The Beast Inside review on PC

If you are a big fan of thrilling survival games, you can’t ignore The Beast Inside game. The Beast Inside release date is on October 17, 2019, under the development of Illusion Ray Studio. With the cost of $24.99, I believe that it will be worthy of your pocket and let’s see what we will have on this The Beast Inside Review.

The Beast Inside story

The story of a game is always the big reason that brings players to a title or not. So, in this The Beast Inside Review, you can discover how The Beast Inside story is called as a typical example for that.

I just can shout its story as madness and impressive horror storytelling. It chases after the memorable experience of Adam Stevenson. He is a CIA code-breaker who lived in the 1970s.  To have a tranquil place to work, he and his wife- Emma decided to move to a remote house in the country.

Accidentally, he found a diary of the previous owner and this made him become craziness and murder. Because of knowing that, Adam has to face terrible trouble every night.  He is living in a place where it didn’t as safe as a pleasant place as he thought.

the beast inside gameplay
Sometimes, knowing a secret isn’t good for you, right?

Graphics in-game

If you want to know more about the graphics in this game, our The Beast Inside Review is always willing to show it for you.

The graphics of this game are so wonderful. Like other titles in the type of psychological horror games, it covers a horrible and thrilling theme. The developer of this game did so well on displaying a similar house in two different times. They are the past and the present.

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Each period owned a distinct and unique colour. Not only that, but it also properly brought a vibe to suit the genre, mood of player, and atmosphere of the game. The Beast Inside game isn’t truly the stretch of the imagination, it exists surround you. If you are seeking for blood and violence, don’t look so far because it’s in front of you.

scene in the beast inside
Is it a good place to live?

Key features

You can control your character with a traditional keyboard and of course, the mouse. This game features typical first-person controls. These include the thumbstick- treatment movement in the left and the camera in the right.

The other features are face buttons given to players to interact with the environment, crouching, and the like. Sometimes, in a shooting series, up to fire weapons are used with the right trigger.

As you have known this game went through between two eras so both main characters can act for some actions. They include looking at items, reading the text, and using a diverse of items to move across devious areas. For example, you can drag down ladders or pull boxes from place to place to touch the higher places.

Sounds effects

Playing a game without enjoying the best music? Listen to the soundtrack of this game and it will make you say “Wow”.

It sounds like the old house sounds with the natural forest sounds. Everything seems really real and features both aesthetically and audibly. If you are a coward, be careful with this soundtrack while playing alone. You may jump out of the separate with the tones during horrible act sounds.

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Why did I say that? Once entering this game, your mood is set right away with a very “lovely” showing. The game presents you with a severed head and a bloody good knife. Let enjoy the reality of a setting gained by the addition of 3D-scanned items with this title now.

the beast inside gameplay 1
Have you ever heard the blood and the dark sound?

What makes this game feel scary?

You are a careful person and want to prepare a good mentality before playing this game?  Read around The Beast Inside review to be well-prepared. I will point out something that makes this game scary.

Firstly, the horror genre can be played on those emotions to brings the thrilling vibes of the game. Secondly, The Beast Inside game’s story will attract you and brings difficulty in solving puzzles and obstacles. Thirdly, your enemies are hiding behind you and if you don’t defeat him, you can easily be killed with one grab.

How does it look like?

The horror genre brings obsess closely to you

Be a type of psychological horror games so instead of the dark and awful theme, the horror genre is a certain factor that you should care about. The structure of the models is very well-built with small malfunctions from time to time. So, with this game idea, your heart should be strong enough to enjoy this scary and horrible game.

Gathering messages and solving puzzles made you sweat to complete

Why did I say this is a scary aspect of this game? Because there are several items scattered around and you have to attempt to seek and gather it. It will waste an amount of time and challenge your patience.

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Some items will contain hints or messages to help you go through the story. You will find a hidden spot with a box once entering this game. If you want to access to this box, you have to break the code inside it. It will be thrilled you like puzzles and challenges and make your mind working.

Be careful with the enemies which can end your life with a single grab

You sometimes have to think and infer what kind of beast has a duty on the carnage. Moreover, as if someone is escalating and want you to join deathly combat. You will fight against a chiefly vindictive rival while owning a gun. This gun just appears in time. Besides, a big boss also appears when the missions are done.

the beast inside monster
The Beast is willing to kill you whenever


In conclusion, The Beast Inside impressed me a lot. It’s not only attracted to the inspiring graphics but also for the horror story of how this game came to be. While playing this game, I believe that some scenes will be memorized in your mind for a long time.

Moreover, I hope that our The Beast Inside Review can provide useful and interesting information for you. Join one of the types of psychological horror games now and have a memorable experience with it!