Top 10 Upcoming Horror Games of 2020

If you are a fan of scary games, 2020 will be an excellent year for you. It can be said that 2020 is the booming period of scary game series; each game is heavily invested in impressive features and graphics. All make a colourful game market, where gamers are satisfied with their passion. In this article, we will introduce to you about Top 10 Best Upcoming Horror Games of 2020.

1.Little Nightmares 2 – Expected release time: The summer of 2020

The first name we want to talk about in the TOP upcoming horror game is Little Nightmares 2; this is a game that creates heat for the game market. If you are a horror game lover, I am sure you already know version 1 of Little Nightmares, this version was released in 2017 and is considered the most attractive game of the year. You know, Little Nightmares 2 promises to be even more exciting than version 1.

little nightmares 2 thumbnail

According to the released trailer, Little Nightmares 2 will have more characters and more enemies, which means you can play with your friends in this arena. One of the outstanding success of Little Nightmares is the atmosphere of terror, creating a constant sense of fear, so it creates even more excitement for players. Especially you can play this game with the Nintendo switch; Little Nightmares 2 is rated as one of the most impressive Nintendo switch horror games.

2.World of Horror – Expected release time: Feb 20, 2020

World of Horror is a game with black & white graphic. When it comes to this graphic, I think you can imagine its horror. I think the developer – Panstasz is trying to make something a little different from what fans have played in other types of games.

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Manufacturers share more, World of Horror will not go in the direction of fear because of the action; this game will create fear from the atmosphere. Besides, the game will have many characters; it will focus on story, puzzle, and how to fight in turn.

world of horror is coming soon

3.Remothered: Broken Porcelain – Expected release time: The summer of 2020

Broken porcelain is also known as a survival horror game; it brings a breath of new life; players will participate in the adventure full of obsession.

You will find it fascinating to discover the secrets buried in Ashmann Inn, and dangers hide many secrets. Of course, to survive and discover secrets, players must be brilliant and react quickly.

remothered broken porcelain in upcoming horror games

4.Dreadful Bond – Expected release time: the end of 2020

Dreadful Bond is the work of famous director Mr Dario Argento. Mr Dario Argento used his experience to create Dreadful Bond; it is not a regular game but also a great short film made from horror-style game tools.

Dreadful Bond is heavily invested in context; it is scary with strange sounds. All will increase the drama of this game.

dreadful main in upcoming horror games

5.Anthology of Fear – Expected release time: Q1 2020

The psychological horror game Anthology of Fear is in development for Switch, and this Nintendo switch horror game will be released in Q1 2020.

Anthology of Fear is a psychological horror game with three independent stories that take place at different times, such as the 20th century, contemporary history and an indefinite period of memory.

Coming to Anthology of Fear, you will have different experiences in each context. The game brings feelings of ambiguity and fear; each separate part will bring different fears and players will have a lot of expeditions, escapes, fights, and hunting.

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6.GhostWire: Tokyo – Expected release time: Q3 2020

You can call GhostWire a kind of action-adventure game or a survival horror game. GhostWire: Tokyo has the context in Tokyo Japan, but the hidden terror in it seems to range from ancient supernatural creatures to souls. Before the mass disappearances, you will face mysteries and meet urban legends and struggling to survive in this ghost city.

7.Resident Evil 8 – Expected release time: the end of 2020

After the unexpected success of Resident Evil 7, fans of horror games are more eager to welcome Resident Evil  8. Currently, there are many rumours about this game; it is rumoured that Chris Redfield -the protagonist of RV7 will return. Besides, the plot will increase the fear of the presence of zombie and female ghosts. All create Resident Evil 8 dramatic and fearful. So we can not ignore this game series will talk about the Top 10 most impressive upcoming horror games of 2020.

resident evil 8 in upcoming horror games

8.Elden Ring – Expected release time: June 2020

Ranked No. 8 in the Top upcoming horror games is Elden Ring. Although the Elden Ring is not a typical scary game, I am sure it will have some scary images in a strange world. The trailer is to show a hand inside a deformed arm, and the whole thing feels super weird. The Elden Ring creates a mysterious and fearsome atmosphere, in addition to the continually changing illusions that will bring interest to the player.

9.The Superman (Bloodlines 2) – Expected release time: March 2020

After the unexpected success of part 1, Bloodlines 2 became an attractive topic of the gaming market in 2020. This game attracted the attention of fans by an exciting storyline with bloodthirsty actors. Bloodlines 2 has context at night; this is the ideal time for horror games. This time increases the fear and excites the player. Bloodlines 2 is not only a horror game but also an intellectual game; it requires the intelligence of the player when selecting allies and working together to fight enemies.

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bloodlines 2

10. The last of us 2 – Expected release time: May 2020

The last of us 2 tells about the survival journey of the 19-year-old girl – Ellie in an environment full of infected creatures. The game is surprising by the constantly changing scenes, Ellie will have to move quietly in the forest, face the danger around and quickly defeat the enemy. Experts said this horror game would have more surprises than in part 1.

the last of us 2

Above are the TOP 10 upcoming horror games that will be released in 2020. I am sure you will have an exciting year with surprises that the gaming world brings you.