Suite 776 Review for PC (Horror Game)

Suite 776 gives players a terrifying fear behind the door of a building under construction. The game creates a thrilling and mysterious environment where players will have to use all their intelligence to overcome the challenges.

Suite 776 is a project that has been cherished by the manufacturer since 2014. All factors are considered carefully before putting into this game, so it does not seem to have encountered any errors. The graphics and sound elements have much supported the game; they make the player’s heart more arrhythmia.

Sharing from the manufacturer

The game has been cherished for six years; it was an extremely long time to prepare the launched product, it shows that the manufacturer has invested thoughtfully for this game.

Manufacturer share, he began research to launch this game since 2014 years. In the eyes of his friends, Suite 776 was a highly familiar product. He always consulted with all of his friends before he built an image or a feature in-game.

Therefore, it can be said that this game was a recognized product before its launch by people who love the game and have knowledge about it. So it is not uncommon for Suite 776 to receive so many positive reviews from players.

monster in suite 776

The story of a famous architect

The main character of Suite 776 story is Marcy. Players begin to enter the world of Marcy – who is a famous architect. Marcy is always proud of her job, but she has to face a problem within herself.

Marcy is not a person who can handle criticism, but her career is always met with evaluation from others; they give rude comments about her work and what she is doing.

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To reduce pressing from these criticisms, Marcy chose to ring the bell. When the bell was rung, that means she was feeling very uncomfortable with negative criticisms.

Many criticisms got worse and worse when she finished the house named Suite 776. This design is peculiar; it’s hard to understand and unrealistic. So, many people gave rude comments about the house.

marcy in suite 776

Marcy hangs herself inside the Suite 776 building because she is unable to overcome so much criticism. And from there, the building became an obsession with others coming to here, thrilling and compelling stories starting here.

Marcy has hidden many mysteries everywhere in the house; she is ready to terrorize anyone who rings the bell and criticizes her. You will play a role as a character to discover this house and you must overcome difficulties that the game has created.

Experiencing the space of Suite 776 jumpscare

Enter the world of this game, you will find it is a terrifying adventure but very interesting. You start to visit the house, which is engulfed in darkness. Occasionally, you will see characters appear with scared, worried faces, trying to grab some objects in the room quickly. Rush is a familiar image in psychological horror games, and it adds to the fear.

The game context is more impressive with helping from graphics. The image quality in-game is a plus point. It doesn’t like animation but a real scene. As a result, Suite 776 brings even more fear because it practically exudes scary images.

Marcy was designed quite particular. She’s not a witch with long-haired white, but a female with short hair, her body is full of blood, especially her neck and hand.

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jumpscare in suite 776
sometimes Marcy suddenly appear

When you just played game in the first seconds, you will see Marcy hanging herself; this is a picture that brings many obsessions to players.

Suite 776 has no soundtrack; all you can hear is Marcy’s sound or sound emanating from the house itself. Sometimes you will hear someone moaning; that is her voice. When sound intensity increases, perhaps Marcy is approaching you.

Game mechanic

A horror atmosphere will cover the entire journey; you will not have any companions; you will be alone with single footsteps in a mysterious house, and many trouble paths. Occasionally, you will see sentences written in blood on the wall such as “ring the bell” or “don’t enter”, these words have both guided and warned you.

You have to ring the bell, despite knowing that this will make Marcy angry and affect you. Of course, it’s not easy to ring the bell because you have to enter into rooms, but some doors are already open while some are closed, and you need to find the key to unlock them.

Another support feature for players is that you can go into your inventory, selecting the item to open and get some more useful information. On your journey, you are led by a small piece of paper, which will teach you how to deal with Marcy.

key in suite 776
Find the key so you can find out the secret inside the room

How to buy this game?

We often think a product that has been cherished for a long time can be costly. However, what we want to say here is that Suite 776 price is very reasonable. You only need to spend $ 3.99 to experience it straight away.

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Suite 776 release date is December 6, 2019, which means that this product is already on the market, and you can buy it now. You only need to create an account to purchase and pay online; the process is speedy and simple.


Suite 776 brings an interesting journey inside the mysterious house. Sometimes I find it quite difficult. I think that this house is pretty wide and has no stops, players must run from room to room without knowing when they can end up these cycles.

However, I understand difficulty itself adds to the drama, which any psychological horror game needs. Besides, game image and sound are delighted; they contribute to increasing the drama. In particular, for $ 3.9, no game could be more ideal than Suite 776.