Stranded Deep Review for PC (Adventure Game)

Do you like adventure? Do you want to challenge your survival skills in a new world? If you don’t have the chance to experience it in a real-life, come to the world of Stranded Deep (PC version), and you’ll be able to do it in the best ways. Check it out!

Desire to conquer nature and discover new stuff about the surrounding world has long been a dream.

And this inspiration has been thoroughly exploited by game makers in many works. You can see, there are many ways for gamers to overcome their limits and find their treasures.

It’s not a game; it’s your own adventure

It could be an adventure to unknown lands with the most bizarre entities in the world, like in Neversong or Skelattack. It can also be desperate times to explore horrible places – where Death can come and take player’s lives at any time, like in Outlast or Stay Close.

But for me (and I think this also true to other people), survival game is always the most representative of our desire to live.

We have had The Forest or Raft – games that put people to the limit where people have to fight if they want to preserve their lives. And recently, Stranded Deep has come along with new breezes to challenge our creativity and endurance.

Officially debuting with a demo in 2015, Stranded Deep game has won countless compliments from experts as well as the gaming community.

new home in stranded deep
Your new home is pretty, right?

However, it was not until recent years, after a long period of “pregnancy”, it was reappeared with a complete appearance to awaken the “original instinct” of each person.

What makes this finishing game process take so long?

Does Stranded Deep have anything special, and does it still make us as excited as five years ago? Hopefully, my Stranded Deep review will partly answer that question for you.

Will you sink or rise on your own to find life for yourself?

Appearing in the middle of a survival adventure game series, to be able to make a mark for themselves, perhaps Stranded Deep game needs a miracle.

But Beam Team Games (the game’s publisher) found its magic. I’m referring to a fairly elaborate story built-in Stranded Deep. No longer being lost or being left in the middle of a vast space, Stranded Deep brings players to the Pacific Ocean’s tropical islands.

Traveling? Oh, of course, travel can be later. This game turns the player into a business person, and while sitting on his aircraft, calculating the sales of the company, suddenly the airplane crashed.

stranded deep axe wood chop craft
You will have an opportunity to become a true aboriginal person to create items yourself to maintain your vitality

Fainting in panic and then when you encounter a cool ocean, you will realize your life is on edge. After receiving a mission from the game to swim up above the water and search for the raft of the plane, your journey officially begins.

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Without anyone, without any means of communication or transportation, what would you do to save yourself?

Stranded Deep attracts players directly from the first moment of swimming right after finding the lifeboat, the fate of our character in gameplay will be created by yourself.

You will be instructed to go to many islands and use resources to “revive”. And of course, what you find on the island from rocks, twigs, food, water… are all random.

You can choose to stay on the island or into your lifebuoy and expand the survival range to the surrounding areas. It all depends on the player itself.

building a house in stranded deep
Outstanding works will also appear in an extremely ingenious way

It was a novel opening and a story that did not follow any standards helped Stranded Deep win many players’ hearts.

There are many hidden things in this area that are waiting for you to discover it. And maybe you will be able to create an aircraft yourself to save your destiny?

Do not miss anything!

Those who are passionate about survival games definitely know one thing: anything that appears in-game has its reasons. And with Stranded Deep, your survival sometimes depends only on a tiny tin plate seemingly useless.

This also means that to survive on the Pacific Ocean’s islands, you should start from basics before daydreaming about flashy things.

Let me start with the survival mechanism, which has been successfully built in Stranded Deep. This game gives players the true experience of an independent life on an island in the middle of the ocean.


After boarding a lifebuoy to get into the first island, you will be guided through a few basic information about how to control the character as well as how to play. A compass and a few portions will be the only thing you will be given. And of course, after those moments, the game is yours.

With Stranded Deep, you will have an opportunity to make everything from stone knives, fish skewers, freshwater accumulators… In other words, that’s all you need to maintain life for yourself.

But what impressed me (besides being able to build an airplane yourself) is that you can create the interior of a house.

stranded deep gameplay
The mechanism of hunting and gathering is very interesting

When your mastery level reaches milestones. Tables, chairs, beds, and many objects of civilized life will appear in the crafting menu, and then you can learn how to craft it by yourself.

That’s nice, but one thing that annoys me is that you can’t create many of the same things at the same time.

For example, to create a hut, you will have to make each rope individually. This is beneficial for meticulous crafting.

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But it will be time-consuming, especially when you try to fight with adversity between deserted islands. And energy-saving is needed more than ever.


Mixed into making furniture will be a fascinating mechanism of life maintenance when you learn how to hunt and gather like our ancestors before.

But the battle with crabs sometimes makes me laugh, and hunting fish is an art. If you are lucky to fall on an island with enough resources, the chance you survive for a long time is quite high.

In addition, coconuts as the main water supply, sometimes rare fruits like potatoes ( provide starch to produce energy), or native fruits will appear. Try to keep your eyes on each corner of the island if you do not want to miss any succulent “treasures.”

hunting shark in game
You don’t look wrong, it’s Megalodon

Along with that, you will have to learn how to protect yourself against enemies who are always lurking to attack you.

Although it is possible to adjust appearance level and danger level of snakes and sharks, you always need to be wary because they will appear extremely unexpected.

That’s what I need in a survival game: sudden. How boring would life be without your companions? Even though sometimes they are a bit negative.

When bitten, you must find the right plants on the island to be able to cure yourself. Stranded Deep emphasizes the player’s attachment to surrounding living environments at this point. Abandon elegant shirt and turn yourself into a true aborigine.

But those are only small bites. So what do you think about Kraken (giant octopus) or Megalodon brought back from the 2.6 million years before?

diving activity
What could be better than exploring hidden “treasures” on the ocean floor?

I screamed when I saw those huge tentacles wrapped around my tiny raft. A wonderful death. No, I’m not kidding at all.

Stranded Deep bosses not only did a good job but also they completed their mission. Be careful when exploring shipwrecks on the ocean floor because a jaw with powerful muscle modules is waiting to tear you apart. This is an interesting myth that Stranded Deep has proved superior to its predecessors.

The challenges

If it’s so dangerous, what do we leave the island for? That was precisely the question I posed before embarking on a lifebuoy and starting my “50,000-mile” paddle.

Because as I said, very few survival games put players in an open world like this, including our legend: The Forest. This is my Stranded Deep review, so maybe it’s a bit personal.

Stranded Deep map is spread over ten islands and there are no safety zones for anyone, which is something you must pay attention to.

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself because maybe the door that brings you back safely is waiting for you after that fog.

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smartwatch in game
My favorite item – Supercool smartwatch

And finally, all challenges posed in Stranded Deep are simply to make you stronger. This means health is still the top consideration here.

That was cleverly specified by the publisher in a smartwatch, a technological masterpiece that could only appear in Stranded Deep.

All indicators from health, food – water that your body needs to the level of alertness, will appear on a screen for you to track.

You will know when you have a crush and need a shade to rest. Or the screen will turn red when you’re running out of time, and you should meet God if you can’t find a snake bite in time.

Wonderful and exquisite!

There are three levels to choose, and if you want to challenge yourself truly, you can turn on Permadeath mode. This means when you die, you’ll play from the beginning, without a backup at all. This is what I call “SuperHardcore Mode”.

Holiday-version survival game

Would you be able to find it funny when I put the title like this? I think game graphics and sound are quite gentle and protect the player’s soul against problems which it conveys.

The truth is that Stranded Deep has a very bright color. Graphics are beautiful, but only when you are experiencing beach sightseeing.

Of course, many things like the furniture you create or other things that you have to sacrifice in order to retain your life, are still transmitted most authentically.

stranded deep game graphics
The graphics in Stranded Deep are meticulous

The first-person perspective also contributes to conveying the tension when you encounter “bosses” of Stranded Deep. But overall, I quite like general atmosphere that game creates, gently and exactly an entertaining product.

As for the music, Stranded Deep uses soothing music to increase the focus for players. But do not let them fool because when needed, the tone can be more intense than ever.

Sound effects such as the sound of waves, the movement of animals, and the effect of interacting with fire are built quite well, contributing to the storyline’s coherence.

Release information

Although Stranded Deep release date has been dated on January 23, 2015, additions have been completed until the end of 2018 (October 9, 2018). Now, for less than $10, you can own a qualified survival game.


“I just went home from an island in the Pacific Ocean with an airplane made by debris.” This is an enthusiastic comment from a player after completing his adventure with Stranded Deep.

You can also do that.

Everything about this game is acceptable, and many things are still superior to the previous ones. Download, experience, and let us know what you think!