Welcome to the Game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Welcome to the Game is a puzzle game where you have to overcome the challenges from five types of different enemies in order to move to the red room and find out some mysterious videos.

Welcome to the Game release date is April 3, 2018, and has just been updated recently. After launching, this game has been highly appreciated by the game graphics and interesting gameplay.

Let go through this article and find out whether this game is impressed or not.

Where the story begins

Welcome to the Game tell about Clint Edwards’s story, a journalist is working in the city. One morning, he is awakened by a big sound coming from his PC, someone has sent him an important warning.

After clicking on that warning, he saw a live-stream of a woman named Amalea, she is running away in fear, and a man is chasing her. When he wants to find out what’s going on with that girl, the live stream is ending. This has created curiosity for him. He decided to go deeper to learn about Amalea’s story and rescue her from that scary guy.

welcome to the game gameplay

When experiencing Welcome to the Game, you play the role of Clint Edwards and start on the journey by yourself. You are a person entrusted to decipher the mystery of the dark internet browser that Welcome to the Game has built for you. You will have an advisor named Adam, who gives suggestions about Noir’s sect that you believe Amalea’s troubles are from them.

How to play Welcome to the Game?

Welcome to the Game is a simulation game about a cybersecurity task; your goal is to search regarding Deep web. To avoid trouble from law enforcement agencies, you will have to use the wifi of your neighbors, and you must fight against hackers who are intentionally causing your computer problem.

The tools can assist you

Welcome to the Game allows you to order products to support you like wifi Boosters, Motion Sensors, and DOSCoin. You can make more money by combating hacks with back time and remote VPN setup.

The two stores where you can buy assistive devices are ZeroDay Market and Shadow Market. ZeroDay Market provides computer software, and Shadow Marekert provides hardware equipment for you. The difference is that Shadow Market has an entirely various delivery way, the items you buy here will automatically drop into the alley, and you can take them easily.

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In the dark world of Welcome to the Game, you wouldn’t be able to see anything without light. Therefore, you can take a flashlight right at the bed head and go to the bottom of the stair to activate disconnected devices; that is the first thing you should do.

What is the mission for players?

The player’s task is to solve all puzzles and go to the red room, where you can find cut footage, review it to know the scary guy and the woman. Of course, your journey is not so simple, Welcome to the Game presents many problems for players, and you must decipher those puzzles to be able to go to the red room.

You will get a variety of websites that convey suffering, a style that is quite familiar in psychological horror games. There are sometimes a few websites that will be hidden a bit called keycaps. With each puzzle solved, you will receive one key, after solving those eight sentences and get eight keys, you can combine them into 1 URL, and this URL will lead you to the cut footage.

The dangers in this game

Maybe with what I have shared, you will be asking the question,” Why is it one of psychological horror games?” and the answer is here.
There are five threats you need to know when joining Welcome to the Game. Exactly six if The Doll Maker is included, but we often avoid his website and save it for the last time.

Right now, I will talk more about those five dangers:

1. The police

Police, or cybersecurity, they always spy you based on your wifi. That’s why I recommend using a neighbor’s wifi; it will help you distract the police. They monitor the wifi quite quickly, followed by WEP, then WPA and WPA2.

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welcome to the game ploice

Once you get into WPA2, anythings will be easier because WPA2 can exist for a long time and have a low probability of being monitored by the police, I remember when I experienced that stage, I didn’t meet any difficulties from the police.

Besides, Welcome to the Game gives you a police scanner, which is very useful in case there are police near you. Therefore you can disconnect current wifi and switch to wifi neighbors.

2. Noir

Noir is an embodiment of the villain you often see in other horror games; he always stares at you and kills you if you stand too close to him.

This character can appear at any time, suddenly and scary like the way the female demon of Visage appears. I would like to emphasize that do not turn off the light; if you turn off the light, Noir will kill you very quickly.

welcome to the game noir

Many Welcome to the Game reviews advice that you shouldn’t do that because Lucas (another danger) will find you faster when you turn on the light. However, Lucas’s appearance will be forewarned, you can turn off the light when receiving this signal, and before that, you are entirely safe with Noir.

3. Lucas Kumiega

Lucas Kumiega is the danger I just mentioned above. In typical PC play mode, he will not appear, but once you have found two keys, he starts to find you. Make sure your door is always locked to avoid this danger.

When he appears, there will have sound signals, but this signal is quite small, so you should wear headphones when experiencing Welcome to the Game.

lucas kumiega

Remember to power off your computer when receiving signals from him because he can destroy your PC. You can set motion sensors at the door, which will notify on your PC when he appears.

When faced with Lucas, you will feel the sound of this scary game is too successful. You can know when he shows up through his purr, footsteps, and door pull. It is a very great thing for players.

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4. The Breather

The Breather is the enemy that I find most annoying. Fortunately, he only appeared in the alley but never went into the apartment. The appearance of this character will increase with the number of locks you opened

welcome to the game the breather

When you enter any alleyways and hear some giggling, it means that Breather is near you, then hurry to your room and keep the door tight. If he has to wait too long, he will give up, and then you are safe.

5. Hacking

This is a familiar enemy in cybersecurity games. When you can connect to wifi, you will be very easy to hack. One type of hack that made me a headache when experiencing Welcome to the Game was ZONE WALL. When you fight against this hacker, all your business will return to normal, and you can get lots of money, but it’s quite tough.

The number of hackers appears every hour, so you should not prolong gameplay, finish it as soon as possible.

All five of these enemies have their unique abilities, and to overcome their challenges, you have to be smart and sensitive. But Welcome to the Game reviews indicate that the presence of these characters has made this game more attractive and dramatic. In my opinion, I also feel that without these characters, its gameplay will become very boring.


Above is all that I want to share with you about this game. I have really enjoyed it. What impressed me almost are the perfect sound and graphics. Although the game sound is quite soft, I think it’s okay because we always wear headphones when playing games.

I am also really impressed with Welcome to the Game gameplay; the longer you play, the harder you find. It is suitable for both novices and professional players; we will go from an easy to a difficult level. Especially, the price of this game is around $ 4.99, very reasonable; it is even lower than The Sinner Prologue. So, I think you should experience it soon. Let us know by leaving any comments below after experiencing it.