Stay Close Review for PC (Horror Game)

What are you afraid of the most? It’s not easy to answer this question, right? Fear is the most challenging thing to measure in every human life. Stay Close is the game that will gauge your mortal fear.

It can be fear of a mysterious force like Pacify or The Sinner Prologue exploiting. It may also be a rush to save a life before the disasters of destruction like in Hide Or Die.

Or it could be the witnessing of things beyond human imagination like in Follia Dear father. Many things can inspire game makers, especially those who want to bring a bit of horror into their work.

But for me, after a period of attachment to this quite picky player, I realized that the thing that people were most afraid of sometimes was no one around, in other words, it was the loneliness.

This is what Stay Close exploits extremely well. The game pushes people to extreme panic with not only jumpscare and… Let the weirdest journey of your life begin.

Stay Close – The pinnacle of minimalism

A good horror game does not always need a good story. But a deep storyline gives players certain stimuli to uncover many secrets that game makers are hiding. And the Stay Close did that very well.

character in stay close
Jane – The cause of everything

As I said earlier, you will find here a strange trip that is probably the weirdest in your life. When I watched the trailer released by Blind Bird, I found it quite challenging to understand what they wanted to convey.

But that doesn’t repeat when experiencing the full version because we see here is a fairly logical serial fear. Stay Close’s story revolves around a young couple – David and Jane – when they are stuck in a strange town.

The wife was “carried away” after trying to check for a strange noise in the house. And then to the husband when he encountered a strange creature in the attic.

And after a long walk, you’ll find yourself awake in a strange lobby. That is when the player will have to find their way out of an unknown area.

No one or no survivor? That is probably the biggest mystery that Stay Close gives players when placing players on a fairly indefinite action line.

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strange house in stay close
Haunting darkness of the town

Here, players will meet a man named Cyrus in the hope that he will help us find beloved Jane.

Along with overcoming many challenges that he has posed to be able to receive valuable clues, the player will face the monstrosity dominating the town.

cyrus in stay close

Read through that may be simple, but to be strong enough to go through and uncover mysteries behind it, it’s not just courage.

Unique gameplay

This is a difficult game; you can trust me.

Blind Bird has built an exceptional Stay Close gameplay that combines survival elements in an open space with exciting folk puzzles.

This is an unusual thing in the precedent of the horror game industry and can be considered a publisher’s risky move.

monster in stay close
The “Lovely” Wanderers

After a while struggling to explore the surrounding area briefly, players will encounter Cyrus in an old house to start taking on the first mission.

This place is also the Safe Zone of the game – where to save all achievements that you have got. Back to Cyrus, you’ll find this guy is a strange man.

He not only able to survive in a “ghost” town without fear but also by the way he controls the player’s behavior. After completing any challenges he offers, you can go to other areas of the town to collect clues.

Use your brain

You will have to answer his questions before you move on to another activity. This is the first time I’ve experienced solving puzzles in a horror game.

Extremely interesting but also extremely difficult. Game makers have cleverly manipulated folk puzzles to make the player’s brain twisted.

  • “Power enough to smash ships and crush roofs, Yet it still must fear the sun. What is it?”
  • “I am carried into a dark room and set on fire. I wept, and then my head was cut off. What am I?”

Those are just two of the “theoretical tests” you will have to pass. These things give players fun because they are new. But if placed in the game’s development circuit, sometimes the time it takes to answer these questions makes players annoyed.

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Because after all, this is still a survival horror game.

other monster in-game
The scenery can startle you if you choose to experience Stay Close at midnight

And of course, many puzzles are just a supplement to main Stay Close gameplay. The horror is still waiting for you in the dark. But the task that Cyrus set out as finding the compass, finding the key … is the perfect guide for you to engage without hesitation in dark houses or corridors full of terrible creatures.

And use your muscles

You will have to try to survive. And to be able to do this, you will have to grasp many specialties of monsters fully. Stay Close has built a perfect monster system to make it difficult for anyone and knock down any brave heart.

They are made to kill anybody, and you are no exception.

We have The Mannequins, creatures in the shape of mannequins, waiting for you in the dark, and when you don’t turn off the light, it’s time for them to come quickly and end your life.

We have The Wanderers, creatures with bright eyes in the dark, just a little light emitted from players that makes you the claws’ target. And of course, you will not be able to escape.

And it would be flawed if we didn’t mention The Listeners, the 4-legged creatures with tremendous speed. For them, running is synonymous with death.

You will have to find a way to overcome these creatures by yourself. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to survive (within my Stay Close review, I will not disclose how to defeat these monsters to avoid compromising the quality of your experience).

stay close gameplay
Courage is not enough

The density of Mannequin, Wanderer, or Listener appearances are guaranteed by Blind Bird to create excitement for the player. But to me, when encountering them in a park, it was more than horror. And if not careful, not only David but also you will be “turned into residents”.

Stay Close still ensures elements of a horror game by giving players a single source of hope from the flashlight. Although not having to find batteries yourself like in many other games, turning on and off the flashlight appropriately is a vital factor in Stay Close.

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And finally, Stay Close also brings two game modes so that players can fully experience many game features. Co-op mode is excellent, but Single-mode reflects exactly what Blind Bird is trying to build.

Difference in audio-visual system

In terms of graphics, Stay Close fully meets any elements of an open-world horror game in our time.

That is, besides the super-realistic image of the scene, supporting characters like The Mannequin or The Wanderer are also cared for every detail to ensure the necessary horror.

I was impressed with The Mannequin because each movement is reasonable to ensure the necessary recoil/bounce. And that happens similarly to the rest.

game graphics
Great graphics of Stay Close

However, it seems that just being an indie game makes the protagonist’s appearance not to pay too much attention. The main character moves quite hard and somewhat doesn’t match surrounding scenes.

The audio system also doesn’t have much to say. Except, the game maker has successfully reproduced the growl or every small signal to notify the impending attack of creatures in Stay Close. Many effects of increasing the drama level for the game are only partially effective.

Release information

Stay Close has been released for quite a long time. Specifically, Stay Close release date is October 15, 2016. A game with quite respectable age, right? And the price to own Stay Close is also pretty cheap only around $5.


It was only when David exited at the end of Stay Close on the bullet train that I realized my journey was truly over. My soul is still immersed in any full words of mysterious Cyrus.

Is it true that when people’s lives are placed on that boundary, everything around them, including their relatives, is no longer necessary?

A horror game worth to experience and ponder. Stay Close because you won’t know what will happen when you are apart! Thanks for reading this Stay Close review.