden behind this old mansion?

But as we try to find the mansion owner to thank, our unlucky young man realizes something terrible has happened, and he is not alone. It was then that Peter met Mama to begin a crazy journey.

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This is a fairly familiar part of any horror game built around fixed locations. But do not judge so hastily because Cracked Heads Games has a rather subtle way of transforming into it when incorporating terrible memories of a family.

Through the scattered diary pages with connections from items in the house, players will have images of a couple and their three children. Everything went quiet until one day; the husband returned from a hunting trip. His health deteriorated, and one day, Death called out the man’s name.

The situation worsens when the wife regrets the lack of concern for her husband. She was crazy and couldn’t even stand the little girl’s cry. And a quick solution came up: a babysitter.

Through the diary pages, one can see many strange things that happened when this babysitter appeared from strange noises to the massive air enveloping the house, causing all the other servants to leave.

silver chains gameplay
Cracked Heads Games cleverly utilize the method of storytelling through diary pages

Contradictions arise when these tragedies have been around since 1900, but when Peter appeared the spirits of the mother of the children repeatedly called his name for a familiar relationship. What happened? Is Peter part of this family? Who is The Mama, and is she the one behind it all?

Curiosity is what Silver Chains game has built up through this clever storyline. If you are brave enough, those secrets are waiting for you to discover.

You want a horror game, right? Silver Chains game is not the answer for you

Silver Chains game seems to have all the elements to create a horror product from the storyline to the “explosive points” for players to scream out of fear. I see all this clearly but during the nearly 4 hours of experience, what I get seems to be a fragmentary connection. Everything doesn’t seem to be working in the debut of Cracked Heads Games.

I like them to lead the issue. And as I said above, diary pages appearing anywhere in the old letterbox are a very smart move. But the fact that the publisher throws players into a rather confusing storyline, with no clumsy opening and ending, can drive hardcore players crazy.

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It’s a vague start

I wondered what I was doing here and what I had to do during the first period.
Besides, Silver Chains gameplay’s construction in the direction of a walking simulator makes what we get to be a story being told in a linear way, not a game with horror elements.

The pieces of messages built into Silver Chains game help me understand what Peter needs to do next, but it also reduces the sense of creativity that each player needs. There is only one path throughout the entire work, meaning that you must complete this step for the next step to open. In my opinion, this is boring.

silver chains game mechanism
Finding objects and solving puzzles is the primary playing mechanism of Silver Chains game

Those sentences are an interesting highlight of Silver Chains game. Looking at the general trend of horror games, puzzles can be seen for a long time as an inevitable part. In its gameplay, their difficulty has been moderated quite skillfully when you really will have to use your brain at full capacity.

It would help if you got the key hidden in the bathroom wall, do not forget the stick next to the fireplace. Also in Silver Chains game, you need to unlock the number lock in a particular room on the second floor, do not forget to notice the numbers on the wall if you do not want to have to fumble from scratch.

All are in a logic circuit designed quite tightly. I like the monocle that players have the chance to get after the ouija game. If the flashlight helps to illuminate every nook and cranny of the dark villa, the monocle opens up an extremely impressive parallel world. With purple light, whispers of hidden clues, this is truly a very different experience.

Use your wisdom

But again, linearity kills the interest. The old house is designed like a maze, and it seems impossible to remember the paths and diagrams. For example, there are quizzes or locations that you can only access when the developer sets a specific time. It leads to players often have to go back to old locked doors that are locked and inaccessible; the purpose is only to check whether they are “cracked”.

This makes players have to move back and forth to familiar places many times constantly. I think this is a way to extend Cracked Heads Games’ playtime. And if that is true, this is a tremendously false technique.

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game monster
Dealing with The Mama is not difficult at all

Watch out for Mama

And finally, of course, we can’t help but mention our scary villain in Silver Chains game: The Mama. Her appearance is one of all love. And it’s necessary to ensure the horror element of the game.

At first, I was terrified when the warning soundtrack about Mama’s appearance played. That intimidation comes into play when the player has to try to find a closet nearby to get in.

But then, this trick no longer worked. Along the way, if you spot a closet then that’s a clear sign that The Mama is about to show up. Besides, she didn’t seem to do much more than go back and forth in the room, and that was it. There was no impact at all. It’s boring. Overall, Silver Chains gameplay is still quite flawed before it can please those who believe in it.

Good graphics-sound quality

Silver Chains game graphics are built on the Unreal 4 platform with a realistic style so it’s pretty. The space inside the building is well designed, giving the feeling of a typical house with many secrets waiting for Peter.

Details such as a room with disassembled doll parts or a woman swinging a chair in a dark hallway are enough to sweat the bravest of men. Mama’s appearance along with rituals such as ouija, soul sacrifice to the devil is also very impressive.

silver chains game graphics
Game publisher has built a lovely mansion

However, what I don’t like in Silver Chains game is that many rooms have quite similar designs, causing players to gradually lose interest. Besides, there are too many redundant details like the rooms that are never unlocked…

The environmental noises or the main character’s lines did an excellent job of creating a mysterious and tense atmosphere to guide the player’s psychology.

Release information

Silver Chains release date is August 6, 2019. And with a price tag of approximately $ 10, this wouldn’t be my choice if I needed to find a quality horror game.


Lack of creativity in gameplay and lack of coherence in the gameplay are Silver Chains game’s weakest points. If you are merely looking for a mystery to manipulate your intellectual powers, this might be a pretty viable option. Thanks again for reading my Silver Chains review.