The Park game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Everything that appears in The Park game has its dark corners. And to be able to detect them, observers need to have their own unique and profound point of view. In an industry that always requires creativity like game production, that’s even more true. For that reason, I chose the horror game genre (sometimes adventure games).

There is no limit to the good and the bad in this game genre because everything depends on how you feel. And the case of The Park game will be the most concrete example. A fun place filled with laughter and pure entertainment will be replaced by a ghostly atmosphere at the hands of the team from Funcom.

I remember how excited I was to experience Conan Exiles and Secret World Legends, so I also have high hopes for The Park game. And this will be the experience that I have gained.

Warning: My The Park game review will directly use the results from my play process so it may reveal some of the content of this game. If you want something intact and unexpected, come back when there is a chance!

Is this a horror game or a movie?

I don’t think too much about Secret World Legends when I experience The Park game but there seems to be some extremely close relationship between the two products.

And perhaps it would not be too extreme if you consider Atlantic Island Park as a part of The Secret World that Funcom once built. However, it’s fair to say that The Park game is an indie horror game and it is powerful enough to lead players into its own story.

I was surprised by the layers of the message that Funcom’s team has built around a very simple character system. We have Lorraine as the mother and Callum, her little mischievous son.

The complexity of the story comes from cleverly interwoven details in each scene as well as the interaction between past and reality in the mother’s mind. And this creates a parallel storyline that allows the player to go from surprise to surprise.

When night falls, everything is scary, isn’t it?

What do we have?

The Park game started with an outing of Lorraine and Callum at Atlantic Island Park. Although the makers of the game did not reveal how the outing was, I think the mother and daughter had a very fun day.

It’s got a simple start

Callum suddenly realized he had left his teddy bear inside the park. And while the mother was still explaining to the security guard about this incident, the mischievous boy ran inside.

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That’s when things get out of our control. Shortly thereafter, all electricity in Atlantic Island Park was cut, leaving the place a gloomy atmosphere. But for some reason, games like House of Horror or Tunnel Fairy still work.

Then comes the thrills

Following Callum’s call, Lorraine gradually discovered the dark events behind this amusement park. There are murders, spiritual things have happened here. But that is just the background for this mother’s narrative also to appear.

Something unsettled was going on. Lorraine is depressed and it all comes from a bad past. This mother’s worry for her son was gradually replaced by a feeling of resentment.

the park main character
Lorraine – a mother with dark, complex emotions

Lorraine is no longer as gentle and loving as we think it is. The burden of family, from having to take care of her son by herself, or the regrets from the death of her husband … all expressed bitterly by her.

Those emotions settle down like the sky above Atlantic Island Park that day and then explode at the end of the game when the mother meets her son again. A reunion in tears? You will be surprised!

It’s been a long time since I found a horror game that had such a strong impact on my mind. And The Park game is one of the few representatives that can exploit motherhood love in such a different and obsessive “dimension”. Congratulations Funcom for your courage.

The gameplay is not too impressive, but…

The weight of the content is what I stated earlier in the post. It is an advantage to capture the player’s emotions but can also be a disadvantage if game makers can’t create proper gameplay that can keep up with that.

And in the case of The Park game, it seems that “the excellence of the script” has become an obstacle to “the actors showing their abilities”. I want to go to the gameplay of The Park when there are so many things that players feel not satisfied.

It requires your intelligence

The not long playing time with a storyline that requires in-depth thinking if you want to understand all the details force Funcom’s team to create a simple game mechanism.

But the simplicity of The Park game makes it not seem like a real game. You will follow a predetermined route following the five-game zones in the Atlantic Island Park that Callum passes.

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You are not free to explore the park but must follow a certain route set by the developer. Everything outside this fixed route is locked until the person completes the adventure in other locations as designed.

the park game graphics
Reading articles and paper scattering throughout the park is the only activity for you to interact with the game environment

The linearity of The Park game is also highlighted by the fact that you can hardly interact with the game environment except by “touching” and “studying” paper samples picked up along the way. This is quite unusual compared to its genre and concept brothers such as Darkwood, Neversong, or Never Again.

If this process is just an adjunct to Lorraine’s journey then there won’t be too many complaints. But the fact that it happens during our game will make The Park game look like a “simulation walking” game.

And scatters clues

Of course, you will still have a chance of being a real player by setting the modes to be able to experience game zones, (like rollercoasters, for example) but that’s not so significant in one instance.

However, there are still a few bright spots. The clues will be spread throughout The Park game and this gives you easier access to the story.

Because researching clippings and articles scattered along the way seems to be your main task, the game creates a lot of silence for you to read, ponder, and find out what happened.

the park game machanism
House of Horror is waiting for you

Besides, there are still a few items you can pick up along the way to assist you in The Park game, such as a flashlight when you explore the House of Horror. You will also be provided with another very special weapon, that is the call. You can call Callum at any time and this becomes an important game mechanic.

The shouting highlights visual and audio clues back to Callum’s confusing answers, which act as the game’s hint system. This many times has helped me to calm down many times to determine what to do next.

And never-ending loops

But the most notable point is the loop that appears at the end of the game as Lorraine is exploring the House of Horror.

This seems to be the brightest crystal of horror in The Park game. The sudden acceleration in the main character’s emotions makes the player unable to take his eyes off even the smallest details of the game scenes.

Jumpscares scenes give you real shivers – which seems to have been hidden from the beginning of the game. Plus, the cellar’s loop will spin you until you can’t stand it any longer by the memories of Lorraine and Callum.

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The subtle transformations remind me of P.T. legendary. It gets more and more intense as you move through space from the space of the park to the kitchen of Lorraine’s house.

Overall, The Park game offers gameplay that is not too impressive.

the park game monster

Is there something going on with the sound and graphics of this game?

In general, the graphics of The Park game are only at an acceptable level. This completely goes against the “graphic philosophy” that they have built-in products that have been released before.

Excellent visual

Darkness was depicted but something was holding it back in a safe zone. I have noticed a few lighting techniques that are effectively used in depicting park objects such as cars, revolutions, or mascots.

Along with that, you are also easily observed by the innovative camera movement. But on the contrary, the environment in the park looks very boring, especially the lawns or the views at a distance.

I always felt a mist covering everywhere even when I zoomed in to a position. And except for a few highlights like the image of “Boogeyman” on the express train or the room at the end of the game, the other images are quite good.

In particular, the image of the characters is also extremely pale and does not contain any emotional features.

the park game sound
The desolation has been very well depicted by the game’s graphics

Lively sound

The sound system is somewhat better and pulls back a few points for post-production. Ambient noise, distortion, and creepy festival music often work together to create a truly sensuous atmosphere.

From time to time, you will hear savage laughter like tearing through the quiet space or the rush of fearful breathing of Lorraine. All created an effective connection with the player’s mentality.

Release information

The Park release date has a pretty big age since it’s coming out in October 27, 2015. But for just over $ 7, I think this horror deserves a place in play gear. your.


Not a game with quality graphics or impressive gameplay, but with a reasonable guide and especially a deep content, the emotions that The Park game leaves in the players’ hearts are not faint at all. Come on. Download and let us know what you think! Thanks for reading my The Park game review!