Visage game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Do you know Visage – a masterpiece in horror games? If you don’t know or understand enough about this game yet, let follow us and find out some information through this Visage game review.

Over the years, the gaming world has gotten hotter with a lot of horror games. Of course, every game is more or less attractive to the player. However, to talk about a definite breakthrough, it can only be Visage game.

This game reminds people about Kpojima’s thriller PT, which is considered as a short demo of Silent Hills. A game that has been canceled a long time ago, which causes much regret for the player. The advent of this game has satisfied player expectations and it converges all elements of a horror masterpiece.

The difference between Visage and other games

This game raises many difficult problems for first-time playing. Not like other horror game type, it has an entirely different color. The game is even more special than Home Sweet Home – a famous horror game in recent years.

Visage requires players to be agile because they will always face unusual things, never seen in other scray games. It is the weirdness and constant change that character psychology also changes continuously.

Visage’s manufacturer said that they love all horror games but they are most impressed with the psychological horror and they wish that bringing to market a psychical blockbuster. Of course, Visage game is a realization of their wish.

It’s not a game scary from every angle. It’s a mix of fear and transformation in character psychology. Players will always face surprises and uncover secrets behind it. Many situations are so dramatic that some players feel embarrassed when they encounter trivial conditions.

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Visage has built for players eager to discover, conquer, heighten the courage to face many ghosts that are hovering around them.

visage gameplay

Is Visage’s plot hard to understand?

A lot of Visage game review say that manufacturer gives this game a mess because of too many elements appear when you enter the role. We also think these judgments are right. However, we found that the combination of so many aspects in the game depicted the Visage story.

Visage takes place during the 1980s in a house from a remote town. Over the years, many households came here, and they suffered a brutal death under many different circumstances:

You will play as Anderson – the protagonist of this game and start collecting mysterious information about the house. First of all, you will see images of those who are tied up in here, their hurting eyes as if they are begging you to save them.

When you have to witness deaths left behind, you will understand enough how scary your destination is?. The next story is that you have to uncover many secrets of this house and avoid spirits trying to kill you.

visage game story
The victim was imprisoned in the house

Graphics creates a psychological horror background

Every aspect of this game from light to texture has put together a scary but still very subtle horror scene. Many Visage game review articles have rated the game’s graphics is very excellent; it has just described the nature of a psychological horror game while creating a harmonious context for this game.

If you’ve ever played Infliction, you will find this scene quite familiar. The color combination of 2 games has similarities with each other.

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In Visage, light is the only source that protects you from ghosts who try to chase you in the night. Lighting also helps you feel the subtlety of the old house’s design with extremely creative details from the manufacturer.

The design interface of Visage supports the status expression of characters. For example, the screen has a brain icon, when the brain fades, that means your character becomes uncomfortable. This will help you so much when playing.

Some other Visage game review from game critics who say it is the simplest but also the most complex game. Are you feeling confusing? I will explain a bit.

When looking from context to character, you will find it quite simple, but each graphic detail has its hidden messages, and the character’s mentality will continuously be fluctuating.

Every element must be carefully considered to ensure that the psychological atmosphere for the game. That’s why manufacturers choose to go with a realistic environment that is not the same as the cartoon graphics in other games.

visage game graphics
Visage uses realistic graphics, not animated graphics

The sound increases player’s panic

It was the sound design that created a scary, unforgettable feeling for Visage. Of course, this panic can distract you and spend a lot of your time.

You can imagine that you are exploring this house when suddenly you hear a sound that you know surely that this is not a house’s sound. At that time, we guess that you will feel extremely panicked, especially as the sound gets closer to you.

The combination of game sounds gives a terrifying feeling. Even some Visage game review also rate this game sound like mental terror.

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scene in visage gameplay
Visage gameplay

How to buy this game?

Visage release date was on October 2, 2018. After more than two years of launching day, Manufacturer has developed the game on many different platforms, such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. So, you can play the game in your own way. Visage is being sold for $ 24.99, which is excellent, it’s even cheaper than the price of Blair Witch.

You can buy Visage game easily by creating accounts on Steam and buying online. If you have any difficulties, you can contact customer service or ask people who have played the game. After launch two years, Visage had countless players, and we believe it’s not difficult to find people to answer your questions about buying or playing.


Although there were many negative Visage game review about its chaos from critics, we think this game was successful because it brought a new breeze to the gaming market, a type of psychological horror game that enough portrayed the value of it.

The combination of realistic graphics and unexpected sounds has created an innovative and attractive scene. The mental change of characters constantly because of sudden situations will make you more interested. Maybe you’re thinking, we’re hyped up about benefits of Visage game, but trust me, it’ll make you happy.