Welcome to Hanwell Review for Switch (Horror Game)

If you love psychological horror games, Welcome to Hanwell is the ideal choice for you. Let’s find out about Welcome to Hanwell review through the following article.

If you love horror games, you can know Welcome to Hanwell. It is released by Nathan Seedhouse and is considered an attractive horror action game over the years. Especially the Nintendo Switch horror game version is even more attractive. What impressed me most was the atmosphere of the game. It takes players to different levels of emotions, surprises, fears, struggles. Coming to the game, players will explore new perspectives in an open world with a lot of terror and danger; they need to complete the goal and escape from that strange world.

Welcome to Hanwell not only does have a compelling storyline, but it also has many other outstanding features. If you are a fan of horror games, this game is an excellent choice for you. Now let’s find out Welcome to Hanwell review article to see if this game is interesting.

scene in game welcome to hanwell
You will be alone with simple weapons

Background of a terrifying world

Welcome to Hanwell reviews said this game always exist unexpected noises, which further increase the drama and frightening of the game. Hanwell Street is deserted, hidden in haunting fog and roads full of abandoned vehicles. The animals roam all over the street and can attack you at any time. What you do with them is up to you, you have to hurry and pick up anything on the road to combat learning or run fast and don’t look back. Rest assured, Nintendo Switch horror game version will help you quickly pick up and run away

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In Welcome to Hanwell, you can explore many different environments. From houses, pubs, parks, shops, supermarkets, and government buildings. Every location has surprises waiting for you.

monster in welcome to hanwell game
Sometimes you will have to encounter wondrous animals

Impressive horror plot

The first horror picture you see in the psychological horror game is terrifying, you will crawl out of the fridge in the hall’s morgue. As soon as you exit the refrigerator, you will be moved to a mansion. Here, you will be tasked with finding the six identity card fragments of a resident who has been scattered across town by the crazy doctor.

Get the pieces of this card you can access to confront the mastermind behind the town’s demise. Of course, this task is not easy; you will pass 165 collections scattered throughout the city and receive rewards for completing the task.

If you look closely, you’ll find that all the small venues have message notes that provide insight into Hanwell’s daily life. This information will help you better understand the town and answer the questions you encounter in this psychological horror world.

welcome to hanwell gameplay
Everything is only red colour

Dramatic sound

Welcome to Hanwell review emphasizes the sound of the game; it creates surprises and increases anxiety. The sirens serve as a warning to the inadvertent, while a handy pocket radio promotes static whenever you find yourself in the vicinity of a bloodthirsty person.

Sometimes there are false alarms that distract players and increase the drama for the game. It forces you to be very wary of surroundings, especially when investigating the details of many buildings. Some of these houses are safe and require you to leave your weapons behind. However, they will give you frightening surprises in many cases.

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Impressive graphics

The graphics of the game are gorgeous and accurate to the criteria of psychological horror games, Welcome to Hanwell review said. Especially if you play Nintendo Switch horror game, you will be very surprised because the game has so many menus for you to choose. You can change the brightness to better suit your eyesight. Additionally, you can turn off or turn on the subtitle bars quickly during gameplay.

New features

Welcome to Hanwell has more features than other games, they contribute to the appeal of the game.

Many weapons

To escape or defend, you can choose a range of weapons such as cricket, wrench, metal pipes; they are available everywhere. However, the factors that affect you can change regularly, and it will be challenging to find the right weapon to fight with them. Note that your enemies will move very fast and appear at any time, so the best way is to run away and try to avoid any confrontation.

ATM on the street

Hanwell’s town street has a series of ATMs, all of which provide a quick way to save money when you’re in the middle of looking for a new place. According to Welcome to Hanwell review, this is a perfect point, as the town of Hanwell was a vast place to explore when finding a new place, you need the means of support

Information store map

Welcome to Hanwell provides you with a handy map showing the overhead view of the area, as well as labelling the buildings you may have found. This is an indispensable tool in this psychological horror game.

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Surprising cheap price

Welcome to Hanwell on Nintendo Switch released on August 9, 2019. Its price is $14.99. Compared to other Nintendo Switch horror games, this price is reasonable. You will also have no trouble buying this product; it is currently being sold on many sites.


Welcome To Hanwell reviews have shown us that it’s an excellent horror game. Impressive graphics outperform many other Nintendo Switch horror games. Besides, an exciting storyline with many dramatic situations adds to the psychological horror for the game.

Of course, the game is a bit messy, you and many enemies also have different ways to respond to each other. All are not sequential; they occur continuously and require you to be more agile when confronting the enemy. Although a little messy but overall, it is a game that really contains a lot of surprises and always brings unexpected moments of horror for players.

Part graphics and haunting sound players are even more excited. Becoming the character of the game, you will completely immerse yourself in that horror scene and fight to complete the mission. So, do not miss this psychological horror game.