Tattletail Review for PC (Horror Game)

Childhood is always the most beautiful and pristine time for everyone, but it also occurs with the most horrifying memories that make you scream in fear every time you remember. It can be feeling of fear, loneliness when witnessing arguments, or even parents’ struggles like Blame Him or Tattletail.

Or it could also be feeling of retreating from gazes of those around you like Hello Neighbor. And of course, we cannot forget all kinds of mysterious phenomena, always happen when you go to bed and concretized in ParanormalHK.

By Tattletail, everything is even directly related to yourself. I’m talking about teddy bears, dolls, or any other toy you hug and play with during your childhood.

What do you think about being surrounded by items with cute appearance but hidden anger and willing to kill you in your familiar home? Waygetter Electronics will help you experience that feeling with Tattletail.

Warning: My Tattletail review directly leverages my gameplay to reveal some crucial details regarding its content and gameplay. Consider before reading!

When Christmas is no longer peaceful …

What do you like the most when Christmas comes?

I guess many people will vote for gift opening? Me too. Until I played Tattletail, one of indie horror games scares me. Built on motif of legendary horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s, Waygetter Electronics’ products take advantage of one of the most famous 90s urban legends to craft its story.

What happens in this indie horror game is not too complicated. It was the Christmas season of 1982. You played the role of a child, and for some reason, he was left alone at home during the most important holiday of the year.

On the night of December 20, he was curious to know what he would receive and went down to basement to open up present that his parents had prepared earlier. It was a turning point, opened up a series of 5 horrifying nights. The gift he received was Tattletail – a talking stuffed animal.

tattletail gameplay
It was boy’s curiosity, made everything complicated

And what’s even more unusual is, it can communicate like a real person, asking you to play with it and even eat the same food from boy’s refrigerator. But scary elements were not toys with those lovely looks and vibrant colors. I am referring to an equally unique character: Mama Tattletail.

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Based on advertisement video, I saw the trailer before game release, Mama seems to be the first version of this toy and made to operate as a mother. But for some reason, it was replaced by current version. And its appearance in your home foreshadows terrible things.

And thrill will come after…

On the second night of gameplay, while playing with Tattletail. Our main character broke a vase. And that is when some dark force was released.

Plus, out of curiosity, our little boy heard a call on the first night despite being warned. From then on, his bedtime nights would be gruesome battles with Mama Tattletail.

tattletail monster
Don’t be afraid! Mama is here

I don’t know if there is a connection between Tattletail and Furby – a real toy with similar traits. Still, it seems Waygetter Electronics made great usage of these characters – spinning mystical events.

In general, we have five lonely nights fighting a stuffed animal, ready to tear you apart with its claws. It looks quite similar to FNAF, doesn’t it?

Simple but well qualified

That’s what I get from Tattletail gameplay. Getting rid of the great shadow of FNAF with content revolving around mysterious forces with a lovely look, this game brings a feeling of horror most naturally.

As I said, Waygetter Electronics gives you five nights to experience. Although playing time is not long and its gameplay has many incomplete points, I think that is enough.

game items
Tattletail always beside you – Is this the way for developers to make you confused?

Unlike other horror games, when you can only interact with surroundings through touch movements and collect necessary items. In this game, you will take Tattletail – a dangerous resource – by your own hands. This toy will stick with you throughout the journey. It makes all your activities significantly influenced.

How its gameplay scares you

Gameplay will give you interaction in many different dimensions. Like interaction between main character and household items, main character and Tattletail, main character, and Mama Tattletail… It makes you very focused.

Activities in-game are varied when you have to fulfill Tattletail’s requests such as brushing, feeding, playing hide-and-seek …

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Initially, these activities were very familiar, and even they give me a lot of memories of my childhood. But gameplay was quite ingenious to put this element in parallel with Mama’s escape.

tattletail main character
Moment startles any players, no matter how brave they are

Having to manipulate many tasks simultaneously makes you must be extremely attentive if you do not want Mama to catch up and kill. Sound effects of Tattletail’s words came into play quite effective.

I was haunted to hear these words, “You’re in trouble now!” It was no longer joyful and cheerful sound of the first night but seemed to have become a signal of death coming soon.

Tattletail has three additional indicator bars, and your task is to make sure no bars go too low through interactive activities. Are you ready to be a reluctant nanny?

Mama Tattletail’s sudden appearance in any part of the house and her bright red eyes can make anyone fearful. I appreciate publisher giving this villain ability to turn off all house’s electrical systems.

tattletail interesting gameplay
Try to find all resurrections if you want to know what’s going on

This is both signal to help you feel danger lurking, but at the same time, it makes game atmosphere darker. You will be provided with flashlight, can automatically recharges after each shaking time.

Short lighting periods, coupled with having to stop to recharge, all make the chase even more fun. Plus, having to carry a “talkative” Tattletail is always ready to scream makes everythings more difficult when your location can be revealed at any time.

The end is up to you

Game has two endings. One good, one bad, of course. And to be safe after Thursday night, you need to collect full number of resurrection staff. This shows that publisher has moved with incredibly diverse system of tasks. Tattletail has proven to be a product of depth and variety.

Along with pretty good hide-and-seek gameplay, there are still a few shortcomings, make my emotions incomplete. It will take a long time to finish an action when its gameplay does not allow you to interact immediately and directly with any item.

scene in game
Playing with vase – one of the most exciting tasks of gameplay

When game situation becomes dramatic on the 5th night, decisive night, you can get rid of Tattletail’s involvement quite easily. And it allows you to spend your hands-free dealing with scary Mama. So its horror is significantly reduced as well.

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Overall, Tattletail made me forget how much I loved FNAF before. And I’m sure neighbors always heard my screams during some rare jumpscare scene.

Graphics-sound system was beyond my expectations

As a product from indie game maker, I do not expect too much on accompanying elements of Tattletail game, but I can say its graphics and sound system bring me satisfied feelings.

Game’s context revolves small house in suburbs with a few rooms, but it’s enough to make gamers feel scared and stuck. Colors that Waygetter Electronics put in, created a sharp contrast.

If you are in living room, you will be brought back to warmth and happiness on Christmas night with a Christmas tree covered by many lights. The basement will be another story; everything seems to be stopped and remain in what is the darkest and quietest.

game graphics
Game space is extended even outside the house

Moreover, Tattletail and Mama’s designs are simple but also gave strong impression to me. Its wide eyes led me go from delight to horror because it was just empty, lifeless eyes at the end,.

The sounds like footsteps or thumping used very reasonably, which has a pretty good impact on players’ psychology. In particular, Tattletail’s voice goes beyond scope of villain’s sound while it dominates entire circuit of gameplay.

However, among those positives, there are still a few small “grains”. The fact that remaining rooms in the house are not exploited presents Tattletail game large linearity and makes players feel bored.

tattletail game sound
There are still many mysteries waiting for you to discover

Image of Tattletail guild’s exclusion ceremony on the last night was quite ridiculous to me cause it didn’t have any influences to end this dangerous journey which we need to go through

Release information

Tattletail was released a long time ago when official release date was December 29, 2016. With price is only $ 4.99, it deserves to appear on your device.


People always want to go back to childhood, and I think Tattletail is a novel way to do that. A new adventure is waiting for you. Download, experience, and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading my Tattletail review.