Skelattack Review for Switch (Adventure Game)

Skelattack brings a vast and magical world filled with quirky residents in the afterlife. That’s all I want to say about this game; it brought a big surprise to me.

At first, I thought it was a horror game with unusual characters, but when I started taking part in the journey, I found it quite interesting and funny; the graphics and the sound also show these things very clearly. I think Skelattack seems like the same as Timelie, which is suitable for many different ages and helps reduce stress after pressure working hours. So what made this game addictive?

The story of a journey to save the underworld

Skelattack talks about the dead’s living places, where have cultures and traditional values ​​that need to be protected. However, since invaders appear, this world begins to be in danger, and you will play the hero Skully to save this world.

You have to prevent bandits from trying to steal old skeleton and destroy the blue flame to safeguard this underworld’s survival. In Skelattack, you will always be provided with many tools to overcome obstacles deep in the dungeon.

You will play the role of a skeleton with a lovely shape, and your task is to prevent the thieves who want to invade and uncover the mysteries of the dungeons where residents have defended for decades.

skelattack gameplay

Of course, your journey will not be simple; you must use all your skills to overcome obstacles and fight the enemy. Don’t worry because you won’t be alone on your journey; there will always be a bat friend named Imber by your side and support you.

The most thing that impressed me about this game is that during a dramatic fight, I still saw something funny and hilarious, Skelattack’s characters are designed to be colorful and cute.

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Perhaps this interesting gave me a glimpse into Skelattack, so even if the game made several mistakes, I still enjoyed it and found that this game was worthy to experience.

skelattack has funny gameplay

Many dangers are always lurking

There are still dangers behind that lovely shape; they are ready to attack you any time. As you walk through the dungeons, you will realize that enemies are always around you, they exist everywhere with many different shapes.

The enemy can use many weapons to harm you, such as thorns, arrows, guns, fireballs, or glass fragments that block your steps. These challenges are so much that many people share in their Skelattack Switch review that “They used to think that they could not overcome all challenges of this game”

What to do to survive after the attacks?

The answer is to flee and counter-attack; this is the main Skelattack gameplay.

Of course, we can’t wait to fall into an enemy’s net. This game equips players with some tools to prevent their enemy. First of all, when starting Skelattack, you will be provided with a sword, it is very suitable for your shape, it must be said the manufacturer’s stylist has very fashionable.

But this is the first equipped tool; during Skelattack, you can find additional materials and take them to the blacksmith to create useful weapons for you helping fight enemies.

Agile and responsive

Actually, to overcome the enemy, you need to have a good weapon and be very agile to overcome the walls. On your journey, you can unlock magic to increase your health so you can easily cross barriers.

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I will explain why I like to play Skelattack on the handheld console as Switch, that’s because you can use the keys to move faster and quickly counter your opponent. It’s great that the character can jump and climb to seemingly impossible heights when using the console to experience the game.

skelattack switch gameplay

However, you must be very careful because the journey will always have pitfalls; you must promptly recognize them and eliminate them. That’s why many Skelattack reviews say that this game requires not only agility but also ingenuity and intelligence of the player.

Skelattack provides health recovery ability, but once these are over, you have to find Latin blocks, which will give you more health. Besides, this game exists a tunnel, where helping you do a lot of things like you can go to many places, return to visit your homeland, find blacksmiths, or improve your health.

pet in skelattack

The world is designed to always push you to the worst, but it also provides many accessories to help you overcome those bad things. Therefore, you shouldn’t be frustrated by any problems you are having in Skelattack.

Graphics and sound of Skelattack

Maybe you will get bored if I say again about game graphics, but I am impressed with it. In my opinion, Skelattack is designed very subtly, but I think there are maybe other perspectives, many people will find it quite complicated. Many tunnels are designed as a dark maze with small flames and countless obstacles that will undoubtedly cause difficulties for players, especially for someone who experiences it first-time.

Of course, one factor that can’t be ignored is character’s appearance; At first, it looks terrifying of a white skeleton. However, when you start on the journey, you will not see any fear, but instead of the cuteness, the animation makes this even more evident. And not yet, the character’s dance surely will make you interested.

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main character in game

I am sure you will like the “ting ting” sounds in-game, these sounds are hilarious, creating a fun atmosphere but still something scary. It is the combination of graphics and sound that helped Skelattack become a work of art, and you may know there is nothing worthless if you take your time to experience a work of art.

How to experience Skelattack?

Skelattack release date is June 2, 2019, currently its name is in quite popular keywords for gamers. It is not difficult if you want to learn more about this game. I have seen quite a lot of sharing about it. Of course, some Skelattack reviews are more or less subjective from critic’s perspective. Best of all, I think you should try it by yourself; Skelattack is currently being sold for $ 19.99, it’s obvious a reasonable price for an exciting adventure.


Skelattack had a great platform that gives players a delighted sense. Almost everything about it feels refined and honed to a high degree, from the combination of Skelattack gameplay to graphics and sound that creates harmony.

I think the difficulty of gameplay at an average level, can evaluate it on par with Neversong, so whatever level you are, you can try this game easily. At first, you will feel it difficult and depressing, but try to overcome these, your perseverance will be rewarded with an exciting adventure.