Urban Trial Tricky Review for Switch (Racing Game)

After experiencing many different types of games, players recently have returned to adventure games, and a famous name is Urban Trial Tricky. It is the exclusive game of Switch. The game goal is to use tricks to get the highest score.

With Urban Trial Tricky, I want to share that this game is suitable for adventure lovers, so if you are an adventure lover, do not miss it. Urban Trial Tricky has brought me a whole range of emotions ranging from excitement, interest to fear, and I believe you’ll feel the same way I do. If you want to know more about those emotions, read through the article below.

Urban Trial Tricky gameplay, unique stuff

Like other adventure games, the plot of Urban Trial Tricky is also quite simple; you play the main character and start the racing journey despite gravity.

Become a crazy trickster!

In simple terms, you need to hold the seat very firmly and perform tricks skillfully with your vehicle. You can perform steps in the air, spin, move back and forth. If you are a newbie, I think you will feel dizzy because Urban Trial Tricky is quite fast-paced, with colorful images and smooth controls.

Creating your own style

Of course, Urban Trial Tricky is not a boring party the manufacturer has prepared for you. You can choose attractive menu items that suit your taste and help you become more sophisticated.

After getting used to the game, you can shape your playing style and know what you like and need. To get the favorite items, you have to overcome the game’s challenges to open the important milestones.

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game graphics

Push yourself and others to greatness!

Urban Trial Tricky producer understands that any player who participates in the game needs to be entertained and relieve pressure. Still, they also want to conquer the challenges to rise in the rankings. Of course, you will become a great man in this game who can rule the entire classification.

Trust me, that feeling will give you a lot of motivation and not every game you get. And to achieve that position, you have to complete all the challenges that the game offers.

Lots of outstanding features

First of all, I have to assert that Urban Trial Tricky is an exciting game. I rarely give special compliments to adventure games because I feel that most of these games are quite similar, nothing special. However, I am very impressed with the features that the manufacturer has built with this game, and I find that many Urban Trial Tricky reviews also agree with me.

Exciting casual gameplay

The game has all the basic features of adventure games.

Fantastic variety of tricks, platforming, and racing

You will not have any dull moments when experiencing Urban Trial Tricky because it has so many real tips, different platforms, and rules.

urban trial tricky game sound

Killer tricks and loads of combos

A scary horror element in the game is the murder trick

Super-smooth experience in 60 FPS

I’m sure there are many times you get frustrated and annoyed when playing games with slow speed, but with this game, you will experience a great smooth platform.

Three single-player modes

Depending on your preferences and play habits, you can choose from 3 different game modes: Trick, Timed, and Competitive.

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Trick: The trick mode’s goal is to use methods to get as many points as possible.

Timed: You need to finish the course as quickly as possible.

Competition: The competitive mode is quite similar to Trick in that you have to perform tricks, but only the ones you are reminded of by the game.

Over 30 levels + side challenges

I like games with many levels like Urban Trial Tricky; this game brings many different levels, and higher levels will have additional challenges for players. Thanks to that, I did not encounter many difficulties when I was a newbie, and I did not get bored when I was familiar with it.

urban trial tricky gameplay

Aerial tricks

Once you have unlocked the aerial tricks, you can download six types of tricks to equipping, and they are – basic / tank.

Soundtrack may vary

The difference between Urban Trial Tricky and other Nintendo Switch games is that you can choose background music. When the game’s music has many different genres, you can select the music you love and even listen to the game’s entire music collection.

Colorful graphics

The game offers a fun, eye-catching context with many different colors. There you will feel fresh and dynamic. However, I must emphasize that sometimes these patches of color can make you feel dazzled if you move too fast.

A limited number of points

Although I like its gameplay and features, I can not deny that it has some bad points.

No touchscreen support

You can only play the Switch version Urban Trial Tricky and can’t play on the touch screen, I wouldn’t say I like this, and I think you too.

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You have to unlock the levels as you go

If you do not pass a level, you will be stuck at that level. This is hard for many players, as is my friend. She almost had to give up the game because she couldn’t get past the 21st level, but I helped her, and thanks to that, she felt that she could continue the game.

game items

Getting stuck on scenery

That means your journey will sometimes be interrupted, and I have yet to find an answer to this confusing phenomenon, but it annoys me.

Above are my Urban Trial Tricky reviews, it can be expressed in detail through the following transcript:


Urban Trial Tricky release date is May 26, 2020. So far, there have been many people who experience the game and give different reviews. My share in this article is my personal opinion and views after learning about judgments and drawing the most objective conclusions.

Compared to Nintendo Switch games, Urban Trial Tricky is a perfect game, it is very smooth and does not cause discomfort for players. The keys are locked, but it will give you a great experience when overcoming these difficulties. Overall I like Urban Trial Tricky gameplay and the features of game. Although this game still has some drawbacks, it’s a great game for $ 14.99.