Townscaper Review for PC (Simulation Game)

The simulation games with construction style are not new, but its comfortable space and lovely graphics have convinced many demanding players. And just like Oskar Stalberg, game developer said: “This is more of a toy than a video game.” Townscaper gave me gentle moments throughout the experience. And are you ready to try it, the architects of the future?

Perhaps after the glorious years of hardcore games with rich graphics systems and complex content, players gradually look for the right entertainment products.

They are products that can create them moments of relaxation after a tiring working day.
After the success of Fall Guys and Among Us, Townscaper is considered the next “unicorn” with simple gameplay that is conquering global players with “extremely positive” feedback on Steam.

Warning: My Townscaper review is essentially the emotions I gathered during the game. I hope it won’t upset you.

Are you looking for a story? Oh, nothing here!

Townscaper is simple indeed. And when I’ve used that word, you can literally get it. For many years, Townscaper is the best simulation game I’ve ever played. You won’t have any stories to explore, no princesses to save, no monsters to defeat, or items to find. All you need to do is build, build, and build.

Inspired by the architecture of Scandinavian cities like Stockholm and Copenhagen, as well as from children’s books, Oskar Stålberg’s title is like a Lego puzzle, and you will be the one to put the first brick to create a town of its own.

And that is all. Quite boring, right? But with the experience of someone who has worked in the video game industry for eight years, I know Oskar Stålberg will not let us down.

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game graphics
The starting point is very simple, isn’t it?

Chance to make your dream of becoming an architect a reality

I’ll start with simple things first. Do you think an entire town appears after clicks? Townscaper allows you to do just that with elementary operations. Manipulation of this game is straightforward as it only involves left-click to build and right-click to destroy.

Start from scratch

Starting with the house foundation, the blocks can then be assembled, stacked on top of each other, or stacked side by side in any way depending on the player’s preference.

You will have an open space, and your job is simply to create a platform large enough for your town to thrive on top. Townscaper gameplay will not force players to “plan” where to build houses and build roads for “people” to live, but only one task is building houses.

You can build whatever you want, build Burj Khalifa towers in a layered style, build cities in the middle of the sea, or even create a city within cities. Thanks to this, the player’s imagination and creativity can be maximized. Heavy emphasizes creating an overall structure, but not so that game makers forget the details in the game.

townscaper gameplay
The grid will expand more and more as your town grows

I am incredibly impressed with the birds perched on overlapping rooftops or the rows of benches along the two sides of the road so that the little ones can rest after their outing. It is special that such items appear randomly. And that makes it also a delightful journey for you to create roads when you do not know what items will appear to adorn them.

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Building adjacent houses, the space in the middle will automatically have rows of trees and wooden chairs. Stålberg is very good at applying the tools of the Unity engine to optimize each project in the game. When you create a closed structure, the space between the houses becomes a common courtyard.

If you have the urge to stack a multi-storey house up to become a lighthouse tower or build a house close to the beach, there will be stairs going up and down. The details are processed by algorithms that bring elements cute and interesting such as mailbox, rooftop gull, tiny Wellington boots on the doorstep, etc. I couldn’t ask for more. Every piece is taken care of, showing a serious investment.

townscaper game sound
The details of the buildings are meticulously constructed to the maximum extent

The emancipation in Townscaper gameplay has more opportunities to be shown when people do not have to worry about natural disasters, about opponents demanding to take over the city, not having to think about resources to build houses.

Then keep building

“Build, build, and build” as I said. Getting your imagination to fly away is the only task you have to do. Along with houses built close to the water, with recent updates, I have created magnificent castles floating in the air.

Besides my openness and creativity strengths, what I’m thinking about is what you can do after you’ve created your dream town. Is a photo with the Townscaper hashtag to show off “new wonders of the world” is enough? To me, this game is still just relaxing. I want something that players can interact within their town more. Do you agree with me?

game item
Here are a few designs you can refer to

High-end graphics and sound in Townscaper gameplay

True to what Oskar Stålberg shares, the feelings Townscaper brings are precisely like an adventure to the beautiful Mediterranean. The colors used in the game are very light and bright, making it easy for players to approach. Along with that, as I have analyzed, every detail in the game is paid attention to the maximum.

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The meticulousness combined with the algorithms almost makes players not have to worry about the “side dishes” that come with your dream town’s main course. Arranging a color palette right next to makes it easy to make your choice. It all depends on your aesthetic perspective only.

The sound of Townscaper is also minimized to the maximum when all you feel is just the sound of materials sinking into the seafloor. And what drives the player’s soul is the melodious background music. A real relaxation!

townscaper final result
A real masterpiece, isn’t it?

Townscaper release information

Among the countless games released during the Covid-19 translation, Townscaper game still has its place. It’s been almost 4 months since this stimulation game was released (Townscaper’s official release date is June 30, 2020), but it still has its own charm. And with its fantastic capacity (only about 100 MB) and a comfortable price (only about $4), I think Townscaper game deserves a chance to appear on your gaming device.


During a time when everything made adults worry like this, it wasn’t easy to find a ticket to a carefree childhood, just play a gentle song and enter a relaxing game like Townscaper.
Along with Barn Finders and Skelattack, I think this is one of the games worth experiencing the most. Thanks a lot for reading my Townscaper review.