The Sinking City Switch review (Handheld Console)

Hp Lovecraft is still a source of inspiration for anyone passionate about the horror games. There’ s been a lot of thrilling games designed, developed and published to players. One of the games coming from the Hp Lovecraft universe of publisher Frogwares named The Sinking City Switch. It will give you the most obsessive experience.

The Sinking City game is one of the best Nintendo Switch horror games. Inspired by the darkest things, the endless investigations, the plots, and the dark plans, who will be the last survivor? Take a look at our The Sinking City Switch review to have an overview of this creepy game now!

Another option for those who love Frogwares’s impressive games

As you have known that, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter has brought many famous and revenues to Frogwares. You may remember the boy who is Holme’s neighbour and his creepy story. Holmes had to try to protect himself from “evil influencers” as solving the problem occurred to the boy. With the success of bringing a world of mysterious things and dark investigations of Holmes, Frogwares continued to please their fans.

the sinking city character
Bargaining to go to a perfect option?

Are you wonder what should you do now in this city?

Nothing is easy as the first time you came to a strange place. And “welcome our newcomer” to Oakmont. Where is Oakmont? Is this city’s name on the map?  Once you came to this secluded city, you may be welcomed with numerous cynicism and suspicion. Oakmont seems to be covered with not only all the crime lords but also be occupied by the monsters.

Oh, becoming a talented detective is all of what you have to do now. You will be intelligent enough to determine what happened to this city. Your skills are also high and strong enough to apply it to solve the mystery of many madness and stranges spreading largely within Massachusetts. And of course, you will act cool as a real and gifted detective with plenty of tasks.

the sinking city dialogue
There are a lot of new things waiting for you to explore- our newcomer!

You may know that everything surrounds you has each advantage once joining the world of The Sinking City game. Because of a new person, you meet, a new piece of information you will get. And all of this information should be arranged and withhold. The notes from these strangers can be “a help message” of someone, a note of the disappearance of someone or a secret task you need to complete.

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There are many clues come to you and need your skill and brand to tackle. The world of The Sinking City Switch is a ton of mess. So, we can call The Sinking City Story is a world of investigations with plenty of uncovering problems.

Your time will be used logically in this game

Most of your time at Oakmont will be devoted to tackling the mysteries. In The Sinking City game terminology, it is possible to do something like these activities.  Firstly, have a conversation with the customer to identify the case and any close information they may bring to you.  Because Oakmont’s buildings don’t own an address, so, you have to check the map for junctions and crossroads to arrive at your destination.

Fortunately, while using the map, you can place multiple icons on it to give you navigation of the city. If you do not have a place, only focus on the person or event. You will then need one of the archives around the city which consists of the old library, the police office, the town hall and of course the hospital.

the sinking city gameplay on switch
Pick up your gun and join this dangerous journey!

There, you will combine the small information you have to get close records that can then take you back to the city in your survey. The idea sounds so great. You can be armed with brute force, but you have to run through the city to seek the information that helps you back to the place you just got irritated with, even when moving fast.

Because you collect the evidence through the investigation, you’ll find clues leading to deductions together. Together deducted these clues enough and you are allowed to master the result of the case. These are not all the correct answers to solve these complicated cases.

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You may believe that a person joining these situations may do more disadvantages than advantages. And you can’t save some certain people cannot. Depending on your choices, the story will process in a variety of ways.

the sinking city switch review
Controlling your boat to be still alive!

Impressive graphics

The thing which brings the impression to players in this thrilling flooded city. The constructions have a dark and shadow colour. The people here just have a bad feeling of scared. It seems that there is no safety and happiness in the life of this city. All of the things are in the horror and dark under the bad rule of evils.

The background Frogwares brought in these games is so impressive and overambitious. It made the experience of players becoming reality ever. Moreover, with the uncovered pieces by this game, you never know what happens next. The NPCs in The Sinking City game are also notable factors that brought many real battles. You may have to try your best to wipe out these annoying and dangerous opponents.

monster in game
Being a detective and face up with many difficulties sound so interesting, right?

Another interesting thing is the episodes that set on the bizarre. It always has an impact on imposing characters and fascinating factions. Moreover, the underwater scenes of observing your character in a diving costume are so intriguing and attractive. Not only that, thanks to terrifying moments and freezing atmosphere, you may also have a memorable experience.

What experiences you will get while playing this game?

In The Sinking City Switch, there are a lot of marks of a modern game. The voice that can take place from very strong to the small scenes. The character models can be synchronized with their voices. The movement of the character may become a reality in every step. As a result, all of these will lead to the rest of the savage.

The gunfire has been significantly improved in facing a nightmare creature, while the downtrodden crowd in Oakmont is moving with more reliable behaviours. There are also some changes in real life that brought back to games to make a difference. This is really suitable for a game of all the new locations and the clues based on the dialogue.

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Moreover, the buildings are developed to contain many creepy secrets and the structures have become a resident in a persistent melancholy. There is always existed an anxious feeling playing games. And besides that, you may also have some other amazing moments in the story. It will bring the scary and scattered it to most parts of the games.

scene in-game
alone in the city

The character looks wonderful as you see, doesn’t it?

Let discuss a little with our The Sinking City Switch review about this game’s character. Although the character in this game looks not bad, it still seems to be “a plastic man is moving”. Especially the hair, it didn’t look as great as you thought. However, if you choose the Switch to play, you don’t need to think too much about the character’s appearance. These appearance’s visuals will be improved so much.

Its writing is the most illuminating thing

It’ s tempting and full of fascinating characters, stories and legends to keep players engaged. It also assumed you to like reading more scattered notes throughout the dark house. In addition to the primary case, there are many options that you can get from their creepy story. The story also provided you with much interesting information about the world.

The Sinking City release date

On December 9, The Sinking City game was initially released on PC. And when it’s running on the Switch, this game seems to be more impressive. Moreover, with a price of 49.99, this interesting title may not make you feel disappointed!


Frogwares did their announcements perfectly. They don’t show up to their fans a game with the same title as Sherlock Holmes. The Sinking City game is different with a unique creepy world. Your senses may be waked up once you play the role of a talented detective in this game. And through this The Sinking City Switch review, I believe that you found yourself some interesting information and already have the right choice.