paper dolls original thumbnail

Paper Dolls Original review (Switch Console)

Although it has received mixed reviews from the public and game lovers, it is undeniable that Paper Dolls Original has been very successful as a remarkable horror game in the market....
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Remothered Tormented Fathers review (Switch Console)

Released in 2017, it seems that the attraction of Remothered Tormented Fathers game has not diminished over time. And with the release of a dedicated version of Switch Console, who knows...
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Top 10 Nintendo Switch scary games in 2018

In this period when many people work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can arrange to complete your tasks and have more free time. Wonder what to do? Throw-backing...
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The Sinking City Switch review (Handheld Console)

Hp Lovecraft is still a source of inspiration for anyone passionate about the horror games. There' s been a lot of thrilling games designed, developed and published to players. One of...
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Call of Cthulhu Switch review (Handheld Console)

Focus Home Interactive is known as the production of thrilling and psychological horror games. Its reputation has been challenged by the time and it asserted itself. Call of Cthulhu Switch is...
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Infliction Game review on PC

Heard of the coming of Infliction? Right in this Infliction game review, we’ll get to know the changes, developments, and evolvements, and more in the world of psychological horror games. Increased players'...
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Limbo Switch review (Handheld Console)

LIMBO game was released in 2010, according to the Limbo Switch review this game has really made a big impact on the gaming community. At that time, LIMBO beat other games...
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Inside Switch review (Handheld Console)

When the tastes of players are increasing, it is time for game publishers to keep their creativity to make breakthroughs. This Inside Switch review will reveal the thoughtful developing effort and...
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Best Nintendo Switch horror games in 2019

There's no doubt that games are always a good thing for our free time and release stress away.   And you know that spooky and thrilling game is a type most players...
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Hello Neighbor Switch review (Handheld Console)

Created with Dynamic Pixels' hope of one of the best Nintendo Switch horror games ever, Hello Neighbor has created a very good effect with the world's gaming community. Especially with the...