The Sinner Prologue Review for PC (Horror Game)

Hail to fans of thrilling games, you are here because you can’t wait to know what’s going to scare you in The Sinner Prologue. The best is not yet to come but I have a lot to tell you in this review. Just scroll on!

The horror series in recent years is gradually proving its position in the hearts of global gamers by being invested in both content and form.

People do not come to this game genre because of the usual scare, but the stories behind them are sometimes something to be concerned about.

I am a big fan of horror games and especially psychological horror game branches. So, this article is created from personal experience and the most honest feelings.

Let’s take a look back to see what we have recently: Infliction Game with an evil time loop in a family, Anthology of Fear takes us to a forgotten region of Russia far away. with tragedy or Welcome to Hanwell – a bloodthirsty horror hospital … They all bring us terrifying obsessions. And with The Sinner Prologue, your nightmare will continue. What will happen to our successful doctor? Oh, I finally revealed something!

Strange exploitation

Perhaps this is the game that has made me the most brainy since the beginning of my gaming career. Until I was able to slip through the door in the living room to escape, the story that Oxshox Production built was still a big question mark for me. Try this spoken horror game and I am sure to understand it you will not be able to play less than 2 times.

the sinner prologue gameplay
It seems our Jane Moore is quite naughty, right?

In terms of plot, The Sinner Prologue lets us experience the status of a successful doctor, Dr Robert Valentino. I will tell you his biography even though you may not care who you are even when you enter the game. 25 years old and our Robert has it all.

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The fame of a doctor who specializes in treating A-class stars of Hollywood. Success and recognition of the medical community. The gods give nobody everything. When Robert was at the peak of his career, the event occurred.

The patient he was about to perform the surgery that day, twenty-three-year-old Jane Moore, suddenly died without a reason. No one is sure what happened, but Robert suddenly became the number one suspect.

It is worth mentioning that the game publisher was very creative when putting in The Sinner Prologue a very special relationship when the dark soul that haunts the house is a dead patient and the possessed person is a doctor. This more or less causes players to enjoy and interesting associations. What happened? Who is guilty? Is the life of our doctor safe?

The gameplay does not have many new points

Despite the creativity in the content, The Sinner Prologue gameplay does not impress people much. It can be seen that this horror game still exploits the stealth gameplay mainly and the player will have to flee the soul of Jane Moore.

She is very hearing and even your slightest movements will come into her sight right away. In The Sinner Prologue game, players will walk around the spacious and luxurious apartment of the other doctor to search for clues and discover the truth.

Still taking advantage of the hidden play in the dark, the player will have to try to expose himself to the other woman as little as possible. The corners of the house, the rooms will not be too safe anymore, it can only be a place for you to hide temporarily and find an opportunity to escape when the footsteps of Jane approached.

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the sinner prologue character
Gameplay takes the shape of an escape from a dark soul

Not too new in gameplay but The Sinner Prologue players will still have to say excited because many details are impressive design. At the beginning of the game, the player will be stuck in the doctor’s office. And the advice for you is to not be frantic. The computer will be the crux of the problem. After receiving the initial information on the incident from a magazine page, players will realize nothing in the room.

At that time, pay close attention to the computer has a password box. The clues are words that will be installed everywhere so you have to strain your eyes. The puzzle gameplay will be fully utilized to increase the difficulty for The Sinner Prologue game. And don’t think it will pass quickly, it will be repeated a few more times.

Along with that are mini-games arranged in such a way that the reflection of an image appears on the wall … The success and what you get will be clues.

In The Sinner Prologue, players will have no way to resist. No weapons, no traps, no flashlights, no cameras. You only have your mind and your courage.

Sound & visual system elevates The Sinner Prologue

If the gameplay does not meet your expectations, then let the “accessories” do it instead.

It’s been a long time since I saw such a visually invested horror game. When I first looked into the mirror in the second-floor bathroom, I was startled by the image of Dr Robert was so impressive. Each strand of hair until the beard, the clothes are extremely honest. Oxshox has brought a computer screen into the game with any browser you can imagine. You will be overwhelmed by the interior of the rooms in the house. Nice and detailed.

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scene in the sinner prologue
sometimes you will face to face with jumpscare

What I pay attention to in each horror game is the compatibility of the surroundings with the characters. And The Sinner Prologue game has done that. The mirror was dimmed by the changing temperature, the flickering candlelight, the toilet with bloodstains that seemed to have just been plastered, or the letters with rough letters that were glowing in the dark space. Oh, and do not forget the faces that appear to appear in not many sensational photos of the game. All making this game has captured your soul ever since.

The audio system is another 10 points that I want to give to the Oxshox team. Music in the game is the thing that easily controls the psychology of the player. And with The Sinner Prologue, you will see that is the truth. The music that fits in with the scene in the game makes your heart sometimes want to explode, sometimes also calm your soul to calmly find a way.

Along with the background music are the sound of falling objects in the house and the rustle of footsteps, the difficult sound of the plaintive soul.

Are you brave enough to keep yourself calm? I do not believe you can!

Release information

About The Sinner Prologue release date, this game has officially launched in June 2018 and you can completely buy and experience it today.


Psychological horror game has gradually become a new trend of choice for many gamers.

And with The Sinner Prologue, you absolutely own a game with light capacity, easy gameplay and light entertainment after a hard-working day. But the problem is do you dare to challenge yourself? Try not to make Jane Moore’s face become your worst nightmare.