The Forest crafting, when crafting becomes an art

Like me, fans of the survival adventure series have had to wait a long time to experience Endnight Games Ltd.’s creation fully. But I can say that a period of four years was worth it. The Forest crafting is what I’m talking about.

I like everything about The Forest from the storyline, the gameplay to the unexpected horror they were inspired by hit movies like The Descent, Cannibal Holocaust with cannibal tribes, and monstrous creatures that are ready to see players off to the afterlife. Some assume it’s an improved version of Skelattack or Vampyr.

The player’s survival process will be a series of continuous challenges to put the player’s mentality in a state of “tension like strings”. And besides eating, drinking, fighting the enemy for life, crafting in The Forest is still considered one of the most notable mechanisms.

the forest crafting thumbnail
Crafting – An indispensable part of any survival game

The Forest crafting dominated almost every living activity of Eric Leblanc (the main character) and opened the way for him to find his missing son. The following article will focus on analysis to clarify this interesting mechanism as well as give you some The Forest crafting guides to perfect your skills.

What’s remarkable about The Forest crafting?

The simplicity and accessibility are the points that I love about The Forest crafting. As long as you find the complete ingredients for the item you plan to craft, anywhere can become a creative table for you.

By clicking on the “I” button you will gain access to the inventory screen. A towel like a crafting table will be opened, and around will be the ingredients you have gathered. Select any items you want to have and then right-click on the available ingredients in any order.

After the ingredients have met the recipe given in the Book of Survival, a gear will appear with a chiming sound to notify you. Click on that gear, and the item you want will appear.

The Forest game crafting is extremely realistic, so you will only be able to create one item at a time. This can sometimes be annoying for the player, but in general, it is essential to ensure the slow tempo that the game maker is building.

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the forest gameplay
When the ingredients are met, a gear appears to complete the process

The appearance of the Book of Survival also makes things somewhat “easier to breathe” when you can follow the recipes already written in them to create items quickly. There will be dozens of items that can be created as long as you get all the ingredients according to The Forest recipes.

However, this is the most interesting thing about The Forest crafting. As you gradually conquer nature here and find richer resources, you will be able to upgrade items to increase their stats or add new features to them.

Let me give you a specific example: from a basic arrow, if you add Twin Berries, Amanita Mushroom, or Jack Mushroom, you will create Poison Arrow that reduces the enemy’s attack ability.

game mechanism
Ensuring adequate ingredients is also a requirement of The Forest crafting

Speed ​​or 5x Arrows, Cloth, and Booze can create flaming arrows with the ability to ignite, while Bone Arrow will provide the highest damage. This upgrade feature makes the items in The Forest extremely diverse and can serve all your goals. Compared to other survival adventure games like Green Hell, this is a really impressive new point.

What can The Forest crafting create?

Despite the variety, the items that you can craft in The Forest can be divided into the following categories:

  • Weapons, bombs, and projectiles
  • Armor
  • Containers
  • Remaining items
  • Upgrading items

Recipes will be recorded, and creating a new item on your own will also be a pleasure, so I won’t reveal much about the recipe or its uses. Below are items that I have crafted during my gameplay.

1. Remaining items

Before thinking of making anything, make sure the following items are in your inventory. They are extremely easy to craft but play an essential role in the survival of any player.

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crafting item
Herbal Medicine requires a lot of plant materials

The Forest crafting allows you to create lots of items like that, but for me, Rope, Repair Tool, Energy Mix, and Herbal Medicine will always be the first choice. Please pay attention to memorize their recipe.

2. Weapons, bombs, and projectiles

Crafted Ax, Slingshot, Crafted Bow, and Spear will be the necessary weapons you can quickly create. They are easy to do, but the damage is not high.

Bow and Arrow with 4 different arrow types will be a fairly advanced choice for you with a wide attack range and other effects on the enemy’s body.

crafting headbomb
Head Bomb – The most destructive bomb in The Forest

Very good support for the player will be Molotov Cocktail, Bomb, Head Bomb, and Sticky Bomb enough to rescue you when attacked.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with The Forest weapon crafting as it provides the player with quite a full range of weapons that can be used in the context of the player having to fight the enemy alone in the woods.

3. Armor

The attack must always be accompanied by the defense. And that is why the armor is still an indispensable destination of The Forest crafting.

There will be a wide range of armor to choose from the basics with the Lizard Skin Armor where you just need to kill any lizard, skin them and perfect the armor to the Warmsuit – the most complex suit – just right. Defense both provide you with warmth to deal with extreme weather conditions.


You will have Lizard Skin Armor, Warmsuit, Stealth Armor, Bone Armor depending on certain living and survival situations. Pay attention to a few metrics, such as their weight or durability to move effectively.

Along with armor, Snowshoes and Rabbit Fur Boots complete your outfit.

4. Containers

Items that can contain and carry will be indispensable in any journey.

Pouch, Stick Bag, Rock Bag, Throwable Rock Bag will be the kind of container that will preserve your ingredients. Quiver will help you to carry arrows while Spear Bag to store spears for combat.

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Rabbit Pouch

Water Skin is a container extracted from deerskin that can help you store water.

5. Upgrading items

These items merely enhance the main character’s ability to fight. This is also extremely reasonable when the deeper you go into the forest, the more the cannibal tribe becomes more aggressive, and that is when you discover that it is not the only danger.

The upgrading items included in The Forest crafting are Damage Upgrade, Speed ​​Upgrade, Poison Upgrade, Fire Upgrade, Flashlight Upgrade. You also should note that these upgrades are limited to compatibility with certain weapons.

the forest crafting fire arrow
Fire arrow – the result of weapon upgrades

Crafting resources?

In addition to creating items for survival and battle, crafting resources is also an important factor that players need to ensure if everything goes smoothly. More specifically, this is the preparation of ingredients in The Forest crafting.

Each material has its collection way. You can pick them directly from the ground with rocks, leaves or cut/pick them directly from trees and ground where they grow like aloe, blueberries, Marigold … and fungi.

the forest crafting brooze

Other resources such as Booze, Electrical Tape, Fuel Can, Wrist Watch, Circuit Board can be found in caves and Aboriginal villages.

A little more complicated, Feather, animal skin (Lizard Skin …), Body Parts only appear when you impact the game environment through hunting, rummaging through suitcases, or destroying. the cannibals.

Crafting resources is also an interesting part of The Forest crafting that you should keep in mind.

Closing thought

It took me a long time to master The Forest crafting recipes. But once you do that, you’ll find them useful. Hopefully, the above game tips will help you quickly get used to that and help Eric Leblanc find his son and complete his horrifying journey.

Download the game, experience it, and let me know your opinion about The Forest crafting!