Tips and tricks on how to survive Stranded Deep multiplayer

Stranded Deep multiplayer is one of the recent adventure games that provoke the fear of airplanes. The game started with a plane crash scene, and players will end up on a strange island. To survive this horrible incident, players must help their characters collect items and build tools. However, fighting the sea monsters while staying healthy is a tricky task that most beginners struggle with. This article will provide the best tips on how to survive on Stranded Deep multiplayer.

Basic plot of Stranded Deep multiplayer

In Stranded Deep multiplayer, players will follow the footstep of plane crash survivors. They are dropped on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The island itself provides many materials. Players must collect them to make hammers, rafts, campfires, etc. Stranded Deep map is very huge, and players are free to explore many exotic areas. After building a raft, players can visit other islands to gather more resources.

stranded deep multiplayer gameplay
Coconut provides a natural water source in Stranded Deep

On the way, players will encounter sea creatures that are either harmless or lethal. The goal is to survive in a dangerous environment and find a helicopter’s equipment to escape from the Pacific Ocean. The sea environment is what separates this game from other shooter survival games like Deadside and Hide or Die.

Tips and tricks on how to survive Stranded Deep multiplayer

Every survival game requires special knowledge about the wildlife, so does Stranded Deep. To survive Stranded Deep game, beginners must know how to craft initial items and understand how the health bar runs out. Some of the game’s logics will make any player confuse. Here are the tips on how to defy them like a boss!

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Manage the thirst is a must

Thirst is the worst thing that can happen in Stranded Deep multiplayer. Players are surrounded by seawater, which is inconsumable. Coconuts and water collectors are the two primary sources of hydration.

Coconuts are natural, and they can be harvested from trees on the island. Players can move around between islands to collect coconuts. The fruits exist in an abundant amount, and players can store many of them in the inventory. However, drinking too much coconut water will provoke digestive disease. It poisons the characters and drains the hydration from their system.

stranded deep multiplayer game items
How a water collector (or water still) looks like in Stranded Deep

Water collectors, on the other hand, requires some materials to build. Players must find a tarp, rocks, a flask, a lashing, and palm fronds. This water still will produce water sustainably over time, and players can store it in up to 5 flasks or drink directly from the still. The most recommended material which players use is palm fronds. Fibrous leaves are also used to make water. But they are more precious than palm leaves since players use them to make lashing for rafts. So store the materials as much as you can and use them later.

Build a good raft that withstands everything

At the beginning of Stranded Deep multiplayer, players are provided with an inflatable boat. They can move from one island to another easily. But since it is a boat that is given for free, it is not potent enough to quickly carry the characters around. Also, it doesn’t provide a safe ground for players to fight against hostile sea monsters. Therefore, it is obligated that players build their own rafts. Rafts are also used to carry the new items that players discover on other islands.

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game monster
A player’s raft attacked by the giant squid

A raft consists of 3 parts: base, floor, and propelling force. Firstly, barrels’ base is a popular choice in Stranded Deep multiplayer since it is the strongest. Players can find the barrels when exploring the shipwrecks or when navigating islands.

Secondly, floors can be crafted with various materials. But the strongest ones are made of bricks and steels. They withstand sea monsters the best.

And thirdly, players can find a motor (or any propelling force) to attach to the raft while exploring the shipwrecks. The engine will help them move around quickly and avoid dying on the sea. The stronger raft is the less likely that players are caught in a critical situation.

Prepare the spears for 3 bosses: Megalodon shark, giant eel, and giant squid

To win Stranded Deep multiplayer, facing the 3 sea monsters are inevitable. Megalodon shark, giant eel, and giant squid are a powerful trio that makes the game even more exciting. The trick to fight these 3 monsters is to stay out of the water as much as you can.

This is the case where a good raft comes in super handy. Durable rafts can carry around a great number of bandages and weapons that are essential in these combats. If the raft is poorly built, the sea monsters can flip it and pull players in the water.

Refined spears and spear guns are used to fight against sea monsters since they are very useful in ranged combats. And in this game, it is a smart choice not facing the monsters in direct battle.

stranded deep multiplayer boss in game
3 sea monsters with which players will encounter in Stranded Deep

Megalodon shark is the weakest one among the monsters, and it is also the easiest to deal with. Giant eel is the second most powerful one since it deals 2 times more damage than Megalodon. And the giant squid is the smartest and deadliest of the game. By killing these sea creatures, players will earn trophies and unlock parts of a gyrocopter. With which players will escape the Pacific Ocean and win the game.

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Thanks to its fantastic gameplay, Stranded Deep multiplayer has made it to the list of best indie adventure games. If you are tired of basic survival games that use guns, Stranded Deep is an ideal option that offers more than armed battles. There are various islands to discover and many shipwrecks to explore. Players must make good choices, or their characters will end up in the deep ocean with sea monsters. Now this game is available to download on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and MAC at 14.99$.