Wick game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Your grandparents always advised you not to play hide and seek after 10 pm if you don’t want to meet ghosts. But as if your friends are not obedient children and they want to break this advice and pull you along. So, you may know a part of the result, and it will be shown mainly in the Wick game.

Wick is a member of survival horror games in which ghost stories ideally are created to make an impact on life. In this game, you can discover a terrible and creepy journey through Wick’s story about demons and “unknown friend” in the dark jungle. They can be seen by those who are brave enough to enter this place alone with a little light.

Dangerous joke

If you are wondering about this weird game, let our Wick review lead you to step by step. Wick is an indie game from Hellbent Games. Generally, it like other survival horror games these days. The Wick story follows a young man trapped into a midnight game by naughty friends and everything appeared at this moment.

wick gameplay
Poor my obedient child!

You are blindfolded to a creepy jungle with many curses of the devil, includes dead kids and monsters. The things you carry are only a few sticks matches and candles to make light. The primary purpose is to keep yourself awake by 6 am. And make an effort to stay alive so you can see your parents again.

Once you get into the dark jungle of this Wick game, you will realize early that you are not alone here. There is something silently watching and chasing after you. They always want to play with you.

This is a game between humans and demons

If you are a fan of the horror game genre, it is not difficult for you to get acquainted with the Wick game. Because you are pulled along this dangerous game by chance, so all you have is a candle and a few matches. Your mission is to grope by yourself in the dark area and make an effort to keep this little fire. Perhaps, you won’t want to leave the candle off.

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Like a drunkard is wandering around aimlessly, you will feel an invisible fear is urging you to keep moving in search of light. Every minute in-game is an intense mental challenge; we do not know what we are facing next. We only know how to keep running. It will influence the speed in-game that makes it rushed in a pretty heart-wrenching way.

enemies in this game
This group of demons is waiting for you to play

For that reason, you are playing with devils in a game you used to think “a game for children”. And now you may question how it can be possible?

What should you do through this devil game?

If you are always cautious of everything, I believe that you may find some beneficial information in this Wick review. Through running in the jungle, you should move and collect objects, light a candle and run when you are chased. The forest surrounds you is shrouded in shadow and darkness. So, if you don’t have the light, how can you move, right?

When you are running, you may see a white light in the dark; this shows other candles for you to replace the lamp. You have to move to there as fast as possible before your game is over and before the candle burns out. If the light is off, spooky kids will go out to play and will kill you rapidly. Besides that, you have to be careful with the boss appear per hour, which can actively harm your life.

Be cautious because “new friend” also want you to play through the morning

When the sun rises, and some weak lights crept through the forest, the frequency of operation and the way your “new friend” appears to play with you become so creepy. I believe that whereas you enjoy the Wick game; sometimes you want to throw away the keyboard and jump out.

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jumpscare in wick game
Are you playing in a happy game?

The number of these monsters will increase more and more. They seem to be strange illusions appearing everywhere in the forest. They always look for someone to be friends through the game of chasing light. So, the fact is that the game doesn’t stop or even ends when it turns to the morning. These monsters change the way they play with you.

Try not to have the same end as the protagonist

In Wick game, you are the one to hide, and if “new friends” catch you, the game will end. The way they appear is also very diverse. Each time they look and lead you to their weird game rules, your heart can beat unusually.

Although Wick is a part of survival horror games, if you do not know some laws of the game of hiding and seek with devils, you will be stuck in this game without escape. So, try to realize their own rule with the time and appearance of them so that you can easily break it. And you know that your result is like the fate of the protagonist – permanent missing in a forest with candlelight.

scene in game
The candle is your biggest weapon

When the light off, your “new friend” always wants to say hello to you and can you reject this greeting?

Wick game is hide-and-seek between “people” and something has supernatural power. So, all you can count on is the dim light from candles scattered everywhere in the jungle. But poor you, this damn thing knows how to turn it off at the right time. So, you know that without candles, you will be engulfed in the night.

At this time, your life can only be left is fate and the “friend” who is playing hide and seek together. This good friend is waiting for this moment to jump on you and say “hi!”. So, if you feel brave enough, let challenge yourself to respond to this greeting.

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Dim jungle with weird sounds

Nothing is worse and terrible than playing hide and seek at night in the wilderness. This jungle seems not as usual as others. As if it is not a real jungle, it’s just an image of someone who wants to create a place to play with you. In this particular place, it is too dark to see everything. So, the things surround you are only shadows and your unknown friends.

The sound in Wick game also excelled at its task: every footstep through the grass, the rustling wind blowing on tall branches or something unknown around will make you always in a state of hair up all time. You will pray the new day come as fast as possible. You can’t stay at this mysterious and bizarre color place at any minute.

graphics in game
This game indeed dare your bravery!

Release information

The Wick release date is 17 Dec 2015. Hellbent Games decided to publish this game to bring a new and weird “hide and seek game” to their players. This developer wants to create the scariest environment, and it truly has a significant impact on booing people. And it received many acclaims.


Wick game has an extraordinary magic force that entices you to play until the last stage to find the solution. This is an outstanding game and recommended for those who want to test their bravery. When you go to the end of this game, I believe that you can’t sleep alone or never want to play, hide and seek.

What are your feelings through this Wick review? Exciting to play it or feel scared with the “horror rules”? Don’t wait anymore but experience now to express the exact reactions.