Wash your eyes with Mashu cosplay in Fate / Grand Order

Mashu Kyrielight is not only an impressive character in the Fate / Grand Order game but also extremely hot with coser Moegan’s expression.

For gamers, Fate / Grand Order is one of successful games inspired by manga anime with the same title. It’s also famous with extremely infamous praying and Gatcha move from the community, but the most impressive character in Fate with gamers is Mashu Kyrielight. Mashu Kyrielight is also known as Shielder and the first servant that gamers easily get acquainted with when joining the Fate / Grand Order world. Until now, she is the only servant who has 3-star and 4-star with unique skills like Ascension and Noble Phantasm.

mashu cosplay

That is how popular it is, but it is the strong beauty of Mashu that is a great source of inspiration for Fate / Grand Order gamers and cosplayer communities around the world. And recently, the beautiful coser Moegan has brought a special unique set of photos that completely captures the strong beauty mixed with the charm of the Mashu girl in Dancer version. Let’s enjoy this hot cosplay with Us!

mashu cosplay 14 mashu cosplay 13 mashu cosplay 12 mashu cosplay 11 mashu cosplay 10 mashu cosplay 9 mashu cosplay 8 mashu cosplay 7 mashu cosplay 6 mashu cosplay 5 mashu cosplay 4 mashu cosplay 3 mashu cosplay 2 mashu cosplay 1


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