Yomawari The Long Night Collection review (Switch Console)

Yomawari Switch was released in October, right on the Halloween festival. It has changed the way, gamers enjoy Halloween. While others choose costumes to go to exciting places. With players, they decide to stay home and experience the Halloween festival on their own with this game.

This game is a collection on Nintendo Switch, and Yomawari release date exactly is on October 30. The Long Night Collection is the combination of Yomawari: Night Alone in 2015 and Yomawari: Midnight Shadows in 2017. Through this Yomawari review, we think that “Yomawari Switch brings a strange wind, true to the nature of Halloween, a simple horror game but interesting, charming and passionate”.

These horror games with a unique style

Two-part in Yomawari series are independently developed, but both games have the same similarity with only a slight difference in Yomawari’s story. In Alone night, players will have to explore dark belongs to Japan with only a flashlight, but in Midnight Shadows will have the participation of two characters in the journey to find each other.

These games give players a background of dark and horror city, which are familiar images in other Nintendo Switch scary games. However, there is still a pretty significant difference, instead of scary designed devil images, all characters in-game are created very lovely. In that horror context, you definitely can notice the cuteness of the chibi style from characters in the game.

yomawari switch gameplay
Yomawari Switch gameplay, the main character is very cute

Both game principles are the same: explore the town, find clues, and flee from spirits. When playing Yomawari Switch, you have to rapidly use keys on the panel to run away from devils. Whether you can escape or not that will depend on your agility and ingenuity.

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Yomawari: Night Alone – Lonely experience in the dark city

There are not many horror game series at the moment, but not too many series that have attracted attention as Yomawari: Night Alone. Even at the opening scene of the game, players feel the surprise with shocking situations, which are strongly affecting the psychology of gamer. This game is about a girl, who lost her dog in a dog walking. So, this girl has to ask for her sister to find Poro with her. However, after a while of finding, her sister doesn’t return. All tasks for players are to play the girl and join in this journey to find her sister and dog Poro.

yomawari night alone gameplay
find Poro and sister at midnight

This Yomawari Switch game is unlike other Nintendo Switch scary games, and we will not see frightening ghost images, the game graphic is quite cute, it’s like a notebook with awkward brushstrokes of a child. However, behind these lovely things are scary images about a dark and lonely scene.

Many Yomawari review articles commented that the control part is quite simple when the character only can run, utterly incapable of fighting. However, I don’t think this is a problem because the girl in-game is maybe middle school students so I think this playstyle is entirely appropriate. Game design is even quite funny and lovely. This is probably unthinkable in other horror games.

Of course, Night Alone is one of Nintendo Switch scary games anyway so it is indispensable to have elements that bring the feeling of “heart attack” for players. The most frightening moment for players in Yomawari Switch is probably when they have to find a way to cut off these ghosts by hiding in the bush or some signboard.

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To create a more realistic experience for gamers, Night Alone also has a light mechanism because some souls in this game are the ability to steal in the dark, so the player must use a flashlight to see these souls. Not only that, but some ghosts in-game also have a unique ability to sense the noise character makes when moving. With this “double skill” that increases the scary of the atmosphere as well as the difficulty of this Yomawari Switch.

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows – A story of a great friendship

At a festival, Haru and Yui invite each other to watch fireworks. When Yui discovers that there is some danger, she tells Haru to hide in the bush, and She will go ahead to check on the situation. The destiny moment caused two girls to lose each other, and gameplay began when Yui and Haru embark on their journey to find their friends.

yomawari midnight shadows gameplay
the only thing you have is a flashlight

Players will play the role between one of two characters. Of course, both characters find each other will not be easy. Yomawari Switch puts players in a lot of different situations and events. When you’re trying to learn something, a new situation will come again. All will immerse players in the confusion among the present, the past, and the future.

Two girls’ journey will be interrupted by evil spirits that appear regularly. There is only a flashlight, and your character must cross them in quiet and flee from these spirits. Dangers are always lurking behind the night and appear unexpectedly that makes players confused.

These Yomawari reviews from critics all love the graphics and sound of it. They say the combination of graphics and music create a harmonious and unified picture for this game. All game elements, from lights to footsteps, sounds of flying palm, animal sounds, etc.. have created an atmosphere that is unforgettable for gamers.

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Both horror games were produced by Nippon Ichi Software. Although not considered to be too exclusive, these two games have brought a new breath into the market of horror games, a lovely and attractive playing style, an excellent choice for game enthusiasts with moderate intensity. Currently, Yomawari Switch is selling for $ 30 to $ 40, the exact price depends on the region. Just for this budget, you will experience both games only one-time buying.