The Coma Recut Review for PC (Horror Game)

It’s been a long time since I’ve come back to a school-themed horror game. And it is even more special because publisher has chosen a novel style to bring us new things. Before getting into main point, let me talk a little deeper about why I chose The Coma Recut. There was a time when schools with endless corridors and dark classrooms became an obsession for those who love horror games.

We used to have Detention with new spiritual experiences and a Gravewood High awaiting a release this year. But for some reason, inspiration is gradually forgotten to make room for Paper Dolls, Escape the Ayuwoki, or Palmyra Orphanage – pioneering games for a horror perspective on other aspects of life. But when I got used to this tempo and stuff like that, I found The Coma Recut on a forum.

I hope to inspire you to search for products with similar concepts but hope this indie horror game will be an alternative entertainment for you after hard working days. Enjoy!

Warning: My The Coma Recut review may accidentally reveal essential details related to content and gameplay. Please consider carefully before reading.

Flair in using school theme

As I said, The Coma Recut is a visual novel. For me, this is true. When you experience this game, you will feel like turning horror storybook pages. Following this style, Devespresso Games offers a very content-heavy game.

The game brings players to each rigor of Korean education – where the worth of students is measured by the tests and the scores they get after each exam. This is both a move to strive for but also an invisible pressure for many young people. And that has been concretized through the death of one student.

the coma recut main character
Youngho, our main character

He is from the same class, known as our main character: Youngho. Who is Youngho? He is nobody. Not holding a special role in school. Not too outstanding for any talent. He is just an ordinary student at Sehwa High School, trying to pass the final exam with specific subjects Math, Social Science, and Korean Literature.

From that fateful night, our young man decided to stay up all night to review his knowledge. As a result, when entering the first exam, he quickly fell asleep due to exhaustion. And when he woke up, Youngho entered a parallel world called The Coma (I consulted directly from Korean game forums).

In that world, he tries to run away from an assassin in the form of Ms. Song (teacher he secretly loves) as well as mysterious creatures hiding everywhere, waiting to take your life. Everythings are getting interesting gradually, right?

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The storyline

At first glance, the story that The Coma Recut brings is quite simple. I was also confused. But when I went into experience, I realized it was just appearance. Why did Youngho’s friends like Yaesol or Seho appear there? Who is the killer? Those questions kept sticking to me during playing game.

Everything was very normal until the fateful test day

Everything gets even more complicated when you must find enough sticky notes if you want to get a comprehensive look at The Coma World. I will not reveal anything more except that this game has five endings for you to experience.

Are you ready to accompany Youngho?

Gameplay does not meet requirements

Contrary to the fun game’s content brings, The Coma Recut gameplay somehow gives to me inadequacies. How can I say it? Everythings, Devespresso Games offers are just enough, and after 1 to 2 days of playing maybe emotions will fade. That doesn’t seem to be what any publisher wants.

Judged fairly, The Coma Recut gameplay has created the right atmosphere of a horror game. All make me creepy.

Run for your life

Let’s start from chases and run away from killer in the form of Youngho’s Ms. Song – essence of entire gameplay. Your only “weapon” during gameplay will be a flashlight. The assassin appears suddenly anywhere, and the only thing you can do is run and hide.

This makes a perfect sense with main character’s mentality when he will go from belief to surprise.

the coma recut monster
Be prepared for the worst!

Then, he got shocked and realize that Ms. Song is someone completely different. You will need to pay special attention to shimmering paper-knife in her hand, because it can kill you at any moment.

I quite like game maker creating more dodging and holding her breath in Youngho’s mechanism of action. That makes chases not too one-sided. Along with that, you will have more opportunities to protect yourself if you can hide in lockers or rooms in the toilet.

But this makes gameplay sometimes boring.

There are many versions of killer

While playing, you can see killer appearance are horrible as she screams and chases you at a breakneck speed. It makes you think, and the adventure becomes very difficult.

But when “fake” Ms. Song appears at 10th time, you will notice it like a “cat and mouse” game. Everything became extremely easy for me when I gradually know “mechanism of action” of this villain after a few times.

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the coma recut gameplay
Hold my breath and keep low is the way I used to protect my life

All we need to do is quickly get into a particular box of cells scattered in hallway or sit down, hold your breath, and wait until she pass by. I’m sure nothing’s wrong with you, right?

But fortunately, what holds my interest in The Coma Recut is system of bloodthirsty monsters. It could be a carnivorous plant growing from the floor ready to poison you. It could also be a demon in form of a student who falls from vents to attack you. Be careful because Sehwa’s classrooms or toilets will surprise you.

What I especially like about this indie horror game is mechanism of searching, collecting items, and interacting with the surroundings. Let’s see what we got.

But you have aiding

The first thing is how Devespresso Games helps us find out what’s going on in The Coma. I love feeling of finding a note on the counter or in some corner of the toilet. They get me excited and motivated to explore every corner of the school. You will have to collect enough notes if you want to uncover mysteries, find a way out, and preserve your life.

Besides, game also gives you a rich item system to assist you. You will have coffee to increase your calmness, mineral water for mental relaxation, physical recovery, and some kinds of snacks for healing.

the coma recut review
Besides chases with killer, item collection mechanism to clarify mystery is also very interesting

In particular, you can collect money to buy more items by yourself. But when I already own a certain amount of “resources”, it is time to cover weaknesses of my backpack. You only have six boxes to store essential items for the journey while you will get many cool stuffs along the way.

That’s when you have to agree to give up water bottle to replace it with a bandage. When you have to accept using a snack package, although still full of blood or put an antidote on your backpack. And I’m sure this is something no one wants.

Gameplay is abundant

Other than that, you will have many other actions, such as unlocking words and creating a fake alarm system to attract killer’s attention. This is flexible point of The Coma Recut. It is similar to how you can protect your results through save points.

Black copies are cleverly transformed to be a place to store your game results. You can rest assured because they are plentiful. This means each time you die, it won’t take too long to catch up again.

the coma recut finding clues
The clue

And final point, I am impressed is integrating all action into game’s real-time frame. When you open the map, timeline in The Coma Recut still continues, meaning you will still be likely to be approached and killed by assassin.

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Or when you are trying to unlock a door that takes quite long, you will lose all your resistance. Be careful because traps in game are set out exceptionally intelligently. In general, The Coma Recut brings new experiences to horror game genre in 2D visual style, but there’s something that is holding it back. And that’s why I’m not satisfied.

I love atmosphere in The Coma Recut

I thought I can’t go through entire journey with Youngho, but the effects coming from game’s image and sound bring undeniable charm. Manhwa comic-style details are a plus for Devespresso Games product. The precise lines have conveyed charisma of characters in game. That is the charm of Ms. Song.

The opposite is wickedness emanating from murderer’s expression under her appearance. Youngho’s daze make player uncomfortable, but trendy things are also his commendable agility.

scene in game
Horror effects in The Coma Recut still make me unsatisfied

These things make game story quite troublesome, but somehow make player continue to learn. Besides, the dots coming from monsters of The Coma world are enough to make you stop your heart when you play game at night.

However, one thing I don’t really like is the designs related to killing. The knives from Ms. Song or blood that shot out from Youngho’s body when attacked are quite childish.

Great audio features

Sound effects also have a significant impact on player’s mind. That is the success of game maker. Youngho’s clumsy footsteps did an excellent job of distracting me so that appearance of “fake” Ms. Song was indeed an explosion.

Besides, transformation of background music is also too delicate. The tunes strike up as you walk down dark hallway and find the kitchen as a place to rest your mind a little.

Release information

The Coma Recut was released a long time ago when its official release date was September 23, 2017. With its relatively high price tag ($ 14.99), I think many players will be quite confused about bringing it about your playing device. What do you think?


Overall, The Coma Recut is still pausing for an enjoyable survival horror experience. Its gameplay is less noticeable, but accompanying elements will give you an unforgettable night of entertainment. Above is my The Coma Recut review. Download the game and let me know what you think about it.