Speechless beauty of Nier Cosplay from pretty Korean girl

Especially, famous with game uniqueness, Nier Automata is also renowned with lots of Nier Cosplay, which can make you surprised about the “hot” of them! The most specific to be mentioned in this article is one popular group called CSL in Korea with their photos about Nier Cosplay. Let’s explore and admire their cosplay photos of this charming 2B girl!

Nier Automamta gameplay


The story begins about this special game

Nier Automata is a fascinating game and attracts a lot of gamers from launch until now. This game is a role-playing action one, you will not believe it, but it was released both on PC and PS4 by Square-Enix.

When entering this virtual world, incarnating into a female robot, players will accompany and fight with teammates to help the world be peaceful and get rid of the dark forces by destruction machines that want to invade the earth.

Nier Automata is an extension of Nier, but its storyline is not closely linked. So players can skim through previous sections and proceed to the latest part of this game. Nier Automata is considered as a war history game set, which is in 11954 AD.

The war took place with the invasion of machines, robots from different areas, possession of the earth, and people have to look for life from the moon.

And The YoRHa unit, last hope of humankind, is a robot sent to earth with a desire to defeat dark forces. YoRHa is controlled and directed by Bong-ke, where the orbit of the earth creates a massive effect whose purpose is to be recorded in history, that is to save the world.

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Nier Automamta game

With the strong main character: YoRHa Form B No.2

The main character in this game is YoRHa Form B No.2, also known by the name 2B, as a female courageous robot warrior and severe in every match. And her companion is 9S. Unlike B2, YoRHa Form S No.9 (9S) is the exact opposite, a detective robot, but has more emotions than the other YoRHa.

There are also many other characters involved in this battle such as:

Bong-ke is a commander who leads robots. Couple Adam and Eve are two medical androids of resistance (Devola and Popola), and a machine was called Pascal, which “Loves peace, hate war”, along with several other characters, including in Neir and Drankengara 3.
Nier Automamta main character

The unsurpassed success of Nier Automata

Since Nier Automata was released in February 2017 and then continue to spread around the world, it quickly approached and attracted 39, 71% of users, who participate in this game on both PS4 and PC versions.

A number is not large enough, but for a game that has just been debuted after a few days. This is a desirable figure and will go farther. Not only that, but Nier Automata has also received a remarkable achievement, which was one of the 48 awards of games called “What are you doing”

Nier Automata that makes players can experience the virtual reality world, it is so vivid that they seem to be able to feel everything around them. And above all, with many poses to fight and sexy bodies of 2B, it also makes gamers not from “hot eyes”

Although she’s not able to fight with enemies until the end of this game like other Android characters, No.2 YoRHa form B has been still chosen to represent for Nier Automata in 2017.

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You are still wondering why 2B is so famous for gamers? This 2B robot character not only has an eye-catching fashion style but also made many players dream of being able to join into Nier Automata’s world and be companionship with her.

She also owns a sexy body that is rare to have and make everyone jealous. When she competes with enemies, many people must feel overwhelmed, especially male players.

Nier Automamta

Nier Cosplay – The glamorous version of Korean beauty

2B has become one of the most notable characters at the moment and ranks among the most cosplayed characters. As we mentioned from the beginning, because of her style that cannot out-of-fashion, 2B has attracted many girls to become the second 2B with lots of Nier Automata outfits.

nier cosplay 10

Despite knowing that Nier Cosplay is not suitable for some people because of the “difficult” body, it is not easy to dress up as this character.

Many girls have succeeded, overcame their barriers, and became an extremely 2nd Nier Cosplay, beautiful and charming after several times to make efforts.

And right now, we will admire the fiery and striking images of the beautiful, also unique, new set Nier Cosplay photos of CSL, one of the most popular cosplay groups in “Kimchi country”, Korea.

sexy nier cosplay nier automata outfits nier automata outfits

sexy cosplayer in nier automata outfits Lunabero
Through some images shown above, we also know the CSL group’s job for Nier Cosplay. They set up a context for costumes, do makeup, and give to us quality pictures.

For other characters, CSL has used excellent post-production skills and tricks to create characters they wanted to cosplay. But with B2, they take advantage of the most natural things, from the light of the sun to surrounding scenery. To make Nier Cosplay more beautiful in harmony with nature. This is very creative that helps CSL get a plus in those eyes of viewers (Even the most fastidious people!).

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They make people feel the true beauty of B2 and her emotions, such as the feeling of loneliness or emptiness between wars, and questions about human life. Every gesture, smile, eyes are also revealed and conveyed powerfully, make impressive to viewers.

nier automata cosplay Lunabero in sexy cosplay coser Lunabero coser Lunabero


So, what do you think of the above CSL’s photos? Amazing? Hot? Or seductive? Of course, I believe they were once again successfully cosplayed one more character, proving their professionalism in each photo. Surely, all CSL’s members were made high, and they bring satisfaction to their fans and those who love 2B! And you can follow Top 10 Upcoming Horror Games of 2020 to update the list game will be coming soon this year.