The Hong Kong Massacre Review for PC (Action Game)

Action game is one of available genres, was loved by gaming community around the world. But to create a product capable enough to make players remember is not easy. Pure action substance, in my opinion, has long been “extinct”. I’ve been searching since the time of Hotline Miami. And with The Hong Kong Massacre, a little bit of hope was lit up in my end. My childhood was associated with two talented directors, John Woo and Michael Bay.

One side brings movies with bold gangster character, while others are considered “king of fire and explosion”. The Hong Kong Massacre gameplay is fantastic with both. I realize its complexity of Hong Kong gangsters in the late twentieth century. Gunfights poured in, blood was bleeding everywhere and scattered bodies.

If you are looking for something like that, then this game is for you. But like I said, without dragging, gameplay can quickly turn into a “bowl of instant noodles” and drift off player’s memory afterward.

Its action scenes caught my eye, but lacking gameplay made me not happy. If you want to dig deeper before taking The Hong Kong Massacre to your gaming device, please try to read through this article.

Warning: My The Hong Kong Massacre review uses many details from gameplay, which unintentionally reveals much information. Consider carefully before reading!

Welcome to Hong Kong’s underworld!

Suppose you have chance to watch films about this power. In that case, you will find that The Hong Kong Massacre gameplay almost faithfully reflects every detail of this aspect of Hong Kong society.

Game story opens with bloody slices and tears about life of a police officer. You probably won’t feel pain of losing your closest teammate in process of trying to stop an organization of criminals.

interesting gameplay
A police officer with intense anger is seeking justice for his partner’s death

And The Hong Kong Massacre is probably seeking to convey to players besides sensational action scenes. However, given nature of horror game, I also do not expect so much in unique story. It makes gamers think hard to understand what’s going on.

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It all starts with vengeance

Through 35 game levels, I realized massacre’s story was not too complicated. You play as an indignant police officer, wants revenge for his colleague who has to “lie down forever”.

And his enemy is Three Kings – one of notorious criminal organizations of Hong Kong and the world. “Blood debt must be paid in blood” – that philosophy leads you to consecutive gun battles. Your wish will have chance to come true when you face bosses with an influence.

the hong kong massacre game scene
Sliced scenes are the way to explore intricacies of Hong Kong’s underworld

Challenges are tough. When courage and anger are not enough, will you succeed? I don’t have too much judgment on the plot of The Hong Kong Massacre. For fastidious people, above content may be sketchy. But for me, that was enough to direct player’s attention to gameplay part of the product.

When massacre was merely an “exaggerated expression” of gunfights

Game-making technology has gone to extremely high levels and it also supports game-makers overwhelm players easier. I have been waiting for this thing from VRESKI quite a long time, but everything they can do is not much.

Do you understand what I mean? When developing a gaming product with story is not unique, what you need is impressive gameplay. I don’t see that in The Hong Kong Massacre.

the hong kong massacre gun fighting
Shooting scenes in The Hong Kong Massacre were eye-catching…

Let’s go from positives first. It can be said without exaggeration that this game has revived high viewing angle, something that I only saw in Hotline Miami nearly ten years ago.

That is interesting. Besides, it helps players observe entire battlefield quite a lot to calculate and make intelligent moves. Because of what The Hong Kong Massacre is a nightmare.

What you have in hands

You will be provided with four necessary weapons: pistol, rifle, SMG, or shotgun. With a certain amount of ammunition in each level, you will experience feeling of John Wick when he’s alone and defeats 10 to 15 enemies.

The series of bullets fired so hard that many players could not breathe. And that’s substance of action I love. It requires players to have a high level of reflexes and concentration before doing anything else.

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the hong kong massacre game environment
… until you realize something very similar is happening in many levels

Your enemies are also provided with an artificial intelligence base, meaning you shouldn’t think about what’s going there, raising your gun, firing, and preserve your life. This makes tactics of each level also very important. Plus, you’ll die in just one shot. Is that authenticity you want?

Game system may help

To help make situation more balanced, you will be given with a super-soldier action mechanism. This means you will be able to dive, dodge exceptionally skillfully, and still shoot exactly on your target.

You even own ability to slow down the time. It makes The Hong Kong Massacre extreme entertaining of a super cinematic product. Sometimes I was startled by “dodge and dive” combos which I performed. Great. And it would be indeed better when you know we won’t get hit by bullets when doing those skills.

game graphics
Try to unlock all kind of guns and upgrade as much as you can because that’s all you have

The Hong Kong Massacre offers different battlefields for players to encounter, such as ruined buildings, kitchens, back alleys, abandoned restaurants, or even roof in the final stages. Overall, you can see that elements are enough for an action shooting game, right? Though when going into game experience, everthings gradually turned into bad situations.

What I don’t like

The specialty of action games sometimes comes from transforming in-game environments to interact in the best ways. But The Hong Kong Massacre doesn’t do that. Even though the game maker tried to bring variation in the gunfight locations, I still found familiar structures.

And even after just a few deaths, you can memorize the diagram to pass the level quickly. Not only that, but the bosses also have a relatively similar attack and hiding mechanisms. I wonder if that was the clone of the first boss?

the hong kong massacre game sound
Dodge over rooftops or walls combined with shooting is effective

The second weakness of the game comes from its confusing restriction in the weapon system. If you are familiar with today’s popular shooters like PUBG or Deadside, you will feel uncomfortable.

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Along with that, due to only being provided with a limited amount of ammo, when you run out of ammo, you will have no other way to pick up the weapons scattered on the floor.

And this is no different than helping the enemy get fatal shots. One-shot – one kill. The weapon upgrade after each game screen does not make the situation any better. I used to hope for tasks like “Just use SMG” or “Don’t use dodge or dive” to make things a little different, but that never happens.

Graphics-sound system is ready to excite you

Thirty-five levels of play are 35 fiery gun battles. Blood, explosions, and more. It all seems to welcome you to Hong Kong’s underworld. In particular, the slow-motion image that ends each game screen can startle you with the horror.

The bullets were stabbed into the body, and blood was splattered everywhere. And many times, I was startled like when experiencing a horror game. Simultaneously, the cutscenes to lead the player to the officer’s story are also very interesting. Slow but also full of charisma.

the hong kong massacre graphics effect
Great graphics effects

As for the sound, the game makers have successfully used the familiar sounds of action movies with gangster elements. And this has an incredible impact on player psychology. Also, the sounds of bullets fired sometimes startled me at their authenticity.

Release information

The Hong Kong Massacre release date is January 21, 2019. But I’m terrified of the price of $ 19.99 to be able to own this game.


If Nier overwhelmed me with VFX, Skelattack and Neversong made me enjoy the main character’s adventures (the games I experienced simultaneously with The Hong Kong Massacre). Then, the VRESKI game is still a simple thing.

The question is, can you let go of your flaws to enjoy a pure action game? Download, experience, and let me know what you think. Thank you for reading this The Hong Kong Massacre review.