Top 10 Nintendo Switch game case should buy in 2020

Owning a Nintendo Switch is not easy because of its high price. Besides, buyers will also be quite confused with various accessories to ensure players have the best experience. This article will help you choose one of those items with the top 10 Nintendo Switch game cases that should buy in 2020.

Nintendo Switch is becoming popular with a lot of users because of its convenience and exciting features.

Indeed, the publisher is gradually turning an additional investment into games for this system that gives players many opportunities to access impressive games.

When many games appear more and more, they become quite a problem because you will have more game cards to preserve.

When you want to bring your Switch to school, cafe, or anywhere, they will have to accompany you because no one plays Legend of Zelda or Animal Crossing all day.

And if you do not preserve them, any fall or loss will make you regret because of the money you have spent. That is why Nintendo Switch game case becomes extremely necessary.

ninendo switch game case
Cases have become an indispensable item for any Nintendo Switch users

The choice of materials, manufacturing methods, and decorative inspiration make game cases endless, and choosing the right one for intended usage is not easy.

I have also been in this situation, and after a lot of wasting time and effort, I also found suitable Nintendo Switch game cases. Here are my top 10 and my own experiences, hope they will help you in some way.

Top 10 Nintendo Switch game cases should buy in 2020

In this article, I will refer to game cases of Nintendo Switch for the same general purpose of usage to contain, protect game cards and classify products according to their size.

Small Cases

Many gamers select these cases because of their compactness and convenience.

Their common feature that are 4 to 8 slots containing game cards and made from materials with relatively low durability like plastic. The texture is simple, and the colors are generally not worth discussing.

1. RDS Industries Protection Pack

For only $4.99, you will get a bright red Protection Pack from RDS Industries. Compact as its name, this case gives you four slots to store game cards and a smaller pack to accommodate two more SD memory cards.

I love that you can put it all into one place. The protective coating against dust and scratches made me believe. You will be given a small piece of towels to facilitate cleaning. I love it!

ninendo switch game case protection pack


  • Compact, convenient, easy to carry
  • Nice and eye-catching colors
  • Provides maximum protection for game cards in suitable price and size range


  • Impact resistance is low.

2. Orzly Games Case Holder and Protector

I like the most about this Nintendo Switch game case because there are four colors to choose. This helps you to set specific rules for preserving game cards as you will be able to choose which colors
are the best match with each game type.

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Different from products of RDS Industries, these cases are made in folded form. That means there will be two sides for you to hold up to 4 game cards and easily take away, but they will be folded to increase the thickness. This increases the ability to resist light and moderate impacts.

ninendo switch game case orzly store

Tight seals help limit dust that can get through case slots while internal clips help increase the ability to hold game cards.

Overall, this is a pretty comprehensive product.


  • Design with many colors
  • Good anti-collision ability
  • Reasonable price and excellent customer support from the publisher


  • The thickness is quite large, sometimes making it difficult for anyone to tuck this product into a pocket or purse.

3. Funlab Premium Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch

Let’s level up a bit with the design from Funlab. When I held it in my hand, it felt like I had just received a gift from Tony Stark (Ironman). The aluminum outer shell and cutting foam give the product a luxury but no less solid. The contours on the case body are made extremely perfect.

Firstly, the quality of this Nintendo Switch game case is also impressive. The slots are designed softly to prevent game cards from being scratched when inserted but with additional edges to stop the product from falling out.

ninendo switch game case funlab

There are two sides to help you hold six cards. And you can be assured that the thickness of this case has been reduced to the maximum so you can slip into your front pockets.


  • Nice face design
  • High impact resistance
  • Preserving cards well and making it easy for users to move cards


  • Some users complain that the outside colors are not the same as in the pictures.

4. ProCase Nintendo Switch Case

To finish off the small case list, I will introduce you to a high-end product: ProCase Nintendo Switch Case. This is the product I am using, and you can totally be assured of its quality.

The professional design of this Nintendo Switch game case helps you not only store up to 8 game cards inside but your Nintendo Switch and other accessories such as charger… will also have a “warm nest”.

The texture of the plastic and rubber is wrapped together with zips and straps makes this case an elegant appearance and extremely durable. Inside, game cards will be held tightly inside the straps. This helps minimize scratches and create scientific designs because there will be enough space for your device.

ninendo switch game case pro case

And finally, what I love the most is mesh to keep charger, cable… This is like having a professional entertainment system with you on your trip.


  • Large size designed scientifically
  • Premium material with high durability
  • Valuable for money you spend


  • The zipper is slightly degraded after a period of use

Medium Cases

If you are a bit more ambitious in bringing more game cards to your trip, these medium cases will probably fit the small ones. With 8 to 15 slots, you won’t have to fret much when deciding which entertainment element to bring along with you. And this is my selection list.

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1. 10 in 1 Metal Switch Game Card Case for Nintendo

If you are a simple man, this product is for you. In my opinion, BagTu’s products are designed to contain game cards when they provide you with eight slots and two slots for SD memory cards.

These storage slots are softly designed with EVA technology to minimize scratches on game cards, and finger design makes it easy to take them out.

This case’s exterior is made of steel for maximum safety, but its weight does not become heavy. With reasonable raw material control, the weight of the entire device is only 67 grams.

Compactness and convenience are all things that can be said about this product.

metal game case


  • Compact, lightweight
  • Stable storage capacity


  • Pretty boring design

2. PDP Deluxe Travel Case

I like the space arranged inside this product. And figuratively speaking, this case is like the larger version of Nintendo Switch Case ProCase.

It provides you with 14 slots to store game cards, a grid system to hold a charging socket, and an extension cord. More than that, there is a large basin below for you to stuff your gaming machine and your Nintendo Switch console.

convenient game case for traveling

An extremely durable EVA outer shell gives users a sense of security. This product is integrated with a rubber handle for easy movement. All these utilities are integrated for only $ 12. Do you think this is a bargain?


  • Scientific design with large storage space
  • Reasonable price
  • Zipper and rubber handle help users bring along easily


  • Zips will be tight after a period of use

3. PDP Nintendo Switch Zelda Breath of the Wild Premium Travel Case

Sorry to anti-Zelda people, but this case will be a little personal. I choose it for my case collection because of the great inspiration this game brings and affects me. This product is designed in the form of a long wallet with two distinct compartments.

One side will provide you with 14 slots to store game cards. On the other side will be a separate bag system that helps you carry your Switch and accessories such as chargers or cords. The product’s highlight comes from both an intaglio and an embossed texture system directly inspired by Breath of the Wild.

game case Zelda style for Switch

The most significant minus point of the product doesn’t have waterproof. It would help if you were careful when you intend to take it traveling in places with high humidity or water.


  • Spacious storage space
  • Lightweight
  • There are a zipper and a clean rag to help you with the use
  • Beautifully designed


  • Not waterproof
  • A few users complained about the zipper system
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Large Cases

If two types of cases above still do not satisfy you, your requirements seem quite high. When it comes to large cases, I also have my standards. Want a great product? I want a product with multiple functions. Let’s see what we have.

1. HORI Game Card Case 24 for Nintendo Switch

In familiar order, we will go from what is simple first. With HORI products, you will be provided with a superior storage model for game cards. The outer shell of this product is used hard materials to increase its resistance by the publisher.

The beautifully designed storage trays specialize in the design of the product. Each tray will have 4 to 6 slots, and they are stacked to save up to the maximum area. All of that only. Simple, right?

Switch game case from Hori

2. RDS Industries Nintendo Switch System Carrying Case

Do you like the compact design of RDS Industries Protection Pack? And this is what you get when choosing your super-upgraded version.

You will have an opportunity to bring everything related to your Switch from Joy-Cons, Analog Sticks to chargers, and auxiliary cables. The internal vacuum lining felt gives a soft feel and increases adhesion to minimize damage to your devices.

And of course, we can’t forget the main character of the show: two multi-game cases with eight slots and two SD card slots.

All of the above structure is covered by a Ballistic Nylon coating accompanied by the brilliant Nintendo logo.

game case with black ballistic nylon


  • All you need is in a compact design with all the functions


  • Cases containing game cards have relatively low capacity.

3. PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag for Nintendo Switch

The case from PowerA will turn you into a true artist on your gaming machine. I will not say much but let you discover by yourself. But surely you will be shocked to know how professional this product’s design is.

Each part of your Switch will have its own “customer care” area. And of course, you can be assured of game cards’ destiny because there is no specific holder for your games, but you can easily store them in one of many pockets.

You can choose from three colors: gray-black, Super Mario Bros, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Switch game case from PowerA


  • Take the world with you
  • Customizable shoulder straps
  • Three color options


  • This is for the rich
  • There is no room reserved for game cards
  • Not waterproof


How to choose a suitable Nintendo Switch game case for your own? There is no exact answer to this question. But for me, the most important thing is your purpose.

If you need a small case for the trip, if you want a comprehensive case to store cards and protect your gaming device… think carefully. Then, criteria like price, materials, design… will help you find your soulmate. So, what are your options?