Timelie Game Review for PC (Adventure Game)

From the moment I found out about Timelie game through my friend, I was eagerly awaiting the launch of this game, and after experiencing, I decided to write this Timelie game review to share my views about it.

It must be said that Timelie gameplay is entirely new, it is softer than other games on the market today. Graphics and sound are also very harmonious with game context, but some parts still make me not satisfied. To be more accurate, please read through my sharing below.

A gentle story about the cat and the little girl

Timelie game brings a new, softer, and more feminine color than adventure games on the market. In game story, protagonist is a little girl, whose incident begins when she wakes up in a world of puzzles and hunted by scary robots.

Of course, she begins to run away from this pursuit; when she feels desperate, she discovers that she can see the future and reverse the time to escape these robots. The little girl’s journey becomes more interesting when she meets a cat as a companion to overcome the robot’s eyes.

Strange gameplay, never seen before

Learning about Timelie gameplay may be annoying; you finally realize that the developer is maybe intentionally creating confusion in your thinking.

Timelie game has five chapters, in each episode, you will see a lot of symbols, but they are not enough to help you explain the robots’ strangeness and many things around you. Until you go to the final chapter, you will probably find a complete explanation.

Timelie gameplay

What is unique about Timelie game?

The traditional gameplay has been very boring and no longer interested in the player. Therefore, manufacturers build new features that bring fascinating gameplay, and these things helped them get many good reviews.

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The ability to turn back time

What you can see right at the game beginning is a timeline toolbar below the video. You can foresee the future and what will happen, it also allows you to go back in time by controlling the toolbar below.

Is that great? The manufacturer has brought the impossible in real life and put it into this game. When you can adjust the time, you can also correct any wrong actions to avoid being captured by robots.

game character includes the girl and the cat

The ability to perform multiple tasks

Timelie game allows you to control two characters at the same time, including the girl and the cat. This multi-tasking control is not available in almost games nowadays.

The more you dive into the game, the more feature you’ll find. As simple as controlling a cat also has various features, such as the cat can go through small holes, can sing, can ring, and more.

Difficulty increases with level

Sure, this puzzle video game will not stop at the annoying or simple levels. As you play to the higher levels, the difficulty is getting higher and higher. Of course, the level will be adjusted to the player’s experience.

Many people may worry that puzzle-solving games will become monotonous at some point. But for me, I have experienced this game and find it quite fascinating. I think one reason may be due to the increasing difficulty that makes me interested in it.

Are graphics and sounds are perfect?

If perfection is 10 points, then I give the graphics and sound of Timelie game 8 points.

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Game graphics

It can be said that Timelie game has brought a great trick to players, hiding behind the lovely, gentle shape of the character is an exquisitely designed context.

It is like a good science fiction film; in other words, it like a lab with clearly designed doorknob mechanisms. Any phases in the game are meticulously designed with lots of objects showing the true nature of a puzzle video game.

game mechanism
Game mechanism in timelie

Another point that I noticed is the bright tone in-game; in scientific terms, these tones can give better mood to players.

The detail that impressed me the most in Timelie game was the character design. The cat has very sophisticated snooping movements, and our little girl has quite a lot of gestures, which is considered the success of the development team.

However, I agree with some negative Timelie game reviews about the character’s expression, and it seems the producer has skipped this part, which made me feel desperate.

Game sounds

Regarding game sounds, I will divide it into two groups and give my assessments. Of course, it’s a personal opinion, and maybe many people don’t think so.

The two groups I’m talking about are soundtrack and sound effects. In the corner of soundtrack, I quite like it, and it combined with the graphics that created a real harmony. As for sound effects, I wouldn’t say I liked it very much because it does not have so many sound effects, but in return, I really like the cat’s sound effects.

In addition to soundtrack and sound effects, Timelie game also features an end credit soundtrack, in both English and Thai versions. This is enough to show that developer team was very focused on this game’s sound quality.

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game graphics
Game graphics


Although there are still some issues that are not good, I think that Timelie game marked an impressive journey of Urnique Studio development team. Game market nowadays is heading to light-hearted games, reducing violence, and Timelie game is a standard version of this trend.

If you have ever played Good Job, you will be familiar with Timelie gameplay, which is all suitable for young people and office workers. I’ve spent 7 hours to experience this game, but I see it is still quite long but enough for you to relax and relieve the pressure after your working day.

Timelie release date is May 21 and currently available for sale on Steam, price is only 9$ in America, but since launch week it has been discounted by 10% to 12$ if you buy full package include game and soundtrack. Currently, this game is only available on the PC version. As far as I know, the developer team is working on other operating systems; soon we will experience this game on multiple operating systems like Switch, PS4, and Xbox. Don’t forget to give your feedback on the comment section below.