The Dark Occult Review for PC (Horror Game)

The Dark Occult (The Conjuring House game) is a psychological horror game that made a significant impact on the game market in 2017. Players will experience many different emotions from anxiety to panic when participating in this game, especially on its PC version. The Dark Occult is inspired by a movie of the same name with background is an ancient castle, that is famous for evil legends; you will meet a scary enemy; she can be ready to take your life at any time. Specifically, what this game has? Let us find out.

The Dark Occult story

The Dark Occult game built base on horror and dramatic plot. In the dark, you will play the character at an abandoned house and be controlled by the devil. You are here to investigate anomalies surrounding the landlord’s death. When starting to enter the castle, only one door is opened and you need to find the key to open the next door.

Once inside the building, you recognize that you can not leave this house and the story begins here. A demon woman will chase you and want to kill you. Her face is similar to the woman in Infliction game; she has a horrifying appearance. And then, you must find any way to escape this woman and find out the mystery of this castle.

the dark occult gameplay

Intellectually challenging gameplay

The Dark Occult is considered a super intellectual game, requiring players to use all their intelligence to solve and find the door’s key. Of course, everything is not as simple as that, while solving puzzles, you must find a way to escape from the demon woman. You have to move very fast because your enemy can go through the wall without having to open the door as you.

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Puzzles in this game are divided into many different levels. Before solving big riddles, you have to find a way to solve small puzzles. Each quiz even big or small also brings a new experience for you and helping you get ready for other challenges.

Keys in this game are to help you open puzzles. Besides that, this is also a tool to help you find out many secrets of this house by opening the secret room. Of course, some secrets can not be opened with a key and you must use your intelligence to figure out.

Rest assured, you will not be lost in this game, The Dark Occult manufacturer has brought a lot of new features to help you overcome difficulties easier.

character in the dark occult

New features of The Dark Occult game

In 2018, Producer changed the name of this game from Conjuring House to Dark Occult. This new name effectively conveys real cruelty and barbarism that game is bringing. Also from this point, The Conjuring House game was added with Dread mode. This mode gives players some more essential tools to help them overcome difficulties.

Dread mode features

Game Map: Thanks to the map, you can know the location of some gates and you will quickly open the door. Besides, the map also displays safe areas to help players find a place to escape. However, the map will not show you all homes and it also not show all open doors.

It depends on you; you have to remember whether the locked door or the unlocked door. Worsely, some doors may not be on the map you have. This may be a limitation, but I find it quite fascinating. If Manufacturer opens all doors on the map, the player will not need to use their intellect when participating in this game so that the game will be much less attractive.

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scene in the dark occult

Player Endurance: This is an excellent favour that Manufacturer gives for The Dark Occult, players will be increased endurance in this game. At the same time, recovery time will be a lot faster.

Enhanced Flashlight Functionality: With a new version of The Conjuring House game, players will not have to hunt for batteries but instead the battery will be charged automatically, thus saving a lot of time for the player.

Reduced Difficulty: Some games will be reduced difficulty for those who do not like many challenges. Of course, if you are a challenging player, you can choose a higher difficulty level.

Visual Hints: The Dark Occult is a game covered by darkness. Its space is like Remothered Tormented Fathers, which released in 2017. But this game uses a lot of light sources, supporting players in the right direction when needed.

Images and sounds

With horror games, graphics and sound are always essential factors to the success of the game, and so does The Dark Occult game. This game is invested in incredible images. Many small details from space design to character-shaping all exude horror. It can be said that graphics have played an essential role in the success of this game’s context, which brings a lonely and scary feeling as Home Sweet Home.

The Dark Occult is one of the games with a specific sound; this means that just listen to the sound you can guess out this game. The game has a constant noise that extends through rooms. Moreover, there were shackles like the footsteps of someone being imprisoned. The dragging sounds make the character more panic.

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The scariest sound is the voice of the demon woman. It will make you feel that she’s near you and looking for you, and you need to escape quickly.

graphics in game

How to buy this game?

The Dark Occult game is currently available in the market for $ 24.99. It may cost more than some other games on the market, but you will certainly be satisfied with the money you spend. It is not too difficult for you to buy this game; there are currently many agencies selling this game.


The Dark Occult is one of the most successful psychological horror games; this game requires players to have high intelligence. You will never know the enemy will ever appear; the features will not open all the suggestions for you.

In my opinion, I like the mysterious gameplay and many surprises in the game, it helps me use more intellectual. However, many people do not like this; they think this game has many ambiguous points; it has too many challenges. What about you? Please explore The Dark Occult and let us know how you feel.