Top five of the sexy cosplayers all time

Cosplay has long been a part of contemporary world culture. And cosplayers are ambassadors who bring this fun to the masses. The following article will introduce you to five of the sexy cosplayers of all time – people who can make your heart dance with their hotness and charm. Read and enjoy it!

What did you know about cosplay and cosplayers?

Before coming to the “extremely attractive main course” let me start with basic features of one of the most different and interesting cultures in the world: Cosplay.

Can we start from inspiration? Have you ever encountered a situation like this: Some stories are so good that they inspire people to transform into characters created by the authors.

There are such impressive films that images in that work haunt you even in your dreams. My friend, have you ever experienced that feeling? And cosplay will be the door that leads you to that magical world.

cosplay festival always have many sexy cosplayers
Cosplay is gradually becoming a part of contemporary culture


Cosplay stands for “costume” and “roleplay”. And to put it merely, cosplay is the form of role-playing with costumes.

True to its name, through costumes, young people simulate characters from comics, fantasy movies, characters in-game, or anyone they love.

Thereby, they express their passion for this new art as well as express their personality in each character they choose to cosplay.

If you think cosplay has only recently appeared, you’re wrong. Like any culture, it has a very long history of development before attracting as many people as it is today.

Cosplay culture originated in the late 1960s in the US. In sci-fi conventions, there are some repertoires of people dressed up as characters in fictional works, called masquerade.

But not stopping there, cosplay has proven to be pervasive beyond its geographical boundaries. You can call it a culture because it has spread to many other countries like Italy, Philippines, Malaysia.

And surprisingly, Japan is where cosplay has been developing most strongly starting in 1978. And that’s when the cosplayer concept was born.

You may confuse cosplay costumes with Halloween costumes that take place every year.

Because each cosplayer shows his character, they have to express his own stories, personalities, and characteristics.

Cosplayers must makeup, hair to match their character. Not only looks like actors, but also actors have to prepare the gait, the pose, and most importantly, show the inner personality of each character.

The spread of cosplaying

When cosplay grows to a higher level, one can consider this as its primary job.

Cosplayers need to have passion, high skills, and of course, something separate if they want to create their highlight in a potential but extremely different market.

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No one has set a standard for cosplayers. They can be male, female, or anyone as long as their costumes and charisma capture viewers.

However, the most successful of course, we cannot deny that female cosplayers are entirely dominant.

The charm, charisma, and attitude of investing in each outfit make viewers sometimes forget that they are watching a performance. So, what are the sexiest statues in the cosplay world? The following list of sexy cosplayers may stun you.

Top five of the sexy cosplayers all time

1. Enako

Originated from United States, but the country that makes wings for cosplay culture to fly away is the land of cherry blossoms – Japan.

In a place where cosplay events take place with such a high frequency, you have no difficulty finding yourself sexy cosplayers.

However, anything too is not good. Too many talented and excellent cosplayers make people feel “superabundant” sometimes.

In such a competitive market, there are still talented people who are making people mention their names when learning about Japanese cosplay culture.

Enako is one of those people.

enako feature image

Why Enako is famous?

In cosplay circles in Japan and some Asian countries, Enako is a name that is no stranger. The 25-year-old girl has a beautiful face, bright, sexy body, and of course a cosplay desirable ability.

Taking advantage of appearance, Enako can transform into many characters with different shapes. Whenever appearing at cosplay events, 9X is always the focus of attention.

In 2016, Enako gained attention when announcing through a TV program that she could earn more than one million yen (about $ 9,300) per month thanks to cosplay.

Since then, 9X’s reputation has skyrocketed, and products such as photo books and magazines have attracted the interest of netizens.

When attending the Comiket 2019 festival – one of the eight most prominent manga and anime events in Japan, held twice a year – Enako transformed into the cartoon character Ultimate Madoka. Her beautiful, cute appearance became the center of attention of many photographers.

Her cosplays

Because the number of people who want to take her pictures, organizers have arranged a photoshoot in the middle of meadow away from the official cosplay area dedicated to 9X.

enako is one of the sexy cosplayers enako is one of the sexy cosplayers enako is one of the sexy cosplayers enako is one of the sexy cosplayers

enako is one of the sexy cosplayers

With increasing popularity, Enako is currently one of the “earnest” cosplayers in cosplay society, not only in Japan but also in the world.

Sharing on the Jikkuri Kiitarou TV show, the girl born in 1994 said she now can make about one million yen for each commercial.

Besides, her income comes from selling photo books, souvenirs, and attending events. Each of her 76-page photo books, sold for 2,500 yen (about US $ 25), often tops the list of bestsellers. In 2018 alone, this sexy cosplayer has pocketed around 30 million yen (about $ 280,000), a dream number for many cosplayers. Besides cosplay, 9X also modeled and participated in voiceover.

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Currently, 9X’s page has more than 600,000 followers. Each image updated by her always attracts tens of thousands of “drop hearts” and praise comments from netizens.

2. Xiao Rou – SeeU

If you are looking to say where cosplay culture has the most influence, China will be a perfect address. And SeeU is one of the pioneers for the new generation of cosplayers in this world’s most populous country. Xiao Rou was born on December 31, 1991, currently living and working in Shanghai – China.

Xiao Rou is a beautiful girl, possessing a babyface of elementary school students despite her actual age of nearly 30 years, fair skin like baby skin, pretty lips, big eyes, and glitter. Every time she smiles that sunny smile melts many fan hearts.

However, people love her not only her beauty but also her attitude and enthusiasm when participating in cosplay.

Xiao Rou is very serious when making her cosplay photos, she “synchronizes” her passion and charisma, profoundly and accurately to every detail, from expressions to actions, gestures of people.

It can be said that in cosplay, Xiao Rou has done an excellent job of transmitting spirit, blowing the soul into every photo of her.

Not only one of the most famous sexy cosplayers in the world, but SeeU also has a very diverse transformation style.

jessica nigri is one of the sexy cosplayers jessica nigri is one of the sexy cosplayers jessica nigri is one of the sexy cosplayers jessica nigri is one of the sexy cosplayers jessica nigri is one of the sexy cosplayers

Each time she releases a new cosplay album, she receives support from thousands of fans across the country, fans follow and update Xiao Rou’s news day and night on social networking sites, and website has reached millions.

Even when you enter Google search with Xiao Rou, it will show 3 million results in just 0.35s – a dream number for any coser.

3. Jessica Nigri

It would be a mistake not to mention the representatives from the birthplace of Cosplay culture.

And representing the American cosplay community is none other than Jessica Nigri – a hot, sexy cosplayer. She was born on August 5, 1989, in Nevada, and now lives in New Zealand – USA.

jessica nigri is one of the sexy cosplayers jessica nigri jessica nigri jessica nigri jessica nigri

Jessica Nigri is currently a cosplayer cum model and a famous YouTuber.

She started her cosplay career in 2009, modeling photos in 2012 and acting as the official spokeswoman for many games and comics, including Lollipop Chainsaw and Assassin’s Creed.

Besides, she also participated in the field of drama and television. She works in a group called XX Girl and Kat Gunn, specializing in in-game and cosplay activities.

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She quickly gained worldwide fame thanks to her hot body and her passionate enthusiasm for cosplay. Most of her characters are from popular movies and games, so she quickly gained the popularity of cosplayers and gamers.

Jessica is a famous cosplayer in the world with countless high-profile cosplay photos.

She has been invited to major events and festivals at home and abroad, such as Arizona Comic Con 2011, Anime Expo 2012, Anime Revolution 2012 and 2013, AVCon 2013, Montreal Comiccon 2013, Anime South, Ottawa Pop Expo as an honorary guest.

Currently, with her talents in all areas, Jessica has nearly 5,000,000 followers on her page and thousands of fans on all forums related to her, which is a remarkable achievement for female cosplayers. This American.

4. Ying Tze

Ying Tze is a beautiful female cosplayer, born on June 12, 1995, in Malaysia. After graduating with a degree in fashion design at a top fashion university in Malaysia, she spent a lot of time and achieved countless success in cosplay.

ying tze is one of the sexy cosplayers ying tze is one of the sexy cosplayers ying tze is one of the sexy cosplayers ying tze is one of the sexy cosplayers ying tze is one of the sexy cosplayers

Ying Tze joined cosplay in 2005, and she designed her cosplay costume. She loves cats, games, anime, and manga, which is what helped her come to cosplay culture.

Since 2010, she has been traveling to different countries in Asia and interacting with a lot of people who have similar interests to cosplay. It inspired her to know the face and genre of cosplay and get to know more people around the world.

5. Calssara

Our journey around the world with sexy cosplayers will end in the Federal Republic of Germany with Calssara.

Her real name is Bell, and she is 26 years old this year. Her hobbies are sewing, drawing, and being a tea lover. This is quite a surprise because they have almost nothing to do with cosplay culture.

calssara is one of the sexy cosplayers calssara is one of the sexy cosplayers calssara calssara is one of the sexy cosplayers calssara

Calssara started her career in 2004, attending many cosplay events and festivals. From here, the name Calssara also became famous.

She is a female cosplayer with a model-like body, a face that attracted more than 100,000 fans making the German cosplay community interested.

She was also the winner of the European Cosplay Contest 2011.


There are still a lot of other sexy cosplayers that I would recommend. However, the five girls above really won my heart. And you, who is your favorite list? Please not hesitate to share it with us. And you can follow Top 10 Upcoming Horror Games of 2020 to update the list game will be coming soon this year.