Test Of Courage Review for PC (Horror Game)

Test Of Courage is an indie horror game that tests the meaning of true friendship. What do players have to do? Embody Marco and guide him around Brave Wood Academy in the search for his 2 friends. But be careful cause the school was abandoned long ago. Without human’s presence, anyone or anything can roam the estate. Find out more with this review. Spoiler alert!

Test Of Courage is a first person horror game that shows the greatness of friendship. If you know that your friends have disappeared mysteriously and the only way to find them is to search for an abandoned school, would you do it? If the answer is yes, then you are just the one to guide Marco through this nightmare.

Through letters left behind by his friends, Marco learns about the courage test. What is the secret behind this sketchy test? Are Marco’s friends dead or alive? This article will reveal everything about Test Of Courage.

Background story of Test Of Courage

The best part of Test Of Courage is the storyline. Being a part of indie horror games, Test Of Courage needs a dynamic storyline to stand out in the crowd. And the game tells the most epic tales.

One missing person leads to another. Which provoked Marco’s search of his friends Natalia and Ralph. This situation reveals silenced truth about Brave Wood Academy. And here are the details.

It all started at the end of World War 2

When the end of World War 2 approached, journalist Thomas Crowder found out that the town was going to face a horrifying fate. Monsters appeared and began to roam the area where they were first seen. And wherever they have roamed, humans don’t stand a chance to fight back and reclaim the area.

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test of courage game environment
Brave Wood Academy from outside

These creatures were denominated Buffers. And their appearance somehow was controlled by administration. Later in Test Of Courage, players find out that not all of them are harmful. While some attacks humans, others give warnings.

Brave Wood Academy doesn’t share all its secrets

Brave Wood Academy is a private school that has successfully sold the idea that it is a good one. The school offered full scholarships for excellent students. And, when they reached their final year, they would offer them the chance to participate in a special program. This program was supposed to send them to their dream universities. Marco, Natalie and Ralph all went there.

So what made this supposing perfect school shut down? The answer is Buffers. Students said that they spotted these monsters at school at night. Everything was a rumor until it was confirmed by the authority. So the place had to be shut down.

Test Of Courage’s gameplay gives mixed feelings

Test Of Courage gameplay has good side and bad side. The good side is that it requires players to do interesting tasks. Everything revolves around the damned courage test. But the bad side is that the gameplay is quite calm. Here is a more detailed Test Of Courage review.

Choose what to lose: Sanity or health

During the gameplay of Test Of Courage, players will encounter Buffers. But not all of them are real. Sometimes, these creatures are the result of Marco’s fear and imagination. Sanity is what Marco will lose when he is attacked by imaginative Buffers. Health is what he loses when real ones attack.

test of courage scene in game
A Buffer attacking Marco

The courage test: Clue to find friends or the end of a life

In Test Of Courage, the test started it all. First it was Natalie that took the test and disappeared. She left a letter for Ralph who later went to find her and engaged in the test. Now is the time for Marco to follow. There are 10 steps of the test and players will help Marco find objects that correspond to each task.

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After reading a letter from Ralph, Marco learned about how to survive the test. First, Marco must avoid anything that charges towards him. Second, he must maintain his sanity. And third, he won’t be attacked if he goes out side of the school. By passing the gate, Marco goes to a safe world.

A straight up walking simulator

For many horror fans, some horror games don’t meet the expectation because they lack action. Fighting back monsters has always been a plus in horror games. Not only it makes players feel more exciting, but it also improves the gaming experience.

Test Of Courage is called a walking simulator by some players since Marco doesn’t fight back Buffers. All he does is collecting batteries, health potion and sanity potion. With such an amazing storyline, the game could have used some extra action.

Sound and graphic

While storyline and gameplay are the soul of a game, sound and graphic are accessories that make a better appearance. Sound and graphic can make a horror game 10 times better. But has Test Of Courage made the most of them? Let’s find out.

test of courage game graphics
A disturbing image for players with trypophobia

The sound is simple, maybe too simple

There is no background music in Test Of Courage. Players never experience any sound except for the footsteps. Also, Marco makes sound when he interacts with objects around him. Many horror games have used silence to their advantage and succeeded greatly.

But some don’t Test Of Courage belongs to the second group. The silence makes the atmosphere very calm and chill. Most of the time, Marco doesn’t encounter enemies. Which is not what players are looking for in good indie horror games.

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But, during the gameplay, players can expect jumpscares. Since the game bases on silence, jumpscares work effectively. Brace yourselves because you will jump out of your chair with the jumpscares.

monster in game
One of the in-game jumpscares. What does this doll stand for?

Players find silence terrifying in games like Sign of Silence or Suite 776. Their developers offer the worst fear by using silence. But their gameplay doesn’t base solely on this. In the darkness, players can only listen to faint sounds that indicate danger. So other than silence, these horror games use small sounds to spawn fear as well.

Basic graphic, nothing out of the norms

The design of the game is quite simple. Since it is an indie game, the graphic is not what the developer can focus on. The abandoned school looks like anything you can find in old horror games. The design of Buffers also follows the alien vibe.

Which doesn’t provoke much fear from players. Do You Copy is an indie horror game as well but its developer did a much better job with the graphic.However, the storyline truly makes up for the sound and graphic. The letters that were left behind by Ralph slowly revealed the truth about Brave Wood Academy.

Buffers were the cause of the school’s close down

Final thoughts

Test Of Courage is a young title. Test Of Courage release date was on 27th October of 2020. The game is currently available on Steam at 5,99 US$. This is an extremely good price, even for indie games. So if you want to find out the ending for yourselves, don’t hesitate and purchase the game.